Beverly Hills Auto Group is Your One Stop Car Shop

When you buy your BMW, buy used and not new. You will waste a lot of money if you buy your BMW new. You will be paying for dealers fees, depreciation, and a bunch of extras that you really don’t need, not to mention new car tax. If you buy used, you will have more variety to choose from and you will have the kinks already worked out. You can even get a used BMW with a bunch of extras.


Beverly Hills Auto Group wants to get you into the car that you want. Beverly Hills Auto Group is all about the customer and won’t stoop to pushy sales tactics. they will even take on your trade-in for a fair price. Beverly Hills Auto Group has a large selection of used luxury vehicles and will take care of their customers’ needs. Beverly Hills Auto Group is not your average car dealership.

Bruce Bent II, An American Investor

Money market funds are an investment opportunity that gives investors an opportunity to put their money into securities that have low risks such as the treasury bills and government bonds. This kind of investment is more of a safe bank, but it gives an investor a high return on the capital they initially invested. The best part of investing in the money market funds is that you are safe from credit issues that destabilize the money markets causing massive losses to investors. A lot of investors are getting attracted to this kind of investment because it assures them safety and chances of incurring losses are minimal.

The money market funds in the United States are governed by the Investment Company Act of 1940, and it sets all the rules and regulations that investors in the trade must adhere. Unlike credit markets, money market funds have a strategy that ensures investors don’t lose their money but increase their profits. With the money market funds, an investor buys a debt that is highly rated and then allows it to mature in a period that does not exceed 13 months. After the period is over, an investor can trade the debt and make profits. Compared to other platforms in the financial sector, the money market funds have the highest income level, and an investor is sure of making more cash from the venture.

The first money market fund in the world was incepted in 1971. This invention gave investors an opportunity to invest in a platform that assured them of high returns. Bruce was recognized for his invention, and his name is in the museum that preserves American history regarding finance.Before this invention, American investors still bought money in bulk and sold it to make profits. This design brought order and sanity in the business.

Bruce Bent II is an investor, entreprenuer and financial guru who understands money market funds. In fact, his father helped create the first money market fund ever. Bruce Bent II grew up closely to the financial world and went on to make it his career.

Bent II went to Northeastern University where he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. After, college he followed his dad into the financial sector. He has been recognized for his innovative and creative techniques that he uses in this industry.

Currently Bent II is the President and Vice Chairman of the Board at Double Rock Corporation, a company that helps other financial instituitons such as banks and retail marketers.

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End Citizens United Raises Millions to Support Democratic Candidates

The reformist agenda is the hot trending topic on Capitol Hill, Washington nowadays. Hillary’s people have started an early campaign and they’ve hit the grassroots to mobilize support to Democrats seeking elective posts in the nation. New posts are always going to open up in the districts and the states, for instance, in the midterms. It is the sole responsibility of activists like the End Citizens United established in 2015 working in close partnership with other like-minded organizations to come up with strategies of resuscitating the weakened Democratic Party. USA Today recently posted an article talking about the progress made by End Citizens United in raising funds to support their courses. The post revealed the group raising upwards of $4M in the first ninety days after launching. If the positive trend persisted, the institution was well on course to raising the intended $35M in twelve months’ time.


The average amount pledged to ECU so far stands at a modest $12. End Citizens United now has a strong membership base of around 100K. The organization’s President and Executive Director is Tiffany Muller and she is the one who came up with the new donation model. Her unique model limits the power of lobbyists. What used to happen in the past is the top donors would end up having their way with the law at the demise and expense of the will of the 99% of the population.


Candidates Supported by ECU


Jon Ossoff is a 30-year-old Democrat who’s aspiring to run for the congress seat in one of the localities in Atlanta, Georgia. Jon received quite a significant donation from End Citizens United. The $4 million his campaigning team received went into putting up target ads on the mainstream media and towards printing t-shirts and other campaign paraphernalia. Other candidates listed to benefit from the benevolence espoused by ECU are Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Montana’s Jon Tester. The spokesperson of the group remarked a particular incidence which saw the incumbent Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos get her appointment confirmed by congress. If more Dems would have been in the house, then maybe Betsy DeVos wouldn’t be in her office.


About End United Citizens


ECU is a non-profit organization which seeks to wrestle power away from the high and mighty and brings it to the regular citizen. It is a PAC which strives to work with a transparent mandate unlike is the case when you look at the affairs of the majority of other Super PACs. It got started following the much-criticized US Supreme Court Ruling in 2010. Effectively, the rule gave the power barons a free pass to use their immense wealth to manipulate the law to their advantage.



Buying everything you need at Walmart, including Beneful dog food for Spot.

Walmart is known as a super center for many reasons. Perhaps the fact that they have a large selection of so many different items across different genres. Its a one stop shopping experience. You can have your oil changed in your car, while picking up cold pressed olive oil for baking, Murphy’s Lemon Oil for dusting your mantle and fish oil pills to keep your mind functioning properly. Where else can this be done? Think your forgetting something? Yes dog food for spot. No worries Walmart has you covered with a large selection of dog food for spot, with plenty of Beneful to keep his bowl filled all week.

One reason buying dog food at Walmart is such a smart choice is because you are going there anyway. So instead of going to multiple stores to get all your items, go to Walmart and get it all done in one shot. This saves so much time being able to get the dog food you and your pet love at your one stop shopping center. Sure if you have all day to kill shopping then you could make multiple stops, but who wants to waste a day shopping for dog food and groceries? There are more fun things to shop for like clothes or house decor.

Buying Beneful dog food at Walmart is a smart thing to do because it will save you time and money thanks to their huge selection of your favorite items at roll back prices.

4 Juicy Balms That Will Nourish And Sooth Even The Most Chapped Lips

Spring is here and it’s that special time when the heavy coats are coming off and people begin to break out their shorts and lighter jackets. As the sun shines brighter each day, you know it is time to immerse yourself in the world of citrus flavors. So give your lips some serious sass with these delicious lip balm flavors from EOS.  Check for details.

– Fresh Grapefruit with SPF 30

This sweet but tangy treat keeps your lips hydrated and as AN added bonus offers protection indoors and also outdoors.

Lemon Twist with SPF 15

Offering a bonus of sun time protection with SPF, this lip balm is sure to put a pep in your step. Soft and smooth lips with a zest will keep those lips energized throughout the day.

– Passion Fruit

Let the fresh taste of passion fruit sweeten your lips with a smooth application and long lasting moisture to keeps your lips soft all day long.

– Summer Fruit

Is it summer time yet? Get an early start with this lip balm that has blueberry, strawberry, and peach flavors infused that is smooth and long lasting.

These juicy lip balms do not contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid which will draw out the moisture in your lips making them dry and possibly cracked. Go straight to for details.

Instead, EOS contains natural shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E making your lips smooth and soft. EOS lip balms are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

All organic ingredients are in these juice treats. EOS lip balms last for hours without needing to be reapplied and provide instant relief from dry cracked lips. Check this also.

Try these flavors today.


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Dog food varieties that make Beneful stand out

Beneful is the fourth most popular dog food brand in America. What makes the brand popular is its rich heritage and a wide range of dog food. Nestle Purina Petcare owns Beneful brand. The company has new and exciting varieties in the market including dry, wet, snacks and canned foods. It has a wide range of recipes for various foods. They recognize that pets require varying nutritional uptake at different times. They also know the importance of making the food excitingly different every time you serve your pet.

Of the dry food varieties, Beneful hosts eight recipes of dry food, 20 recipes for wet foods, and 11 dog treats which include canned baked, twists and snackers. On overall, Beneful Incredibites offer the best poster for Beneful dog food. The Incredibites come in chops can be used instead of snackers. They come in chicken and beef recipes. It is the most exciting dog food. It is innovative, classy and smells great. Your dog will love this menu.

The Healthy Smiles are my favorite. They come in two varieties, dental ridge and dental twists. They help reduce plaque and tartar pile up leaving the pet’s teeth white and their breath fresh. The rationale is that even dogs need to boost their esteem. We know how fresh breath and a gorgeous smile can boost your ego. If you love your pet, you need to buy healthy smile dental twists or ridges.

In the wet dog food category, I like Chopped blends. One thing that is for sure is that when choosing dog food, variety and taste is imperative, Chopped Blends come in over ten different combinations. Today you give your pet beef blends, tomorrow turtle blend and so on. There are other blends notable chicken, salmon, fish, lamb and so on. You do not have to worry about dietary content since all Beneful products are balanced for optimal health.

In the dry dog food category, Beneful Originals are an impressive try. First, they come with real beef, chicken, or salmon. Secondly, they are optimally dried for consumption. The Originals work with almost any dog and come in all the great recipes. The Originals are easy to carry around ad serve.

Evolution Of Smooth Is Changing How We Think Of Lip Balm

A Smashing Hit With The Ladies

If there’s one industry you wouldn’t expect to see a startup rise into one of the most talked about names, it would be the lip balm industry. Lip balm is generally thought of as a fully explored area of personal care with nothing to offer entrepreneurs, but Evolution of Smooth has proven this wrong. It turns out the brand is now selling hundreds of thousands of cases of its spherical good to young women around the world. Something must’ve gone right.

The Best Marketing Campaign Around

The key to the success of Evolution of Smooth has been largely due to the amazing marketing campaign that the company has created. When people think of EOS lip balm most people assume that lip balm is used by men and women in similar amounts, but the research that Evolution of Smooth conducted revealed that this was not actually the case. In fact, women are far more likely to use lip balm and they willing to spend more money on it overall. With that in mind it is clear that women are in fact the best market to target.  More of EOS on

Expanding On The Idea

The success of Evolution of Smooth has led to a number of new products in their company’s roster, check this on  You can now find shaving creams and lotions under the Evolution of Smooth name. Today, this continues to grow and over time we will continue to see even more products. There was a gold mine struck and that gold mine hasn’t dried up yet. It isn’t easy creating a new product and it isn’t easy trying to take over a market. However, this is exactly what Evolution of Smooth has done over the course of the last decade without a problem so far. To order, go straight here.

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A Look At Todd Lubar’s Journey In The Real Estate Sector

The real estate industry was affected by the 2008 crisis. Its effects continue to be felt in many regions, including the Baltimore area. However, there is hope for recovery considering that since April 2016, bank-arbitrated sales in the Baltimore metro region have dropped by approximately 7 percent compared to 2015. There has also been a surge in prices of homes. This relief is attributed to the modifications of real estate regulations by the state of Maryland. Today, these rules are consumer-friendly. This move has seen foreclosures occur at a slower pace within Maryland compared to other states. As of May 2016, the median home sales prices rose by 6 percent in Baltimore area, reaching an average price $243,000, which is the highest since 2008.

About Todd Lobar

As per Patch, Todd Lubar is the president of a reputable real estate company, TDL Global Ventures. He is also a senior vice president at Legendary Investments. Todd is an alumnus of Syracuse University where graduated with a B.A in speech communication. His expertise in mortgage banking started in 1995 when he took his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He gained in-depth knowledge and experience about conventional banking, which has proved to be invaluable in his current endeavors. Todd Lubar interacted with various experts in the industry, including real estate agents, CPAs, financial planners, and insurance agents. Today, these professionals are his largest source of referrals.

In 1999, Todd joined Legacy Financial Group in an equity position. This opportunity offered him a platform to expand his lending skills by brokering loans. With adequate experience, Todd Lubar established his own residential development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. The corporation specializes in acquiring, rehabilitating, and selling properties. His engagements in the industry allowed him to meet with experts in housing trade, who shared their knowledge with him, helping him to be more productive. Later, he took up a job as a senior vice president of Charter Funding where he worked until 2007. When the real estate industry began experiencing challenges, Todd Lubar ventured in other businesses, including demolition and scrap recycling. The entrepreneur ranks as one of the leading 25 mortgage originators in the country.

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Get Amazingly Soft Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

Most Canadian’s love trying trendy new products. Ironically, EOS lip balm products are a popular brand that provides unique body butter extracts. The jojoba oil contents are very easy for your skin to absorb and provide superior skin healing results on the skin. The lips have very sensitive skin that requires a lip care product that is safe for all skin types. EOS lip balm products are cruelty-free hypoallergenic and safe for all skin care types. You get the perfect combination of all natural ingredients that will leave your lips feeling ultra smooth with each application.


Popular brands like Evolution of Smooth are popping up everywhere in cool easy to use pastel containers. Rest assured, you will have super moist lips that can’t be matched with their competitors. Thousands of women are choosing Evolution of Smooth over major competitive brands like Chapstick. Each product is packed with vitamin C and E. Transform your dull dry lips and protect them against the harsh elements including harmful UV rays. EOS lip balm products provide the highest skin care protection for your lips in the industry. You get 100% LEAP Bunny approved products. Proceed this link.


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Popular Canadian Delectable Flavors


– Lemon Drop

– Almond Milk Mint

– (2) pack Sorbet

– Wildberry

– Coconut

– Original EOS


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You get amazing coverage that will make your friends think that you spent a fortune on unique cosmetic treatments, click for massive selection of EOS. EOS lip balm products are also popular because they are very affordable. You can easily store their products in your pocket or purse. High end celebrities love how EOS products hold against the camera lights. Visit your favorite retailer and browse the beauty care aisle for an extensive collection of products. Pamper your lips with the natural benefits of Evolution of Smooth today.