Fabletics Gets Customers with Selective Marketing Techniques

Fabletics is growing wings in the retail industry, and it is no surprise that this company is moving at such a great pace. Hudson has been able to help this company grow in an outstanding way. Even in the midst of the competition that was coming forth with Kate Hudson has still managed to stand her ground and compete against companies like Amazon.


It is true that Amazon sells just about everything, and that it how Jeff Bezos makes all of his money. This is one of the most powerful online stores. It has been around longer than Fabletics, an online store that was found in 2010, but Kate Hudson is not intimidated. She knows that there is a lot of competition, because Amazon controls a good percentage of the clothing industry. Ironically, Amazon is not even putting a lot of time into trying. This company has just managed to grow an audience in this industry simply because it is connected to households by way of all the other products that are being sold.


The thing that Kate Hudson has been able to do is stay focused on what she is selling. She is not trying to get carried away with a lot of other products that are not truly connected to her core products. This is the interesting part of the equation. She has a competitive advantage because she has a focus on a specific product market. There is no need to try to compete with Amazon in a place that she doesn’t have experience. The brand is based on clothing for women so she stands her ground and stays in that arena. This has made her focus strong on her niche.


This is how she plans to compete successfully with Amazon and any others. While Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos are just all over the place with his business, Kate is focused on getting to a smaller crowd. She will gain a loyal customer base this way. Many people have just continue to build their wardrobe with Fabletics because this is the brand that they have become accustomed to. This is what Kate Hudson wants. She is trying to make sure that people become much more interested in what Fabletics offers and she is bringing stores to many locations.


That may be the biggest way that she can compete with the competition. She is stepping out on faith and believing that people are going to support her brand in the same way that they have supported her online. There certainly is a buzz going on about Fabletics thanks to the commercials. This is not anything that Amazon is doing with the clothing line. There are Amazon commercials that allow people to find out about the Amazon Echo or Fire Tablets, but clothes not even on the radar when it comes to advertising. Fabletics is the company that is gaining customers by presenting a host of clothing options for fitness gear for women, and this select marketing is working.

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