Talkspace – Therapy in Your Pocket

Talkspace is the new interface in which people interact with their therapists from the comfort of their own phone. Therapy is one of the oldest medical professions. A major transition is occurring in the mental health field due to the recent introduction of communication technology. It should come as no surprise that people now use their smartphones to receive their counseling.

Talkspace is an online platform that connects 1,000 mental health professionals to over 500,000 active users. A member chooses from 3 different plans that range from simple texting, to skype calls and monthly check-ins. Talkspace enables people to contact therapy at any moment, without leaving their current environment.

Ease of accessibility is an absolute benefit of Talkspace. A member is capable of receiving therapy at the moment of their trauma. It also provides a service for those who are unwilling or unable to travel to a therapists office. Due to the fact that patients are anonymous to the online counselors, people sometimes feel a sense of safety in revealing their truest thoughts, fears, and feelings.

Online therapy, however, is not a perfectly balanced system. In-person therapy allows a deeper patient/therapist relationship to unfold. Most forms of communication are non-verbal. Our words generally convey our conscious thoughts and feelings. But therapists are trained to pick up on the subtle cues of body language and facial expressions that reveal our sub-conscious thoughts and motives.

Online therapists share that they have to re-learn how to communicate online, in order to portray compassion and understanding. It is a completely different communication process than what used to take place within an office.

The evolution of man is a testament to our ability to provide a solution where there is a need. Mobile counseling is a perfect example of this. As the world moves at a faster pace, the requirement to do more with less is an absolute necessity. Though still in it’s early stages, mobile therapy is quickly taking root as a viable form of mental health practice and it is sure to be a staple of the modern life in the near future.

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