A Raving Review for EOS’ Newest Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm!

EOS has introduced a new flavor to its roster of lip balms-Cooling Chamomile. This has refreshing, minty, and tantalizing characteristics. Chamomile adds soothing overtones to the opaque ivory balm. A small bit goes a long way. This balm stands out as a top contender for chapped lips. The product impressively has the ability to return weathered lips back to silky smooth puckers. Other active ingredients include Vitamin E, cocoa and shea butter, and olive and jojoba oils. All ingredients are combined to battle the worst case of dry lips. EOS glides on easily, with no mess-it smells as good as it feels. The moisture lasts for a while, so you won’t have to re-apply it multiple times during the day. One of the best things about EOS balms is that it is simple to carry. The innovative design makes it easy to pop one in a purse, backpack, or even your pockets.

EOS was created with convenience in mind. The brand’s inventors, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, kept the 5 senses in mind when developing the brand. They focused on the shape, the taste, package acoustics, and the product’s presentation. The trio delivered a trendsetting lip balm derived from organic and natural ingredients (Allure). EOS brings a rare freshness to the ever-growing market of lip balms by offering pastel hues, trendy packaging, and fun flavors with great benefits. EOS’ tagline “The lip balm that makes you smile” is a fitting choice for the booming company. They are changing the landscape of beauty aisles everywhere. When one looks at the colorfully packaged orb, a sense of amazement and happiness comes about…curiosity prompts you to invest. I absolutely urge you to make certain you to pick up the newest edition of EOS’ line, the Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm-you will be amazed!


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