Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall-Changing the Face of the Community

One way of rewarding of ourselves is through a good time on weekends. A family out, friends out or a romantic date to rekindle a relationship is a perfect way of spending a weekend. It refreshes our mind and sets our pace for the next week. This can only be possible if you can access those fun joints.

Roberto Santiago had a dream to give his people a place that had all the recreational equipment. This is after he realized that his people had to travel for leisure purposes.

Santiago began to implement this project on 1987.He had a good strategy and plan because within two years he launched the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. This was a life changer for the people of Manaira. Under the mall were boutiques, jewelry stores, food courts, commercial facilities, medical health centers, and colleges among other social amenities. This explains why the people of Manaira refer to the mall as a small city. It is because you can survive here for months without necessarily going out to get anything.

The favorite activity of the residents is watching 3D movies in the Domus Hall. Domus Hall is located on the rooftop of the Manaira Mall. The Domus Hall was the ultimate feature of the mall. It is so huge, such that it can hold a capacity of 8000 people. The sound range and lighting are unique and designed with a lot of expertise. Watching a movie in the Domus Hall is like visiting all the scenes of the film personally.

Once in a while the staff surprise the people with a celebrity invite. The occupants are given a chance to suggest the celebrity that they want to come. With so doing, many people enjoy the visit.

The residents are also allowed to lend the Domus Hall for their activities. Many ceremonies like graduations, weddings, conferences and other events have been held in the Domus Hall. It is well aerated to ensure everyone has a good time without struggling with the heat.

Apart from the entertainment sector, the presence of the mall has opened a new economic era to the manaira people. Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has attracted investors. As a result, the area gets to enjoy a variety of products. This has also boosted the quality of the products produced. The good quality products is a result of competition. Every manufacturer has to convince the consumers that their product is the best.

The Santiago project has also improved the living standards of the people. This is through the employment opportunities. Unemployment being a universal problem, the people are grateful for the opportunities.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has improved the lives of the residents in many ways. With the mall, life is more beautiful and less complicated.


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