Brian Bonar, A Visionary Financier and Technologist

Brian Bonar’s mission in life has always been to increase the accessibility of information to the general public. Currenctly he serves as the CEO of Trucept Inc. Additionally he servers in various capacities at Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., Dalrada Financial Corp, Allegiant Professional Business Service, Inc. and The Amanda Co., Inc.

Brian Bonar is alumni of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he obtained his undergraduate degree. He also has an MBA and doctorate degree from Staffordshire University, which is based in the UK.

In 2010, when Mr. Bonar was working as chief executive of Dalrada he won the Executive of the Year award for finance from Cambridge’s Who’s Who awards.

Every year the Cambridge awards selection committee chooses two male and two females to honor their academic accomplishments, professional achievements and leadership skills. Mr. Bonar has accumulated over 30 years’ experience in the financial sector.

Bonar started his career at Adaptech Inc as Worldwide Sales Manager. He then moved to Benzier Systems between 1991 and 1992 where he was VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

In 1992 he was offered a role in Dalrada as the Director of Technology sales. He served in this role from 1992 to April 1994. In April 1994 Bonar was promoted to Vice President, Sales and Marketing and a few months later in September he got another promotion to Executive Vice President.

From 1995 he served in Dalrada’s board in addition to his other duties. Between 1996 and 1997 Mr. Bonar served as the President and CFO of Dalrada. He then took over as CEO in 1998 before being declared chairman of the board in 1999.

Bloomberg reveals that under Brian Bonar’s impressive leadership Dalrada Financial group achieved many breakthroughs in the financial industry. Dalrada focusses on creating employee programs for various companies in the UK. Dalrada’s programs increases the profitability and efficiency of the business.

Dalrada has enjoyed success creating plans for insurance companies, finance companies and business process outsourcing companies. Mr. Bonar helped Dalrada’s clients protect their assets and manage their finances. Mr. Bonar left Dalrada with an impressive legacy and his work there is evident in Dalrada’s success.

According to Market Watch, apart from his work at Dalrada, Brian Bonar has also done significant work in the tech industry. He has served as CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a leader in development of digital imaging hardware and color management software. Imaging Technologies Corporation’s most popular product is ColorBlind.

ColorBlind is a suite of image processing applications that enables both professional and novice users to create high quality images that are consistent and accurate across a wide range of software platforms.

Imaging Technologies Corporation sells most of its software to small and medium sized businesses. Imaging Technologies Corporation also has some ecommerce initiative under and

Keep On Tracking with the Best Work Boots


If you are a man who must wear boots to work, then you know the importance of a great fitting boot as your feet must keep you running all day long.




Since Nathan Swarts created his first pair of boot brands in 1928, men have been trusting the Stratham, New Hampshire, based Timberland Boot Company to deliver the quality that they demand for rigorous outdoor activities. Most Timberland boots come with Power Fit Comfort System providing extra support in key areas. Most also come with aluminum alloy safety toes providing great protection at half the weight of traditional choices.


Red Wing


The start of World War I caused Red Wing to make their first boot. Men can still trust them for their great reliability. Many men especially love the longevity of Red Wing boots because of the triple stitched seams and welted out soles. Red Wing’s Heritage Line has particularly thick soles providing extra protection in the most rugged terrain.




Men have learned to trust the Wolverine brand ever since G. A. Krause and Fredrick Hirth created the first Wolverine boots in 1883. Numerous third-party manufacturers make Wolverine boots in Asia Pacific and South America. The pressure pads provided by the company’s Multishox Comfort System allows these boots to remain comfortable all day. Those needing slip-proof boots need to consider this brand in particular.


There are many great brands of boots that can make you feel more comfortable than the best underwear companies. Make sure to choose the one that is right for your working conditions to keep your feet tracking in the right direction through each long work day.



For years Americans have tried to pass a bill in lowering the prices of medical drugs but their efforts came to a halt. They believe that the new elected president Donald Trump will help solve the issue. The prices have been too high that people cannot afford to buy them. Recently the president met several leaders including U. S representative Elijah Cummings and Peter Welch together with Dr. Redonda Miller, the president of Johns Hopins Hospital and his secretary Tom met to discuss ways to curb the high prices of drugs. Negotiations are to take place between the government and the drug manufactures under medical care part D which advocates for prescription drugs bought from pharmacies to also decrease the prices. Similarly, Trump met with the pharmaceutical executives to talk on the same issue. The manufactures will suffer a loss if the bill is passed but it will in return benefit the citizens in a huge way.

Siegall recently wrote about water bodies such as rivers, lakes and streams have in the recent times been polluted from the human activities. The use of nitrates, fertilizers and manure has contaminated rivers and streams making it hard for people to drink. The Phosphorous runoff is feeding toxic algae blooms in the water bodies an environmentalist referred as Cox believes that all this problems can be prevented by planting cover crops and planting wide grass “filter strips” along the stream banks or even send the water from underground drainage pipes into wetlands rather than straight into the streams.

He is interested in the advancements of John Wecker who says a lot about how the staff and the scientists are engaged in exploring the underlying causes of diabetes and the testing new ways of reducing the development of diabetes type 1 among the children. Moreover, he learned of the hope, passion and encouragement that the people touched by diabetes bring in support of PNDRI. Similarly, he revealed that Seattle Center is the home of the most innovative research in diabetes and obesity. According to the CEO’s blog, the facility is working to develop a drug that could be a step towards cancer treatment. The drug has already been tested in more than 70 experiments.

Mike Heiligenstein: The Politician

He is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He was picked from three of the finalists of a board of 7 CTRMA members. Before he was even there, he worked at the Round Rock City Council for about eight years and then before that he was working as the Williamson County Commissioner for 15 years.






Mike Heiligenstein was named a member of the Texas Transportation Institute advisory in 2009 March. His services as a board member have been scattered across The International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association and Envision Central Texas, the National Association of Counties Air and water Quality Subcommittees and San Antonio Corridor Council as a Former Vice Chair.



He got his Bachelor and Two Masters degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.






In September 2015, he wrote an article that detailed what they had done so far when it comes to the matter of roads and the tolls. These have helped reduce the congestion in Austin Texas which has witnessed an influx of cars and traffic increment.



Their work there is to make sure that they innovate and come up with the solutions that are needed to make the roads better and that transport happens as it should. The varying tolls are used to make sure that the express lane is moving fast even when the others are slowing down.



They created a mobile app that was integrated with their monitoring system to provide routes that were alternatives for drivers seeking to avoid the congested roads. He cited solutions that are changing the way that these roads are run and operated.



He also talked about the congestion caused by the drivers who start and then stop caused by little breakdowns. When they make the off roads that they can drive to make room for the rest, they can solve this too.



The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority



It is the one that is leading now in the building transportation industry right now. It has led to strides made in that particular sector especially in Travis and Williamson County. They have built toll roads 183-A and the U.S. 290 East and then issuing toll bags.



It is an independent government agency which is comprised of seven members in it board who oversee the business interests and development. They have offered a lot including roadside assistance and travel apps. So far, they have done a good job.

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EOS Outdid Chapstick Like This

Do you have an orb of EOS in your hand bag? Many women are in love with this brand and their all-natural, flavor-infused lip balms. These lip balms are so popular that they exceeded the sales of the once competition-free Chapstick brand. For the past 100 years, Chapstick has been the leading lip balm contender. But, in 2009, EOS lip balm came on the sceEOS Outdid Chapstick Like This Do you have an orb of EOS in your hand bag? Many women are in love with this brand and their all-natural, flavor-infused lip balms. These lip balms are so popular that they exceeded the sales of the once competition-free Chapstick brand. For the past 100 years, Chapstick has been the leading lip balm contender. But, in 2009, EOS lip balm came on thene and shook things up. It took this brand only seven years to become a household name, and exceed expectations of women of all ages. Yes, Evolution of Smooth is now a brand that exceeded sales of the 100-year-old Chapstick brand.

How did EOS lip balm accomplish such an amazing feat? The company created a lip balm that heightened a woman’s beauty routine, helping her creates a trend for her lips using a product containing only all-natural ingredients. The EOS orb is fun; it is trendy and it is cool. Women love being seen with the product, and love even more how wonderfully it works. The choices in flavors (there are eight   flavors currently available on eBay and and the low price are two additional features that make the brand stand out against its competition.

EOS did what few expected it to accomplish, and did it in just seven short years. Through pristine Facebook marketing and creation of an amazing product, EOS now holds a top spot in the lip balm industry, surpassing the Chapstick brand along the way.


Felipe Montoro Jens Aims To Carry On Odebrecht’s Legacy As A Brazilian Leader In The Engineering Industry

Odebrecht is known to be a Brazilian leader in a diverse range of fields. Right from engineering to construction, Odebrecht stands for technology that is working towards harnessing the ultimate potential of the resources within Brazil. Founded in 1994, it has a range of subsidiary companies under the umbrella of Odebrecht, one of them being Odebrecht S.A which is headed by Felipe Montoro Jens.

Felipe Montoro Jens currently serves on the board of directors for the Brazilian company. Odebrecht S.A mainly handles the engineering department of the business and is one of the biggest petrochemical producers in Brazil. Currently, the company has contracts with international businesses and has collaborations with businesses in America and as well as Africa and the Middle East. Odebrecht has been a leader in the engineering segment on since its inception and has been awarded numerous times for its excellence in the field. In 2000, Odebrecht S. A was awarded for being one of the top engineering companies in Latin America.

Felipe Montora Jens’ efforts towards making the company a success have been remarkable. Felipe’s expertise and dedication towards the business have helped Odebrecht S. A grow even further to become one of the most recognized Brazilian industries in the world today. In addition to Odebrecht S. A, Felipe has worked with the other divisions of Odebrecht as well, aiding them in their operations.

Felipe has been serving on the board of directors for Odebrecht S. A since 2012. Through his experience working on the board of trustees, Felipe has had the good fortune to meet and work with some of the biggest industry leaders on YouTube. He believes that he has learned something from each of these experienced professionals and strived to implement the positives into his work. Felipe pursued a degree from Fundao Getulio Vargas in business management and followed up with masters from The American Garvin School of International Management.


Roberto Santiago Growth Plans

There are a lot of people who are trying to make a difference in the lives of others. Brazil is growing rapidly, and now is a great time to start a business in the country. Roberto Santiago is someone who has had a lot of success in business. He is trying to think of ways that he can invest in the country and help others during the process as well. If you want to work with someone who has the track record of success that Roberto Santiago has, it is a great idea. He can walk you through what you need to know when starting a company. Not only that, he is always willing to invest his own time and money into others if he truly believes in their business idea. A lot of people really look up to the hard work that he is doing in this area. Read more on Exame.

Shopping Malls

Brazil is a nation where a lot of people are starting to come out of poverty. With a rising middle class, the need for shopping centers has never been higher in the country. Roberto Santiago is an expert in this area, and he is making a lot of money with his business ideas. There are many people who are excited about the changes that he is making. Not only that, he has a lot of great growth plans for the future as well. If you want to start investing, you need to make sure you have the finances to do so. Although Roberto Santiago is a big success today, he got there by starting off small and growing over time. His work ethic is something that a lot of people in the industry look up to.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Roberto Santiago wants to start investing his own time and money into helping others. He really believes that Brazil can become a world leader, but the country needs more infrastructure and education opportunities for its people. Not only that, but he truly cares about helping people get to the next level in life. In the coming years, he is going to spend a lot of his resources to get the local community where it needs to be. This is a great opportunity for a lot of citizens to grow for the future.

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