The education ministry is advancing from grassroots level to global level. It has grown to the extent of using technology as an education tool. The education technology has enabled many to connect and interact with different places and countries making the world a global village. Some entrepreneurs have invested their resources to ensure that educational technology grows more to increase its benefit on the education sector. ClassDojo is one of the techniques used in education to facilitate effective learning and teaching process.

ClassDojo is an operational website application that was developed to make education beneficial to its learners. It is a platform where students, teachers, and parents interact. Therefore, the observation of progress and growth can be noted and modified through the direct interactions made. It makes it possible for students to learn new things as the usage of the application is made fun breaking the physical classroom monotony.

Through ClassDojo, the parents and the students have a voice. The parents can easily monitor their children’s progress and keep track of the present performance of each student as they directly interact with the teachers. The students also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and showcase their issues. It makes it easy for the teachers to teach and deal with each depending on their problem.

The application creates a platform for people to interact bringing unity. Unlike the non-digital method of interaction, ClassDojo enables people to interact from anywhere regardless of time and distance. It also helps to make a school be one community. Other than that, it makes it easy for people from all over to relate to the different languages of use can be interpreted. At the same time, people can use the application from any electronic device so long as it has a browser.

ClassDojo aims to create permanent impact in the society. Therefore, it has created funds to help facilitate the education of many students. It was able to raise millions of money to make the communication channel of the educators, the teachers, the students and the parent is made consistent. The parents can quickly make a follow-up on their student’s activities and behavior hence, the guidance at home is made effective too.

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