Order-ID: 17113580 Larkin and Lacey Applaud Arpaio Contempt of Court Accountability

Former Arizona Police Chief, Joe Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for refusing to stop targeting immigrants, representing a setback for the politician who at one time was popular by such tactics. Larkin and Lacey, the Frontera Fund founders, who were also once targeted by the sheriff, are wondering if Trump will come to Arpaio’s rescue with a pardon.

Arpaio failed to obey a judge who had ordered him to stop targeting immigrants.The maximum sentence could be six months, but some lawyers who have followed the process said they doubted that someone of his age to be imprisoned.

Critics claim that the verdict was a deserved punishment for someone who had escaped accountability much of his six terms as chief of police.

The controversial sheriff was finally defeated at the polls because voters became fed up with his illegal efforts and the legal problems they generated.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin say this verdict, handed down by Judge Susan Bolton is a victory for Arizona. There are many critics of the sheriff for the unusual way in which the police chief imposed the order in his county, such as incarcerating prisoners in tents outdoors in the sweltering heat, forcing them to wear pink underwear and dividing large numbers of immigrant families with their imprisonments.

Arpaio, who served 24 years as police chief in the metropolitan Phoenix area, sidestepped two previous criminal investigations into his work. However, he could not avoid legal problems when his illegal targets toward immigrants continued to operate for almost a year and half after another judge ordered him to stop. Larkin and Lacey say Arpaio’s targeting of Latinos was on-going.

Prosecutors argued that Arpaio violated the order to stop his discriminatory practices in order to promote his reelection campaign in 2012. He even acknowledged that he prolonged the illegal patrols, but says he did so unintentionally.

Unlike other police chiefs who left matters relating to immigration to federal authorities, Arpaio made numerous arrests of immigrants, including raids on businesses in which its agents focused on immigrants who used fake IDs to get the job.

Larkin and Lacey point out that Arpaio’s actions are similar to those that President Trump has promoted. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, both advocates of civil and human rights of Latinos say Arpaio’s rule wa s a significant impact on Arizona’s reputation as a hostile place for immigrants.

Larkin and Lacey say now that Arpaio’s rule is over, hopefully the frustrations and discrimination in Arizona can disappear.

Larkin and Lacey founded the Frontera Fund in 2014 to fight for civil and human rights protections. Many of their endeavors focus on issues pertaining to immigrants and Latinos that are targeted and face discrimination.

The organization works with grassroots advocates with mutual initiatives and visions to improve civil, human, and legal rights. Many of the Larkin and Lacey campaigns have opened doors and reached a wider audience, and together they work on nationwide opportunities.

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What Makes Cameron Clokie A Leading Canadian Surgeon

Cameron Clokie is a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur well known in the Canadian medicine industry for his work and innovative medicine. Dr. Clokie is professionally trained to be an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

Having dedicated his time to academic dentistry and clinical practice for over thirty years Dr. Clokie has been able to develop bone restructuring and reconstructive medicine.

As a matter of fact Dr. Clokie has held positions on scientific advisory boards for his extensive knowledge on his field of practice. This article expresses what makes Dr. Clokie stand out as an oral maxillofacial surgeon within the Canadian dentistry and medical sector.

Dr. Clokie’s Expertise

As an oral maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Clokie’s responsibilities entail the diagnosis and treatment of various facial disorders. That is especially those that affect the facial skeleton the jaws and oral cavity being the most commonly affected parts.

Some of these facial disorders include; temporomandibular jaw disorders, facial trauma, oral cancers, cysts and tumors of the jaws. Dr. Clokie however, has gone the extra mile in conducting academic research within his practice which has shown positive results.

That has enabled Dr. Clokie not only to diagnose and treat facial disorders but also create medicine for such disorders.

Dr. Clokie’s Achievements

Cameron Clokie has put a lot of work into his practice to put him in the position he is today as a top Canadian Surgeon. As a matter of fact his work has placed him at a top position as a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur recognized both nationally and internationally.

One of his achievements entail being involved in academic dentistry and clinical practice for thirty years.

Bloomberg revealed that time has culminated into Dr. Cameron Clokie being named head of oral maxillofacial surgery and Professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has also published numerous articles and made presentations on his work.

But in terms of achievements, Dr. Clokie’s biggest achievement would be his creation of bone reconstructing and regenerative medicine. Medicine which he distributes through his company Induce Biologics Inc.

Conclusively, Dr. Clokie is a significant figure in the Canadian medical and dentistry sector. His efforts and achievements within the practice having changed the practice for the better.

And that is why for most victims of facial or oral disorders caused by facial or oral trauma or even diseases; Dr. Clokie is the most preferred to go to, whether nationally or internationally.

Christopher Burch Explains How Fashion and Technology Grows Concurrently

Budding trendsetters should understand that fashion moves in phases. What is trending this season might be phased out the next one. Since there are predetermined numbers of trends available, the goal of the fashion arena is to modify what already exists. You will not be entirely wrong to think that technology and its growth is similar to fashion. The two sectors grow together, with technology becoming fashionable and fashion becoming technologically fashionable.

The past against the present

In the 1970s, the boom box was trending since users were able to carry around their preferred stations and tunes. After the boom box had been included to movie story lines in the 80s, its popularity increased tremendously. In the 90s, users shifted to Walkman since it offered a better-personalized music experience. A decade later, iPod was introduced improving the personal experience. Therefore, technology develops with the popularity of what users considers fashionable.

Technology and fashion grow concurrently

At times, the technology relies on fashion to gain popularity and grow. For example, fashion has played a key role in popularizing glass wearing. It is evident that fashion and technology can develop concurrently and can help one another. Technology’s future is growing towards the future of fashion. Apart from creating beautiful fashions, Technology can also create functional trends. The pleasure of the future relies on what both sectors study from each other to transform the world into a more beautiful, creative, and safe place to live.

Facts about Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch founded Burch Creative Capital and currently serves as its CEO. The firm’s investment philosophy is a reflection of Burch’s personal drive, vision for current market opportunities, and entrepreneurial values. He applies imagination, inventiveness, and professional expertise in developing businesses and brands that leave a positive and a long-term impact on client’s life. In his impressive career of about 40 years as an astute entrepreneur and investor, Burch has been instrumental in the growth of over 50 firms.  Interesting articles available for reading on huffingtonpost.com.

Read an article of one of his awesome investment here

By blending an innate mastery of consumer behavior with global and direct sourcing professional expertise, Christopher Burch has developed a fantastic track of record of linking innovation to impact. His Creative Capital’s portfolio comprises of Nihiwatu, TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, Poppin, and the latest introductions by Ellen DeGeneres called ED. For an overview of his diverse business investments, check crunchbase.com.  Under Burch’s leadership, the firm is currently expanding its portfolio to include several consumer and lifestyle products ranging from home furnishings, apparel, and retail to the organic foods. His primary goal is to ensure the special needs of customers are met.  Read his shared ideas on this relevant article on interview.net.

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The Advantages Of Being An Entrepreneur

There are plenty of advantages that come with being an entrepreneur. For the most part, they can only be appreciated by people who make the choice to take the risk. Those that succeed get to experience the life that they have always wanted. One major advantage of being an entrepreneur is that they get to experience a lot of freedom. While entrepreneurs do tend to work longer hours at first, they find that their earnings often exceeds that of what they earned in their last job. For instance, one person that is used to receiving minimum wage may find that they are making tons more with the work that they enjoy.

Chris Burch is someone who does what he enjoys as a serial entrepreneur. He has run plenty of successful businesses.  For related article about him, check on burchcreativecapital.com.   He has also been able to change his industry as he wanted. For one thing, he knows what it takes to succeed, which is why he is able to start a few successful businesses. He is also someone that is passionate and knowledgeable about a few different topics when it comes to careers. He experiences the ability to explore what he is passionate about which is another advantage of being an entrepreneur.   More about him and his investments on crunchbase.com.

Among the topics that he is passionate and knowledgeable about is the topic of the combination of fashion and technology. Fashion and technology is combining to improve not only the appearance of products, but the function of products. One thing that Chris Burch understands is that fashion and technology have been working together for a lot longer than some would realize. He has a vision of the possible future that could come with fashion. Learn more of his insights on things around his area of focus, hop over to ideamensch.com.

Read additional article here.

Technology is also good with art. A lot of the art that has been done was made possible with advancements in technology. Art is also good with fashion. The three of them working together could make for something really amazing for people. Now for his recent innovative and cool product offering in the market, hit inc.com.

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Sheldon Lavin Is Honored By India’s Vision World Academy

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, was honored with a Global Visionary Award during the 5th India’s Vision World Academy. Mr. Lavin has demonstrated deep sense of duty and determination by leading OSI Group from a domestic food supplier to a global multi-billion food processor. The Global Visionary Award celebrates business leaders who have pushed the envelope to achieve success in their various fields. OSI Group’s subsidiary, OSI-Vista Processed Foods, offers custom processed meat products as well as fruits and vegetables across India. The award is a testament to the company’s outstanding products and services. By recognizing distinguished achievers, the Vision World Academy inspires the next generation of business leaders to follow suit.
Before venturing into the food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin worked as a financial consultant. In 1970, he was required to arrange financing for Otto & Sons, which was then a hamburger supplier to McDonald’s Corporation in the Midwest. Otto & Sons was rebranded to OSI Group.

Later, he became more involved with the company by becoming a partner. Through his visionary leadership, Sheldon helped the company to expand its operations to South Africa and Taiwan. Lavin’s involvement with corporation intensified in the late 1970s when the Otto retired from the business. The remaining two sons eventually left the business, leaving Sheldon in full control of the business. Sheldon continued to enhance OSI’s operations across North America and Europe. Later, he enhanced company’s products and services to Australia, Japan, South Africa, India, China, Philippines, Europe and Brazil.

The company has a payroll of close to 20,000 employees globally. OSI Group is reputable for employee retention due to its family-oriented culture. OSI Group operates more than 55 factories in 16 countries. Apart from his involvement with the company, Sheldon Lavin an active contributor to charities in the community. He is affiliated with different initiatives, including Ronald McDonald House of Charities, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago Jewish United Fund and United Negro College Fund. He is also the president and director of the Sheba Foundation. In addition, Lavin serves as a board member of Rush University Medical Center and the Goodman Theatre. Over the years, he has received several awards for his excellent performance in business and contribution in the society.

Sheldon Lavin Info: beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/3E2VwKS-UMcLDY6UAKfJQ9zrXDs/appointments

How Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Are Making Changes to Human Rights

Human rights are a necessary part of life and civil rights will make everything better for people who are in different situations than what is normal. There are groups that are working hard to make sure that they can protect civil rights and that are doing what they can to make sure that people are protected in different instances.

This is something that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have worked hard on and something that the men know they are going to be able to do. Some groups have people who do not have experience in dealing with human rights but other groups don’t do things the right way because of the issues that are associated with the things that they are capable of doing.

There have been many instances when people are going to make sure that they are doing things the right way but the organization is not always able to make the right choices for the people who are doing things for them.

When Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey first began helping people and functioning as activists, they knew that they wanted to do a lot to help others out. They worked in journalism and they published information about the wrongdoings in the United States and about other civil rights issues that people had.

They wanted to make sure that other people knew about this and that they would be able to change things if they worked hard enough on the different opportunities that they had.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey realized, though, that this was not going to always work for them. They knew that they had a lot of pull as activists but they would have to try different things if they knew what they were going to be able to do to make changes.

They decided that being an activist wasn’t the only thing they could do and that, instead, they could also start an organization that would make things better for them. They chose to start an organization so that they could try different things and make sure that they were going to be able to do the things that would actually help them.

The idea for the Frontera Fund was that people would be able to try different things and do more with what they had to offer. They wanted to be able to provide money and moral support to all of the people who were a part of the organization.

Through this, they were able to make connections and to help people with the things that they needed. All of it led to them growing as an organization and being able to fight civil rights wrongdoings that the police and government were trying to make happen.

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Let All Peoples Enjoy the American Dream

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin will not stop advocating for immigration rights until Hispanics and Mexicans and Latinos are treated fairly in the great country of United States of America.


They themselves felt racial injustice when Sheriff Joseph Arpaio illegally arrested them for using the first amendment right given to all Americans. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio saw the various reports that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were publishing about him and he went to his illegal deputies and decided that they would arrest these two men in the same fashion that would occur inside Nazi Germany.


This illegal arrest ended up costing the Maricopa County a whopping $3.75 million which was awarded to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted to ensure that such racial injustice never happened again inside United States of America. They used the money to begin their nonprofit which is aptly named the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Through this nonprofit they continue to affect change in the area of immigration reform.


Using their money, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have several lobbyists on retainer. They also use the money to give out grants to those who want to continue advocating for immigration reform. These grants are often given to other nonprofits so that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin can have several allies when it comes to changing the minds of America.


They also have used the money to start the Front Page Confidential. This monthly magazine, which also functions as a website, has been used to inform the American populace that various government officials are trying to take away the first amendment right of freedom of speech. This magazine arms them with the techniques necessary to battle against this severe injustice so that we may never lose this great aspect of America.


The OSI Group Climbs To The Top Through Hard Work And Plans To Stay There

About The OSI Group

The OSI Group is a personally owned company consisting of meat processors. They provide service for retailers and the food service industry. Their international headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. The OSI Group is one of the biggest privately held corporations in the United States. They have been serving customers for over 60 years with more than 60 locations in 16 countries. They have been recognized as one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. They are productive and trustworthy. They are committed to providing quality products and services. OSI will stay on the Top 100 simply because they are always looking for ways to improve their empire.

The OSI Group Purchases Baho Food

The OSI Group recently purchased Baho Food, a private Dutch meat processing company. In addition to meat, they were providers of other food items. Managing director of Baho Food, John Balvers, and the rest of the management team will remain apart of the Baho Food brand. They will join forces with OSI directors to create a plan for the future in order to aid them in their growth. Balvers is excited and ready to become apart of the OSI corporation.

The Tyson Foods Purchase

A former Tyson Foods plant has been purchased by the OSI Group for $7.4 million. Many jobs were lost due to the change. OSI offered employment for those that remained.

The Flagship Europe Purchase

The OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe, a well known UK food service provider. Flagship’s products includes a variety of frozen poultry, pies, dressings and sauces. With the clients and markets associated with OSI, Flagship Europe will be able to make their position in the industry stronger. They will also have the ability to offer more opportunities and provide better services to their customers.