With ConnectUs By Securus, Correctional Facility Paperwork May Be A Thing of The Past

In a correctional facility, there is naturally a ubiquity of paperwork. Processing of new inmates, and the release of old ones; sign-up sheets, complaints and grievances forms, medical documentation–the list goes on. What if there were a way to consolidate all that paperwork into a single location that was easy to navigate, easy to access, and fundamentally secure? That’s the idea behind ConnnectUs by Securus Technologies.

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ConnectUs Automated Forms allows things like complaints and grievances to be completed almost instantaneously by inmates, sent to the proper sorting personnel digitally, and monitored remotely in regard to progress. An inmate can see whether or not their particular complaint/grievance has been seen to, and don’t have to resort to hassling support personnel working at the correctional facility.

Additionally, ConnectUs Automated Forms have been launched on a platform that is very easy to use, and almost completely customizable. Endless applications and features are accessible by inmates that have never been available to them before. Giving inmates that kind of freedom naturally requires some oversight. Management at a given facility can completely control the applications and features any inmate has access to. The time of day could be a mitigating factor, or anything that a correctional facility’s management desires. The main thing to remember is that everything within ConnectUs has been designed for the greatest utility and flexibility, as well as the easiest use. After all, not all inmates have a lot of education or experience with computers!

Securus Technologies works with some 1.2 million inmates on a yearly basis. Securus also has some 2,600 corrective facilities with whom they work. Considering those numbers, the full unveiling of ConnectUs Automated Forms stands to change a lot of things regarding normal operations. By saving money and time, consolidated resources can be devoted to other things, which may be one of the most beneficial aspects of ConnectUs.

Doe Deere Brings Back The Idea Of The Female Cosmetics Executive

A lot of the best brands in the world were founded by women a long time ago, but it is an industry that has been taken over by male executives in a lot of places. Doe Deere is taking back the tradition for women by making sure that she has a brand that is controlled by a woman, made for women and lets women feel free when they get ready in the morning. Doe Deere did this by starting Lime Crime, and she is doing more than cosmetics now.

Her company started out as a cosmetics brand online that offers wild colors for all women, but now women can build themselves in her image with brighter hair colors. The brand is one of the best places for women to come for inspiration, and they can also follow Doe Deere on social media if they want to. This means that a woman can use different products, but she can also use them in a way that is completely new for her.

Doe Deere also wants to be sure that women feel like they get some kind of personal inspiration from her brand. She wants Lime Crime to give women a chance to feel better about starting their own businesses, and she wants the brand to show women that they have a chance to do what they want just like she did. This is something that could bring more women into the industry, and it could help women who are trying to believe that they can do this.

She also believes that women should have more freedom to shop with brands that do not test on animals and are completely vegan. The vegan certification that her company has is very important to her and others, and she wants to make sure that she is appealing to all the people out there who are committed to a lifestyle that is a lot bigger than cosmetics. This is why her brand is seen as alternative, but she is also very far ahead of the times.

Doe Deere believes in empowering women with their looks and their ideas. She has a company at Lime Crime that makes women look great, but it is also a company that helps women get mentoring if they want to start their own brands. She wants to reach all women whether they are vegans, business people or just looking for better colors.

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You are a beautiful work of art. Don’t ever forget that. 🖌🖼

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Madison Street Capital Have Stepped Up To Fill Financier Niche

Madison Street Capital is named after a street in which the firm is headquartered. The firm features a unique mindset that has distinguished them from others in this industry who are often afraid to take on. Madison Capital is renowned for honest dealing, its professionals and advisors provide unbiased advice and third party analysis that client needs to hear.


Along with the company’s highly qualified team, operate in a full spectrum of where business process intersects with money. This feature services such as business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, advisory services, asset management, independent third-party opinions among many other expertise in the industry.


One factor that has informed Madison Capital success is their ability listen and thoroughly understands their clients’ needs before jumping to any solutions. Then they treat customer needs as the firm’s priorities.


Madison capital value education, which is at the core of every service they offer. Their goal is to leave each of the clients and prospective client better off. This is regardless of whether a client will hire them or not. This emanates from the firm view that clients are not just business entities but an extended family for which they accept responsibility to serve. Madison Capital team is strongly convicted that their dedication to helping business produces ripple effect to owners, employees, families and the community.


Financiers are living in a very competitive world, and often terms such as integrity and honesty are thrown out at random by companies looking to attract customers and differentiate themselves in the market. However, Madison Capital invites all clients, big and small, and asks them to judge for themselves how these fundamental values can benefit positive relationships featuring unique financial services. All these can be inferred from Today in America TV, a series that premier on Fox, where Terry Bradshaw, the host, detailed investing information featuring Madison Capital as a prominent financier and successful model.

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White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that was founded in Denmark in 2010 and has grown rapidly in size and recognition. Three entrepreneurs, with much on-line and off-line marketing experience, had a goal of assisting small and medium sized businesses in North America and Latin America.


They wanted to give high quality marketing strategies and tools and provide a team of experts that would insure innovative and effective advice for clients. This would allow the clients to use their time more effectively and would eliminate experimentation with unknown marketing strategies.

White Shark Media Review team would provide paid search advertising, website design services, and the best use of the search engine. Working with a cost-effective formula, no contract was involved and flat fees allowed for open costs. Excellent prompt service by the experts was guaranteed.

In the first few years of the company’s existence, success has been impressive and much has happened to establish its presence in the marketing field. Clients have been enthusiastic about the excellent service they have received, and many report increased sales as a result.

Google, a giant in the industry, gave early recognition to the agency by personally selecting them as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. This personal recognition by Google added to the rapid growth and success of White Shark Media since there are only 29 AdWords SMB Partners.

Today, each client’s marketing strategies are also carefully tracked with keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, and innovative software. This information is shared with the client each month and gives opportunities for communication and accountability.

The company now has over 144 employees serving over 600 customers in three countries. Much of the staff is bilingual and has extensive technical experience with AdWords Search, Display Advertising, and Google Analytics. An alliance has also resulted in the selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program becoming a part of Shark services.

Recognizing a need and providing services and products to meet that need is the aim of entrepreneurs in all areas of business. The rapid growth of technical knowledge has made possible new and innovative services in the field of marketing. These have shown to be most successful.

However, it takes human commitment to insure prompt response to emails, personal phone dialogues, and a genuine interest in building the success of another company. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: https://plus.google.com/+Whitesharkmedia

The creators of White Shark Media believed this was a vital ingredient on the plate of services that they offered their customers. It would seem that the company’s current success shows good marketing!