The Success of SSI Groups via Adam Milstein

Hager Pacific Properties managing partner Adam Milstein works hard to sponsor students and professionals, encouraging them to identify with and take pride in their Jewish roots and to advocate for the state of Israel. The Israeli-American Council is one of the most rapidly growing Jewish organizations, and it was founded by Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein has also worked to unite on-campus organizations in order to inspire Jewish pride on college campuses, as well as to fight growing anti-Semitism. Last year he was named as on the of the Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life. He is very dedicated to the cause and has devoted his life to philanthropy.

He recently wrote an article about the growing amount of anti-Semantic demonstrations and protests that are happening all over college campuses. He raises awareness of instances where students are not chosen for student government based solely on the fact that they are Israeli. Adam Milstein states that the issue is not necessarily lack of support for Israel in America, but rather that the groups that are organizing the anti-Israeli demonstrations are professional agitators, and the groups that support Israel simply do not have the same overall reach and feet on the ground necessary to successfully combat these protests.

Adam Milstein discusses a group called SSI (Students Supporting Israel) that was founded at the University of Minnesota five years ago. This group was able to expand and instill 20 more chapters throughout the country. This group grew so that they were able to organize and successfully combat anti-Israeli protests and demonstrations. SSI activists actually have been able to introduce pro-Israeli resolutions to their student governments and these have all passed, where as any anti-Semantic legislation introduced has been rejected. Anti-Semantic groups have all been much less successful in their demonstrations on campuses where an SSI chapter is in existence.

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