How Neurocore Is Battling Depression and Other Brain Related Problems

Neurocore is an American company that provides an innovative solution that is aimed at the development of an optimal performing brain. The firm has Brain performance centers that have been designed to test an individual’s brain capacity and speed. The company believes that a healthy mind can perform at optimal rates during a person’s life.

At Neurocore, the brain can be trained to adapt to various circumstances. This, in turn, enables the mind to function at incredible speeds when performing rigorous tasks, at the same time the brain is also thought to operate with less stress when performing light duties.

The company has developed a Neurofeedback system that rewards the brain when it performs more efficiently. The program does this by teaching the mind using positive reinforcement. This technology can determine when a person’s mind is functioning too fast or too slow, then guides it on how to perform optimally.

Since the company is rooted and established in neuroscience, their program is not based on symptoms and behaviors alone. Their sophisticated program has been designed using actual brain data the company has had from their clients. The development of the program itself has taken place in the past ten years. This data has helped Neurocore’s clients experience an improved brain performance.

Most of the company’s clients range from individuals who have conditions such as ADHD, anxiety issues, autism, migraines, depression and even people who suffer from lack of sleep. At Neurocore’s Brain performance centers, people with depression that vary on different levels of severity are treated. Many of these individuals suffering from depression are either chronic while some have debilitating depression.

Patients suffering from depression who have been brought to these centers have either undergone traumatic experiences that seem to get worse each passing day. Using the company’s comprehensive assessment tools that utilizes qEEG brainwave mapping technology, the medical personnel can clinically measure and diagnose a person’s depression symptoms while creating a holistic picture of the problem. Neurocore uses the diagnostic results from a person suffering from depression to create a customized program the patient needs to undertake to address the depression symptoms.

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