Eric Lefkofsky and the Technology to Fight Cancer

Nothing could prepare Eric Lefkofsky for his wife Liz’s breast cancer diagnosis.Stunned with the news, theLefkofskys needed to know more–they scoured every resource they could, but found no certainties. Tempus emerged from the ashes of this uncertainty.Tempus is a technology company, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, that has built a unique operating system–one that collects data about cancer from various medical sources, and puts the data back together in a way that helps doctors better understand it. By combining information from past cancer patients–results, genetic make-ups, and the drugs taken–doctors can make more informed decisions about future ones.

Philanthropy is an important part of the Lefkofskys’ legacy. Together, Lefkofsky and his wife chair the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which supports causes such as arts and culture, education, human rights and medical research, mostly in their local Chicago.Lefkofsky, who started out selling carpets at the University of Michigan, had his first huge business success with the promotional internet company Starbelly, co-founded with Bradley Keywell. After selling Starbelly for $240, he eventually went on to create Groupon. Instead of resting on the prestige of Groupon, once Liz was diagnosed Eric Lefkofsky threw himself into research about health care.

Kevin White, president of Tempus and a geneticist, approaches the business from the other side of Lefkofsky, but insists that they have the same goal: to improve cancer treatments by using the technology available.Health centers and hospitals to collaborate with Tempus to date include the University of Pennsylvania’s Ambramson Cancer Center, Northwestern University’s Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Rush University Medical Center.Though hopeful, Lefkofsky understands the process will take a long time. Finally, he has found a business that combines the major parts of his life–family, business, and philanthropy–which makes Tempus incredibly personal to him. Lefkofsky hopes that his informative technology will help cut the mortality rate for those with cancer.

Find Smooth, Sweet, Lip Care Gloss from a Variety of Beautiful EOS Lip Balms

Everybody experiences dry lips occasionally. Sometimes you may experience subtle cracks that just need a little dab of moisture to smoothen out the rough edges. That is why you need to carry a lip balm in your purse every day. Eos lip balms has a wide variety of great balms to choose from. We have highlighted some of the best brands for use in every occasion.


The Shimmer Rage Lip Balm


Sheer Pink

Sheer Pink enhances your face with a smooth, moisturizing lip salve that softens with organic conditioning oil. The balm produces a dash of color and radiant shimmer.



This rich lip moisturizer softens and improves your mouth with lasting lip neatness and a touch of shine. A lip balm that delivers


Visibly Soft Range Lip Balm


Coconut Milk

Coconut is an organic skin nourisher. Coconut milk revamps your lips, making them supple and visibly smooth. Garnish your lips and feel the luscious coconut flavor of this milk balm. Check it on


Blackberry Nectar

Nectar in Blackberry is quite the treat for your mouth. Apply the gorgeous fruity lip balm for all occasions. Never miss a sweet moment with fresh, beautiful, nourished lips. Yu can never go wrong with blackberry.


Smooth Sphere Range Lip Balm


Eos Passion Fruit

Eos Passion flavored balm is a blend of natural flavors. It produces a soothing feel on your lips. It moisturizes and makes you feel confident and beautiful all day long.



Smooth Honeydew Honeysuckle

Enchant your lips with the ever-fresh honeydew flavor. Winter day will cease to feel dry and cold. The warmth and sensualness of honeysuckle will keep you rejuvenated and cheerful all through. Making your lips feel soft, all the time. Browse this link.


Eos lip balm manufactures quality beauty care products designed to fit into your everyday routine feeling fresh and always beautiful. Other body care line of products include body lotion, shaving cream products and an array of luscious lip balms with all kinds of natural flavors including honey, vanilla, and strawberry as well as coconut flavors. All their products are stocked in leading supermarkets across Europe, America, Canada and Australia. Visit for more.


See EOS lip balms here on

Cleansing Conditioner Helps Student Manage Fine Hair

Infuse your hair with the perfect blend of amino acids and vitamins. Experience vitamin C and E with Wen by Chaz during your normal routine of washing or conditioning your hair. They penetrate your hair follicles and saturate your hair with maximum protection from root to tip. Don’t threaten your natural luster by using celebrity endorsements that don’t live up to their promises.

Wen by Chaz creator, Chaz Dean, says he’s committed to healthy hair. Get longer stronger hair with hair care products that cost you under $40. Thousands of women are switching to Wen by Chaz for an all-natural hair care remedy.

Their cleansing conditioner has been surprisingly, popular in the summer peach collection. You can also get rich aromatherapy fragrances like Mandarin Italian or Sweet Almond Milk. Each time you wash your hair you can use the cleansing conditioner to strengthen your hair from dyes, perms, and other harsh byproducts. Get reliable products like all-in-one therapy, 5 day hair care system, styling tools, and deep cleansing conditioners. Bustle online readers can learn about the benefits of Wen by Chaz through actual online testimonials. Get ultra soft hair in under a month with Wen by Chaz.

Visit the beauty care aisle of select retailers for their hair care products. Get a complete collection of product details exclusively from the Wen by Chaz website. Their hair care products are safe for all hair types and are 100% hypoallergenic. Redefine the way you take care of your hair today.

Mike Heiligenstein Posits That CTRMA Leads In Providing Mobility Solutions To Austin Area

The Austin American-Statesman mentioned that traffic congestion in the Austin area would increase. They suggested the use of a tech solution to manage the problem. Mike Heiligenstein said the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) had channeled its resources towards augmenting the transportation infrastructure in the region. Some of CTRMA’s projects include the 183A toll road in Cedar Park and Leander, and the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor. This project has tripled the road’s capacity. These undertakings have transformed the surrounding communities. Moreover, the corporation improved existing nontoll lanes. Mike explained that CTRMA is a local agency whose mission is to innovate.

Another major milestone made by CTRMA is the development of Mopac Express Lanes. This project will involve variable tolling that incorporates advanced technology to facilitate the flow of traffic concepts. The variable tolling rates will synchronize demand and supply catalyzes traffic flow. Mike posited that vehicles on the Express lane would always be moving. The executive said that fiber lines would be embedded along the 183 south, which is being constructed between the airport and US 290, to make the road smart. CTRMA collaborated with Metropia to create a mobile traffic app that is integrated with the agency’s traffic system to offer users real time alternate routes.

The agency has also partnered with Carma to develop an innovative carpooling app to promote ride sharing. This strategy seeks to ensure that drivers do not drive alone. It seeks to encourage drivers to carry other people with the objective or reducing the number of vehicles on the road, thus ensuring free flow of traffic. CTRMA constructs roads having shared use paths to allow for walking and pedaling like the 183A in Williamson County, and the bike/pedestrian bridge on Mopac. The Statesman also mentioned that congestion is contributed by minor breakdowns. To cab this menace, CTRMA has collaborated with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization to create a Highway Emergency Operator system that offers free roadside assistance to motorists.

About Mike Heligeinstein

Mike Heiligenstein has been a dedicated executive director of CTRMA, an independent government agency that is committed to improving the transportation infrastructure in Williamson and Travis Counties. Under his leadership, the mobility authority has managed to develop different projects in the region. For over three decades, Heiligenstein served as a public officer in Williamson County where he focused on water and transportation infrastructure. Mike has also served as the president of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and other committees.

Learn more:

How EOS is Cornering the Lip Balm Market

For years, if you wanted to buy lip balm, you were stuck looking for Chapstick in the aisles of the supermarkets or drugstores. Consumers of today are now given a much better choice when they come across EOS. EOS took on a tough market when they started selling their unique brand of lip balm, but their strategy worked. Soon, consumers were able to buy EOS all over the place, from Target to Walgreens to Walmart. Celebrities were spotted using EOS. Consumers loved the different texture and taste of this type of lip balm vs. Chapstick. EOS lip balm was a hit.

Evolution of Smooth is the full name of EOS. The founders of the lip balm company have finally spoken with reporters about how their business was created and how they are now the second best-selling lip balm product in the United States. They have pushed ahead of Chapstick and Blistex and are only slightly behind Burt’s Bee’s, which has claimed the number one spot. But for how long, one may wonder?

In the past, lip balm was treated more as a unisex product, similar to the likes of shampoo or toothpaste. But after an in-depth study with consumers who used these types of products it was found that women used lip balm far more than men. Sensory panels also reported that the long, cylindrical tubes of toothpaste were often lost easily, especially in purses and bags. More importantly, consumers wanted a product that was fun to apply and had a pleasant flavor.

Because of this, EOS lip balm was born, Women enjoyed the soft round packaging of the product and the different colors it came in. The lip balm was priced competitively and has made a major splash on many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. EOS has now become the lip balm of millennials and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Launches an Online Platform to Solve Obstacles in the Real Estate Industry

The Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. (NTC) is a pioneer in the provision of document processing and research for the financial and mortgage industries. The firm has established an online site where individuals can order property reports. The main reason for launching the website was to solve a long-term problem where titles had defects within the real estate industry. This had consequently resulted into unfair foreclosures and delayed changeover of assets in the secondary market. NTC’s executives pointed out that records on property acted as the basis of a clear title conveyance. Title defects minimize the possibility of buyback occurrence or foreclosure failure. Mostly, title defects tend to occur whenever an entity or an individual makes a claim on a property that is already owned by another person.


Other factors contributing to title defects include mistakes in wording in the document. As per the real estate standards within a specified location, the omission of an essential signature, inclusion of past encumbrances, and erroneous filling procedures, or document recording may lead to title defect. NTC’s executive head, John Hillman, insisted that it is important to make a keen observation on title defects before committing to selling a property. Through their up-to-date website, investors can access property reports, such as Assignment Verification Report Services, Report on the Current Owner, and Tax Status Report.


NTC makes use of various sources to gather their data, with county offices being the key information source. By combining automation with human verification, the firm has been able to successfully serve various top lenders in the U.S. using the audited compliance regulations. Hillman stated that the property research services of NTC are as a result of a thorough research conducted from the original land records and available to any residential asset countrywide. The NTC officials claimed that besides the accurate results they provide, clients might also gain from a financial assessment report that the firm offers.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


The NTC provides expert audit, document processing, and research services to servicers, investors, residential mortgage servicers, and mortgage financiers in the U.S. It provides document services that include research services not limited to document retrieval, abstractor services, and final document processing. NTC also prepares report such as current owner, tax status reports, lien verification, and assignment verification. Lien assignments and release, audits and remediation, as well as collateral file audits, fall under document services.

Fabletics Gets Customers with Selective Marketing Techniques

Fabletics is growing wings in the retail industry, and it is no surprise that this company is moving at such a great pace. Hudson has been able to help this company grow in an outstanding way. Even in the midst of the competition that was coming forth with Kate Hudson has still managed to stand her ground and compete against companies like Amazon.


It is true that Amazon sells just about everything, and that it how Jeff Bezos makes all of his money. This is one of the most powerful online stores. It has been around longer than Fabletics, an online store that was found in 2010, but Kate Hudson is not intimidated. She knows that there is a lot of competition, because Amazon controls a good percentage of the clothing industry. Ironically, Amazon is not even putting a lot of time into trying. This company has just managed to grow an audience in this industry simply because it is connected to households by way of all the other products that are being sold.


The thing that Kate Hudson has been able to do is stay focused on what she is selling. She is not trying to get carried away with a lot of other products that are not truly connected to her core products. This is the interesting part of the equation. She has a competitive advantage because she has a focus on a specific product market. There is no need to try to compete with Amazon in a place that she doesn’t have experience. The brand is based on clothing for women so she stands her ground and stays in that arena. This has made her focus strong on her niche.


This is how she plans to compete successfully with Amazon and any others. While Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos are just all over the place with his business, Kate is focused on getting to a smaller crowd. She will gain a loyal customer base this way. Many people have just continue to build their wardrobe with Fabletics because this is the brand that they have become accustomed to. This is what Kate Hudson wants. She is trying to make sure that people become much more interested in what Fabletics offers and she is bringing stores to many locations.


That may be the biggest way that she can compete with the competition. She is stepping out on faith and believing that people are going to support her brand in the same way that they have supported her online. There certainly is a buzz going on about Fabletics thanks to the commercials. This is not anything that Amazon is doing with the clothing line. There are Amazon commercials that allow people to find out about the Amazon Echo or Fire Tablets, but clothes not even on the radar when it comes to advertising. Fabletics is the company that is gaining customers by presenting a host of clothing options for fitness gear for women, and this select marketing is working.