Whitney Wolfe Herd Makes It Look Easy To Run Bumble

The ideas Whitney Wolfe Herd had for apps all went back to women and how she could make sure they were empowered. She wanted women to feel good about themselves and about the things they were doing and that’s why she created Bumble. While the app is a dating app, it is so much different from all the other dating apps that are available to women who want to try their hand at the dating scene. It’s different because it gives them all the power. They can focus on what they are able to do and what they can make happen within app.

When women sign up with Bumble, they are given a chance to connect with men. They are the ones who have to make the first move and that’s how Whitney Wolfe Herd intended for the app to work. She wanted there to be other things that women could do instead of having to deal with unwanted advances from men on dating apps. She knew it would be an important part of dating world she could change and that’s how she was going to make things better for everyone who was working on trying to find dates.

With Bumble, the women are able to have all the power. Not only did Whitney Wolfe Herd start a successful dating app but she also did it so women would be able to make sure they were going to try different things and do more when they were dating. By putting the power back in their hands, Whitney Wolfe Herd was giving people the chances they needed to try different things and do more with what they had on their own. It helped them realize what they could make happen and how things would get better.

As long as Whitney Wolfe Herd was doing this, she had her husband by her side. He was there for her all through the time she was starting the app. She married him recently and that’s because he was so supportive of everything she was doing. It helped him make sure he was helping people and helped her know she had the support she needed to do well in the world of app development and other businesses. For Whitney Wolfe Herd, this was an important part of how she was doing things and how she could make life better for herself as well as other women.

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