Chris Burch Shares about His Personal and Career Life in an Interview with Ideamensch

Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur and active investor, and he has created numerous successful ventures in his life. He has more than 40 years’ worth of experience investing in a wide range of industries. During his career, he has contributed to the growth of several brands that include Jawbone, Voss Water, Poppin and Tory Burch amongst others.  Check for additional article.

Chris Burch has had a keen interest in the hospitality industry where he has been linked with some world class hospitality resorts. Chris bought and renovated Nihiwatu. The resort was ranked number one in the World by Travel and Leisure Magazine. He joined hands with hotelier Alan Faena and architect Philippe Stark who are renowned investors in the hospitality industry. Together, they developed an underutilized land into the Faena Hotel and Universe.

Chris has also expressed a lot of interests in the real industry. In late 2014, Burch launched Cocoon9. They are luxurious prefab homes with space-saving floorplans, elegant designs, sophisticated finishes, and energy-efficient features. In the same year, he joined hands with Degeneres to launch ED Ellen Degeneres brand which has been doing well in the market.

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Mr. Burch has also invested immensely in the hospitality sourcing sector, office supplies business, women apparel and accessories. He is currently involved in growing other major lifestyle and consumer brands such as the BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, Blink Health, Little Duck Organics and Soludos. Besides business and investment, Burch has been involved in various leadership activities that include serving on various boards. He has served on the Rothman Institute orthopedic Foundation board. He has also served as the president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op board. Additionally, he has been involved in a lot of philanthropic activities in support of various causes.

Mr. Burch was interviewed recently by IdeaMensch where he was asked about several aspects of his life, and he was quite generous with his answers. When asked about how he came up with the idea Burch Creative Capital, he was quick to note that he is naturally a curious person. He has been keen to study the world around him, which allows him to come up with solutions to problems affecting people.  Have a closer look at Burch profile page check

As an entrepreneur, Burch notes that he has survived by taking risks. He also takes a lot of time to listen to people, which is one of the best ways to capture new ideas. His advice to entrepreneurs is that they should learn to listen more and be ready to take risks.  For updates on Burch timeline activities, hit

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Highland Capital Management And Its Charitable Efforts

Highland Capital Management is a company you should know about. Here is more info about what they are, what they do, their charitable efforts and job openings at the company.

About Highland Capital Management

The company is based in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser company and it manages around $15.1 billion of assets. James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company back in 1993 and since then it has grown to become one of the most respected investment and has become one of the most sought after alternative credit managers.

Charitable Efforts

Highland Capital Management is big on serving the communities their employees live and work in. The company truly cares about making a difference. The organization strongly focuses on healthcare, education and veteran’s initiatives. Since 2005, the company and its partners have committed over $10 million to charitable organizations around the globe.

ReasoningMind, Uplift Education and the American Heart Association are a few of the organizations the company has donated to.

Job Openings At Highland Capital Management

The company often has job openings, as they continue to grow and expand. Some of the job openings they currently have include an inside sales manager, client & marketing support analyst and internal wholesaler to name a few.

Those who are interested in receiving investment advice or want to learn more about the company can contact them. Highland Capital Management does business around the world, which means customers across the globe can contact them to learn more about investment opportunities.


Eric Pulier Continues to do Bigger and Better Things

Eric Pulier just may be more of those type of people we need in this world. Pulier is known for giving a helping hand to those less fortunate in the economic hardships those families may face. Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School back in 1984, he then got his bachelors degree in English and American Literature, while writing for the Harvard Crimson. After graduating, Pulier had a truly unique vision that would land him on being the founder of many companies.


In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles, California after having a successful college career. This is where his career really started, once he founded People Doing Things. This was a company that grew technological advances in the healthcare and education regions. 1994 rolled around, and Pulier founded Digital Evolution. This joint agency merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Pulier was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997, which was displayed in Washington D.C. called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”.


Eric Pulier has always been very successful when it comes to raising money for the 15 companies he founded. These companies include SOA Software, MediaPlatform, and Desktone. Pulier has come up with millions of dollars, making him well known as the ultimate technologists. Pulier is also highly known for his philanthropic work, and creating multimedia to educate individuals on multiple sclerosis. Children with chronic illnesses are provided a camp called the Painted Turtle, all funded by Pulier himself. The heartwarming truth is beautiful, it really brings out the good in people.


There is some competition of course in the mind of Pulier. Perhaps one of the most radical foundations Pulier is apart of is the XPrize Foundation. Serving on the board of directors, this foundation holds competitions where people come up with new, creative ways to solve issues. It gets people to push themselves to their fullest potential, and strive for the best. Again, seeing how Pulier is involved in this, as he pushed himself to his fullest potential and is now the founder of 15 companies. Pulier may be middle aged, but has more ideas ahead.

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The Success of SSI Groups via Adam Milstein

Hager Pacific Properties managing partner Adam Milstein works hard to sponsor students and professionals, encouraging them to identify with and take pride in their Jewish roots and to advocate for the state of Israel. The Israeli-American Council is one of the most rapidly growing Jewish organizations, and it was founded by Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein has also worked to unite on-campus organizations in order to inspire Jewish pride on college campuses, as well as to fight growing anti-Semitism. Last year he was named as on the of the Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life. He is very dedicated to the cause and has devoted his life to philanthropy.

He recently wrote an article about the growing amount of anti-Semantic demonstrations and protests that are happening all over college campuses. He raises awareness of instances where students are not chosen for student government based solely on the fact that they are Israeli. Adam Milstein states that the issue is not necessarily lack of support for Israel in America, but rather that the groups that are organizing the anti-Israeli demonstrations are professional agitators, and the groups that support Israel simply do not have the same overall reach and feet on the ground necessary to successfully combat these protests.

Adam Milstein discusses a group called SSI (Students Supporting Israel) that was founded at the University of Minnesota five years ago. This group was able to expand and instill 20 more chapters throughout the country. This group grew so that they were able to organize and successfully combat anti-Israeli protests and demonstrations. SSI activists actually have been able to introduce pro-Israeli resolutions to their student governments and these have all passed, where as any anti-Semantic legislation introduced has been rejected. Anti-Semantic groups have all been much less successful in their demonstrations on campuses where an SSI chapter is in existence.

Arthur Becker Talks About His Career Journey

Arthur Becker asserts that he ventured into the technology business in 2003 by rendering his services as the chief executive officer of Navisite. Eight years later, he incorporated Madison Partners, LLC., his real estate company. Arthur posits that by virtue of working for Vera Wang Fashion Company, he was able to learn much about fashion and design. In a report by NY Daily News, the executive makes money by investing in various properties, which he renovates, and later leases or sales. This way, he is able to make profitable margins. He urges people seeking to follow in his footsteps to know all verticals of the business they seek to invest in because at times, it can be confusing.

Arthur contends that while starting his business, he did not need marketing strategies given that his name was already known in the market. However, he urges entrepreneurs seeking to start their own business to form an innovative marketing team that can promote their products and services. He goes on to say that besides referrals, people should invest in business cards, shirts and billboards to popularize their brands. In addition, businesspersons should focus on persuading people to identify with their vision. Becker says that his most satisfying moment in business was his first reward after venturing into his initial private investment.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the managing director of Madison Partners, LLC. This investment firm engages in the real estate business and Biotechnology ventures. Presently, he invests in various residential properties. In the recent years, Becker has expanded his business to Florida and New York. He loves reading books that talk about real estate. The entrepreneur loves studying about different trends and designs.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur urges people seeking to start businesses to read marketing and technological books. He contends that he is most excited to hear the thoughts of average people about the design and quality of his townhouses. Becker continues to mentor many young people seeking to engage in different businesses. He posits that strategy should be reflective of business vertical and talent is one of the ingredients to success. Businesspersons should identify talent by attracting people to their vision and providing them with an enabling environment to undertake their duties.

EOS: A Burst of Flavor

Nobody can dispute the fact that EOS Lip Balm has taken the world by storm with their variety of moisturizing products that continue to fly off the shelves day after day. The colorful, spherical balms are 100% naturally flavored and gluten-free. They are small and compact, making them the perfect for people who are on the go. Read more here on

Also filled with ingredients such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, shea butter, and stevia extract (a natural sweetener) it’s no wonder people everywhere are raving about how soft and healing these lip balms can be. One of the most popular aspects are also of course the refreshing and amazing flavors flavors that can be found, fantastic info here. There’s a flavor for any and everyone!


Some popular flavors include:

Sweet Mint – A refreshing fresh mint flavor and scent that leaves a cool tingling sensation with a hint of sweetness

Passion Fruit – A tropical fruity flavor and scent with a sheer pink shimmer

Strawberry Sorbet – A tart fruity flavor and scent that is just as scrumptious at the dessert itself

Honeysuckle Honey Dew – A light, sweet melon flavor and scent that will remind you of warm, summer days

Vanilla Bean – A smooth, rich vanilla flavor and scent

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These flavors are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to EOS Lip Balm. Get out there and try them all for yourself! It will be love at first sight (and smell), I guarantee it. There’s no going back once you’ve experienced the smooth, buttery lip balm for yourself. Your lips will thank you. Check for more.




Beverly Hills Auto: Where Budget Meets Quality

Cost is the major benefit in choosing to purchase a used BMW instead of buying new. At Beverly Hills Auto Group you will find a variety of used BMW’s for a dollar amount that will satisfy your pocketbook.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is a leading used BMW dealership located in New York. We strive to create a pleasant environment where you’re not constantly hounded by sales people. It is our commitment to support you in selecting the used BMW that will fit you perfectly. Here at Beverly Hills Auto Group we offer multiple lenders who will acquire the lowest rate possible.


Beverly Hills Auto Group ensures each automobile is in excellent working condition, so feel free to bring an auto technician of your choice with you to check out the vehicle before making your decision to buy. At Beverly Hills Auto Group, it is our goal to supply you with ultimate satisfaction.



The Undercover Instrumentalist Life of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi’s name is popularly known for his contribution and success in investment management. His prowess in strategic management, financial planning, project management, equities, and entrepreneurship has made his gain the coveted worldwide recognition and respect in handling economic issues. Despite his opulent career as an investment manager, he also pursued music at an early age, something he did passionately and is proud of.

Cassio Audi was part of a five-member Brazilian heavy metal band as a teenager between 1985 and 1989. The group was known as the Viper, and he was among the founders. Other members of the Viper were Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell, and Felipe Machado. Cassio Audi had a significant role of playing the heavy metal drums motivated by the Iron Maiden and the growing enthusiasm of the drums at the time.

Audi shared in the successful release of the group’s first album: The Killer Sword in 1985 with classical songs such as Killera the Princess from Hell, Nightmare, and Signs of the Night. Cassio Audi flawlessly played the drums. Two years later, Viper released an album title the Soldiers of Sunrise. His growing talent in the vocals and playing instrument was recommendable despite the context use of secondary language (English). Nevertheless, in 1989, Cassio Audi left the group to pursue university education which marked the end of his music career. The group proceeded on to release an album entitled the Theatre of Fate the same year in his absentia.

About Cassio Audi
Cassio has a degree in Business and Finance from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paul. He later earned an MBA from the same institution. During the global economic crisis, he helped Brazilian economy get back on its fit. His professionalism along with accomplishment has been a catalyst in his superb career as an investment expert.

Desiree Perez to revolutionize Tidal’s Fortune.

The music streaming industry is an enterprise that has traffic and brings in millions of dollars in revenue under the great leadership of Desiree Perez. The revival of that the firm is undergoing is becoming fruitful as compared to the preceding drawbacks that company has experienced in issues related to management and membership.

According to trusted sources, the relationship between Jay-Z and Desiree Perez is close. For about 20 years now, the bridging process from rap to music streaming has vigorous but successful. The firm is taking all new heights and getting more attention from the public.

Perez is married Juan Perez also known as “OG” who is the manager of Roc Nation Sports. She boasts of accounting skills and strong negotiation, as a strong individual she is regarded as a force of reckoning. Perez is gifted with great personality; she’s been able to run SC enterprise and successfully negotiated the Rihanna’s Samsung Deal and Beyonce’s formation stadium tour. Check  They say that when is in one company is a team of billionaire then you are bound to become one of them. The Hova Circle of influence that includes Tyty Smith Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman and Chaka Pilgrim they are among the team of millionaires who are running both Tidal and Roc Nation.

The firm has been with many huge competitors all along who include Spotify, Tidal and Apple music and streaming services in the sport of attracting the young music clients who focus on upcoming and new music. Tidal have assimilated the latest trends which include: Tidal Rising-include emerging artists, Tidal Discovery –a list of new releases and Tidal X-featuring exclusive live material.  Click on this interesting news.

Desiree is a focused individual, who takes keen on matters concerning management and aims to make the firm successful. For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, hit on

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