Market America On How The Best Health Products Are Made

When people look at health products such as supplements, among the things they have to look at is the quality of the ingredients. With some of the best health supplements, there are going to be some cheap imitations with fillers. Market America helps direct customers to the authentic products. One thing that they do is look at each health product and make sure that they are going to do what they are designed to. Market America tries to protect customers from deadly side effects. One thing that experts know is that the actual authentic supplement should not have any side effects.

Market America is very passionate about bringing some much needed change to the health industry. The health industry as it is causes a lot of harm as well as it helps people. When professionals take a one size fits all approach for treating health issues, this causes some problems among people in that they are going to deal with either the product causing different problems in them or they are going to find that it is not working as well as they have expected. Therefore, health professionals have made it a point to choose an approach that is based on the individual as opposed to being based on the whole group.

One thing that Market America looks into is targeted health regimens. This is chosen based on the health and the capabilities of the individual. When the individual is given the right health regimen and he goes through with it, then he is going to see how effective. There are also programs and options for mental health. One thing that is becoming increasingly understood is that mental and physical health are more connected than once believed. Therefore, it is important for there to be some exercises for the mental health of the individual.

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Betsy DeVos, Charity and Empathy

There are people who prefer to go with the flow in life. There are also people like Betsy DeVos. She’s not someone who ever takes a backseat. She understands precisely who she is as a human being. She has faith in her beliefs and in her convictions as well. No one is going to ever change that. The youthful Elisabeth Prince was already showing signs of future philanthropy. She was an intelligent girl who was ready to take on the planet while studying at Michigan’s Calvin College. She already put a lot time into political causes that affected her deeply, too. That was simply the beginning of a long political thirst that is going strong to this day. She isn’t someone who solely puts time into political matters, either. Her areas of interest run the gamut. She’s President Donald Trump’s education secretary. That reflects her desire to enhance educational system processes in the United States. She’s been working on educational topics of all varieties for longer than many can grasp.


Members of the general public often discuss the money Betsy donates to causes that are on her mind. Her husband Dick joins in on the donations, too. They’re a well-known team in the political and philanthropic realms, to put it mildly. There are many people who wax poetic about the pair and their efforts. There are just as many people who have grievances about them, too. Charity is something that has been a driving factor for the married couple. The money they’ve given to charitable group has amounted to a lot with the passing of time as well. Betsy and Dick have given many charitable organizations close to $139 million.


Betsy is straightforward and clear about her charitable work. Dick is just as honest. He says that they feel the need to strengthen all kinds of educational processes in Michigan and all throughout the country. They have so many qualms that relate to United States education. They don’t like the reality that many working-class parents simply cannot pay for their children to attend schools that are number one on their preference lists. Betsy DeVos is a big factor in the realm of educational choice. She believes that people should all have the freedom necessary to decide where their children learn. She knows that the wealthy have this kind of freedom. She’s keenly aware that poorer people do not. That irks her and stays on her mind. Educational vouchers are another big concept for DeVos. She wants to endorse the use of these when at all possible. Learn more:


No one could ever accuse DeVos of being lazy. She’s a woman who likes to squeeze in as much charitable work as possible. She’s a philanthropist through and thorough. She has the urge to care for the people who reside in Michigan. Her Michigan roots are impossible to ignore. She has the urge to look after people in all different locations of the United States. That’s the reason she’s immensely proud of her latest Trump administration role.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Makes It Look Easy To Run Bumble

The ideas Whitney Wolfe Herd had for apps all went back to women and how she could make sure they were empowered. She wanted women to feel good about themselves and about the things they were doing and that’s why she created Bumble. While the app is a dating app, it is so much different from all the other dating apps that are available to women who want to try their hand at the dating scene. It’s different because it gives them all the power. They can focus on what they are able to do and what they can make happen within app.

When women sign up with Bumble, they are given a chance to connect with men. They are the ones who have to make the first move and that’s how Whitney Wolfe Herd intended for the app to work. She wanted there to be other things that women could do instead of having to deal with unwanted advances from men on dating apps. She knew it would be an important part of dating world she could change and that’s how she was going to make things better for everyone who was working on trying to find dates.

With Bumble, the women are able to have all the power. Not only did Whitney Wolfe Herd start a successful dating app but she also did it so women would be able to make sure they were going to try different things and do more when they were dating. By putting the power back in their hands, Whitney Wolfe Herd was giving people the chances they needed to try different things and do more with what they had on their own. It helped them realize what they could make happen and how things would get better.

As long as Whitney Wolfe Herd was doing this, she had her husband by her side. He was there for her all through the time she was starting the app. She married him recently and that’s because he was so supportive of everything she was doing. It helped him make sure he was helping people and helped her know she had the support she needed to do well in the world of app development and other businesses. For Whitney Wolfe Herd, this was an important part of how she was doing things and how she could make life better for herself as well as other women.

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Oncotarget: Oncologists Ultimate Request

Oncotarget is a publication that is created by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. The publication was the idea of Mikhail Blagosklonny, after hearing some complaints from oncologists that they do not have any appropriate venue where they can voice out their concerns. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov, with the help of some computer literate people, created the online medical journal and called it Oncotarget. Oncotarget went live in 2010, and it is considered as the first peer to peer-reviewed online medical journal. Enabling the peer to peer review makes all of the articles posted on the website as accurate and factual. Every time a scientist sends his or her work to Oncotarget, a group of dedicated scientists would review the written article, and they would be deciding whether to put it online or not. If they saw that the article is not good enough, or lacks proof, they will be sending it back to the author or the writer, until they managed to prove their points. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

Most of the time, the articles are being published on the website of Oncotarget, after the scientists have made an extensive review of the content of the article. They revealed that one of the reasons why they keep on reviewing the publications being sent to Oncotarget is because they would like the website to be known for its reliable information. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov are the current editors in chief for Oncotarget, and they stated that they are enjoying their job in making a bridge for all of the oncologists worldwide.

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Back in the beginning, scientists do not have any appropriate venue where they can share documents or another important file about cancer. The transfer of information back then too was a mess, and they are taking too much of their time just to send a single work. Good thing that internet speed improved, and now that something like Oncotarget exists, scientists would no longer have a hard time sharing their discoveries. Four scientists who are also Oncotarget contributors have been given a chance to go to Singapore to attend an international event which talks about the latest advancement in medicine. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

Ronald Fowlkes Article

Roland Fowlkes lives in St, Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America. Roland Fowlkes enjoys his work and has accomplished many things during his many years of extensive work history in Law Enforcement and the military. He is a Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial products for Eagle Industries Unlimited. Roland Fowlkes is responsible for contacting customers nationwide and provides product education to over 150 sales personnel, and selection for development and sale.


Roland Fowlkes was employed as a Defense Contractor in Iraq with the United States Army, working as a Department of Defense Contractor with JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization.) Roland Fowlkes duties included mounted and dismounted infantry operations in a combat zone, and he instructed U.S. Military personnel how to be tactical when questioning captured and detained individuals.


Ronald Fowlkes worked with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 10 years, and 3 years with the St. Louise County Police Department, with over 13 years experience in law enforcement. Roland Fowlkes specializes in Law Enforcement and Commercial products. Roland background is quite extensive with many years of experience.


Roland Fowlkes was employed on the Louis Metropolitans HRT Team. In 2003 Roland Fowlkes became a team leader and became a certified instructor in tactical rifle, short house, defensive tactics, and SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics.


As an employee at the Louis Metropolitians HRT Team, Roland was responsible for investigating the activities of gangs, their illegal possession of guns, hostage incidents, and the trafficking of illegal narcotics brought into the cities most violent neighborhoods. Roland himself initiated the investigations into these illegal high-risk activities.


Roland Fowlkes is a veteran of the First Gulf War. He was promoted twice while serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1989-1993. Ronald Fowlkes received his military training while at the Marine Combat Training at the Marine Corps of Infantry. He also took a Basic Engineer course, ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company). He took a basic course at the U.S. Army Parachute School where he earned his advance Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia and NSWF combat Driver School.


Ronald Fowlkes served with 1st ANGLICO which included conducting small unit parachute operations which included reconnaissance, air and naval gunfire missions and the use of many different types of radios such as encrypted and non-encrypted. He also used a (MULE) laser designator.


When Roland Fowlkes is not working he spends his time coaching his son’s hockey team or involves himself in some type of sports.


Famous Groups that Defend Our Rights

Every day, we see our civil rights be violated. Everyone has experienced some sort of legal abuse for that matter, be it a robbery, or even censure. However, luckily, there are groups that are willing to fight for these rights.

The “Advocates for Human Rights” is one of the most influential and famous groups that advocate for civil and human rights, and they are continually raising awareness on the problematic situation that many American communities are experiencing today. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This group’s main focus is to expose legal abuse and oppression, as well as any violation of the rights that are common to every American citizen. After the exposition, their goal is to gather help to assist the victims and to call attention to the aggressor.

This group also has the bonus of providing to victims and those who are interested training and coaching to help students defend the very rights that are basic to every American citizen.

With the training provided by the Advocates for Human Rights, you will understand with more depth the laws of the U.S. Constitution and what is considered a violation of them. Even though it seems common sense, many of the rules that apply to their violation are not well-known by most of the Americans.

Another very famous one that also fights for our general rights and the preservation of them is the “American Civil Liberties Union.” they have a well-rounded mission closely resembling the one of the Advocates for Human Rights, but they are different in their approach. First, they have a focus on civil rights, not human rights, and there is a slight difference in both of them.

Apart from that, instead of providing training to help individuals combat and defend civil rights, this group raises awareness of the problems, help spread news and word about civil rights violation, as well as help, organize movements and mobilization to call the attention of the authorities.

Another group that is very famous for their help in the fight for civil and human rights is the Frontera Fund, created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists from Texas.

This group is different in that their main focus is to provide monetary funding support to other groups that are defending victims and trying to expose aggressors.

Many times, groups like these, with no profitable goals, end up failing because of a lack of funding. The Frontera Fund is essential because of that aspect: They have enough money to support these institutions.

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Greg Secker And His Passion For Financial Trading

Earlier this month, philanthropist and businessman Greg Secker organized a turning over of homes in Capinahan, Lemery, Iloilo. The event is held for the victims of the recent typhoon Ondoy. He invited the famous Filipino world boxer, Nonito Donaire to join him in the cause. The typhoon left a lot of residents in the rural part of Iloilo homeless, and this cause would help them recover from the adversity. The event is in the coordination of the Greg Secker Foundation to give 100 homes to the victims.

Greg Secker – His Story

Greg Secker is an English businessman who has worked his way to be an expert in the field of foreign exchange and financial trading. He has written several books about financial trading and contributed in writing the success of his expertise in stocks trading. He has also founded several companies including Learn To Trade, FX Capital, SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. Of course, he also founded the non-profit organization The Greg Secker Foundation. Greg Secker was born in England and completed his studies in Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Career Timeline

Before his success in the field of foreign exchange trading, Greg Secker started out as a newbie in the area. Sometime during the mid-1990s, he was a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. This is where he developed his interest in foreign exchange trading systems. He even received an award for creating a forex trading online platform. He was coached and mentored by the best financial traders during the time he worked at Mellon Financial Corporation. This is where he learned his way to the top. He then retired from the corporate world to become his employee sometime 2003. At first, he started setting up his forex trading center in his living room. Soon, his companies started developing and progressing to become what they are now.

Greg Secker also became a mentor people about forex trading and strategies. This led him to establish the Knowledge to Action Group.

As part of his philanthropy, Greg Secker established the Greg Secker Foundation to provide an improvement in the quality of life for people all over the world. This is especially for the underprivileged.

Dr. David Samadi – Interview Recap

As one of the world’s most famous medical experts, current Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, NY, Dr. David Samadi treats his team like he treats his family. He is a board-certified urologist specializing in the diagnosis as well as treatment of urologic diseases, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. He understands that age is no longer a factor with prostate cancer so he looks for innovative ways to help people detect and treat it. Over the course of his career, he has performed on average 15 prostate cancer surgeries every week, showcasing his level of expertise. He is known for using robotic surgery to assist these patients.

Graduating with a degree in biochemistry, Dr. David Samadi left Stony Brook University to attend the Stony Brook School of Medicine to work towards an M.D, graduating in 1994 with honors. Following his graduation, he went to the Montefiore Medical Center along with Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his postgraduate training. Once his fellowship in proctology was done, he left Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2001 to go to Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France for the purpose of starting his robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship.

Dr. David Samadi not only performed operations in over 45 countries but practiced at many prestigious institutions within the United States. These include but are not limited to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. In 2007, he would become the Vice Chair of the Department of Urology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine as well. Since then, he migrated with his team to Lenox Hill Hospital and started as a Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. He also possesses membership with the American Medical Association along with the American Urological Association.

Although Dr. David Samadi is a professional in relation to the early detection of, diagnosing, and treating prostate cancer, he is also known for having hosted “Sunday Housecall” over the course of 2011 throughout 2016. This is a show that provides medical advice on the Fox News Channel. Dr. David Samadi also began a radio program and even launched his website,, in 2015. With these outlets, he shares news and information relating to health across the globe. While he has many interests regarding the medical field, his interest is focused on researching alternative medicines, heart disease, new medical technologies, and other issues relating to men’s health.

Greg Secker, Working Hard To Help Others

Greg Secker is a man who is geared to improving the quality of other people’s lives. Greg Secker is not only an entrepreneur, but he is also a business man who enjoys giving back to the public. Greg has used his career and the success that he has gained over the years to help other people. Greg has been able to quit his corporate job by doing and creating something that he enjoys doing. Greg has created a new form of trading. He has taught others how to trade internationally and how to trade online.

The idea of Greg opening his own company started while he was working for someone else. Most of the time while Greg was working, he often felt like he was bored and just not motivated to get the work done. Instead of Greg giving up, he made the best of the situation and learned everything that he could from the company he was working for. Greg eventually learned enough information from his job and he was able to quit and begin to work from home. Pretty soon after starting, Greg began to work from his living room trading floors. Many people were amazed by the success that Greg had experienced so fast. Greg Secker eventually also began to mentor people from his home.

After three months of Greg working from home, he then opened his own company. Every since the start of his new business, Greg has also opened several other businesses in which he has been successful in as well. Greg also has opened his own institute in which he teaches people everything they need to know about trading. Greg’s skills and techniques that he teaches to his students help them earn additional income, some people are even able to become entrepreneurs as well.

Greg has many helpful tips for people who want to become entrepreneurs. One piece of advice that Greg would like to give to people who are still developing their careers is to take your time and embrace the journey. There is no need to rush to the top. Take your time and enjoy every moment.

Organo Gold Brings Organic Coffees and Protein Shakes To The Masses

Millions of people would not think of starting their day without a cup of coffee or some other drink. However, not all drinks are the same. For one organic coffee and drink maker, bringing the world a great tasting and healthy line of coffees, teas, and energy drinks are a passion that’s spreading around the world.

So let’s start with Organo Gold’s coffee. In each cup of Organo Gold coffee, there’s grapeseed oil, Ganoderma spore seed powder, and organic Ganoderma lucidum. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants and help boost the immune system. The result is a coffee that keeps the body strong, with health-promoting ingredients, with every cup. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Looking through the Organo line, there are many choices for the health conscious person who wants to enjoy something new and intriguing each day. There’s Fenix DX pink lemonade, Fenix XT mango peach advanced energy drink mix and OGX Fenix chocolate and vanilla powders that can make a powerful protein shake. In fact, you could find almost any drink for any occasion with Organo.

Organo is one of the fastest growing brands of healthy drinks thanks to their team of passionate sellers across the world. You see, Organo is not your typical line of drinks you find in stores. The British Columbia based company wanted to spread their message from person to person. Today, thousands of people work with Organo to bring these healthy drinks to people everywhere. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is changing the way people drink their coffee, teas, energy drinks and protein shakes. From their line of gourmet coffees to their body management powders, Organo Gold is able to provide a drink that fits each person’s needs and preferences. With pure, organic ingredients and a network of knowledgeable sellers, Organo Gold is the changing the way people enjoy their favorite drink.