Todd Lubar, CEO of TDL

Todd Lubar is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures who acquired his B.A degree in Speech communication at Syracuse University in 1995. Todd Lubar secured his first job after graduating in Crestar Mortage Corporation where he was the best employee until 1999. He later joined Legacy Financial group in Texas and helped the company to generate huge loan volume per year. Lubar then left Legacy in 2005 and was immediately confirmed as the new Senior Vice President of Charter Funding.


While working in these financial sectors, Lubar acquired business skills that helped him own several companies ranging from nightclub industry, real estate development, demolition industry and recycling business. However, Todd Lubar is currently concentrating on his role as the President at TDL Ventures’. Lubar recently had an interview with Arthur Becker and explained about his business philosophy and success in the business professional. For more details visit LinkedIn.


During the interview, Todd Lubar explained his career journey having worked in the credit and finance sector for almost 20 years. Lubar tells how he was inspired to help people achieve their dreams and in the process, he helped himself became successful. His passion was to provide consumers with what they needed. Todd Lubar argues that success is achieved through commitment and hard work despite the many challenges people face in keeping the business afloat, Todd encourages people not to give up but strive for excellence.


Todd Lubar interest in Mortgage and Baking Company enables him to expand his investment due to available access to products and programs. He later formed Legendary Financial LLC to help market borrowers access funding which will otherwise be overlooked by other lending companies. Lubar was privileged to undertake almost a thousand transaction thus allowing him the ability to analyze the lending risk and make a decision. This analysis has helped him avoid losses in his business. Check out Ideamensch for more.


Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland and he is married with two beautiful children. His passion is to travel and loves to spend quality time with his kids. Todd loves Orange County, and his life goals are to add value to everyone he interacts with and also to be a better man tomorrow than he was today.



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