Betsy DeVos, Charity and Empathy

There are people who prefer to go with the flow in life. There are also people like Betsy DeVos. She’s not someone who ever takes a backseat. She understands precisely who she is as a human being. She has faith in her beliefs and in her convictions as well. No one is going to ever change that. The youthful Elisabeth Prince was already showing signs of future philanthropy. She was an intelligent girl who was ready to take on the planet while studying at Michigan’s Calvin College. She already put a lot time into political causes that affected her deeply, too. That was simply the beginning of a long political thirst that is going strong to this day. She isn’t someone who solely puts time into political matters, either. Her areas of interest run the gamut. She’s President Donald Trump’s education secretary. That reflects her desire to enhance educational system processes in the United States. She’s been working on educational topics of all varieties for longer than many can grasp.


Members of the general public often discuss the money Betsy donates to causes that are on her mind. Her husband Dick joins in on the donations, too. They’re a well-known team in the political and philanthropic realms, to put it mildly. There are many people who wax poetic about the pair and their efforts. There are just as many people who have grievances about them, too. Charity is something that has been a driving factor for the married couple. The money they’ve given to charitable group has amounted to a lot with the passing of time as well. Betsy and Dick have given many charitable organizations close to $139 million.


Betsy is straightforward and clear about her charitable work. Dick is just as honest. He says that they feel the need to strengthen all kinds of educational processes in Michigan and all throughout the country. They have so many qualms that relate to United States education. They don’t like the reality that many working-class parents simply cannot pay for their children to attend schools that are number one on their preference lists. Betsy DeVos is a big factor in the realm of educational choice. She believes that people should all have the freedom necessary to decide where their children learn. She knows that the wealthy have this kind of freedom. She’s keenly aware that poorer people do not. That irks her and stays on her mind. Educational vouchers are another big concept for DeVos. She wants to endorse the use of these when at all possible.¬†Learn more:¬†


No one could ever accuse DeVos of being lazy. She’s a woman who likes to squeeze in as much charitable work as possible. She’s a philanthropist through and thorough. She has the urge to care for the people who reside in Michigan. Her Michigan roots are impossible to ignore. She has the urge to look after people in all different locations of the United States. That’s the reason she’s immensely proud of her latest Trump administration role.

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