A Digital Solution to Mid-sized Companies

Technology has changed a lot of things. One important sector that has changed is the way marketing is done. Internet marketing is quickly replacing the old way of marketing, and any company that is looking to achieve its missions and visions should not be left behind regarding internet marketing. The best thing is that there are talented entrepreneurs who are always innovative and they can come up with new unique ways to ensure that things are running properly. That is what White Shark Media Review has been able to do. It has come up with unique ways to help the mid-sized companies to succeed by establishing their presence on the online platform.


White Shark is a company that many have described as the best company that has all it takes to give solutions concerning the online business. It has the best solutions, and their clients have been happy with the services that the company provides. It does not matter the needs of your firm, the experts of the White Shark Media will study everything and come with ways to help your company achieve success. It is a corporation that has been recognized as the fastest growing company in North America, and because of its growth, it has expanded its services to all areas of the world. Their expansion is to ensure that all companies can get access to these wonderful services.


It has been the best company in offering the best products concerning the digital platform. It is a company that ensures that the clients come first and they is satisfied with what they receive from the organization. They have a way of tracking their customers to make sure that they are headed in the right direction. They use advanced technology and software to achieve all this. They are also committed and devoted to ensuring that the customers are well. That is why many customers have been giving positive reviews about White Shark Media. Many claims that their businesses have been able to succeed because of the support they got from White Shark Media.


Josh Verne: Entrepreneurs And Job Security

Josh Verne has experienced the advantages of being an entrepreneur. One major advantage is that it is almost guaranteed that an entrepreneur is going to make money depending on the industry he chooses. Therefore, this makes his position a secure position. This is one reason that more people could do well to be entrepreneurs. Another thing is that there are never going to be enough jobs for people. Also, the jobs that people have are not the most secure. There is always a chance that they are going to lose a job. Josh Verne does not have to worry about that. However, the journey to success is a tough one.


Josh Verne is definitely someone who is passionate about what he does. He has motivation because he seeks out what he is passionate about. Therefore, he finds it easy to maintain his motivation. He also works very hard at what he does so that he can gain enough income for his employees. One thing he likes to do is lead people by example. He sees how much respect it gives him when he acts like a leader as opposed to someone who just bosses other around.

Josh Verne does state that leadership is a very important quality. However, this is a given that one is going to be running a company that needs multiple workers. There are also businesses where one is a sole proprietor. This is where one has to take the time to motivate himself so that he can get work done. Josh himself has learned to be self motivated. He has also learned how to take on the responsibilities of being the owner of the business while showing others the ropes. It is actually a heavy weight to lift and a lot to juggle for people. Fortunately, Josh Verne knows how to handle himself in these circumstances.

One on one with VTA Publication’s Jim Hunt

One of the mistakes that people make, and one which leads them to staying tuck in a form of financial mess especially in the form of debt traps is not taking time to read and act on the free information on vtapublications.co.uk that can be found everywhere about sound investing. Jim Hunt is one investor who is trying to change this state of ignorance by providing the masses with useful and free information about available investment choices and how they can use them to their advantage. His company VTA Publications runs a YouTube Channel where he offers investment advice. He also prints information which he makes available to all the people that may need it. Below is an interview with Jim about his views about the current economic state an investing in general.

How was the idea of VTA publications born?
Jim states that he worked for a long time in the large banks and could see all the tricks that they used to get money from the masses. He decided to let the common man in on some of this information so he can also benefit from it.

How do you organize your regular day?
Jim Hunt VTA Publications stated that he normally starts his day with an activity such as a good workout. He likes working out because it revitalizes the mind and body for the day. After the exercise routine, he will look into new stock trading systems for his customers. This is followed by a light lunch, more work in the afternoon before getting dinner with the family. He states that family is very important.

How do you actualize abstract ideas?
When he gets on to a problem, the first thing that Jim does is thinking about his customers and what they want. Jim Hunt VTA Publications’ radar then starts looking for solutions that could work well for his customers.

Jim Hunt states that the one habit that he has which he believes has made him as successful as he is, is the fact that he is much disciplined on vtapublications.co.uk. He states that he believes that even if he was given a chance to start over, there is little he could change because he has live life to the best.

Source: https://ideamensch.com/jim-hunt/

Huge Charity Contribution by Dick DeVos and His Wife

Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos are known for their political donations. However, their charity contribution is a huge amount of one-hundred-and-nine million dollars. Betsy DeVos is the current nominee for Secretary of Education. The couple unveiled their plans for donating money in various philanthropic activities. Two years ago, the couple announced almost twelve million dollars for charity endeavors on the website of their foundation. It is two times the amount Betsy DeVos donated to political campaigns during last few years. The move is expected to pave her way to enter the new Cabinet.



The DeVos family is involved in Republican politics for a long time. Dick’s father and co-founder of Amway Rich DeVos along his children also donated a huge amount of money to charity two years ago. That year they got the twenty-fourth spot on Forbes list of America’s Top Givers. According to the data provided to Forbes by the DeVos family, their lifetime donation is more than one billion dollars. That is a quarter of their total fortune. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of late Edgar Prince who was Dutch industrialist known for charity and political donations. The top priority of the couple’s philanthropic activity is education. Two years ago, they donated an amount of three million dollars for this purpose which was a quarter of their total donations. In addition to this, the couple’s foundation donated three percent of the total amount to groups which work for reforms in education.



According to Dick DeVos, the spending of the couple shows they give education the top priority. He said that he thinks the current educational system is not according to the American dream. In fact, it is a problem of civil rights. While talking to The Grand Rapids Press and MLive, DeVos said that children growing up in different areas of the country do not have access to the American dream. They don’t get the education which is necessary to achieve their targets. The current educational system is not addressing all necessary problems which are not the fault of employees.



Dick DeVos has worked in organizations like Amway, Orlando Magic, Alticor, and The Windquest Group. He started working in Amway in 1974. He held different positions and dealt with issues like finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and R & D. He became the company’s Vice President in 1984 and was responsible for the operations in eighteen countries. In 1991, his family bought the basketball franchise of Orlando Magic. Dick DeVos served as its Chief Executive Officer and President until 2005. In 1993, he joined Alticor as the President. Under his leadership, the company’s operations expanded to over fifty countries on six continents. DeVos looked after different issues at The Windquest Group which are working on alternative energy.

Know more: https:/www.crunchbase.com/person/dick-devos