NewsWatch TV Afforded Yet Another Stellar Review

Currently focused on technology, NewsWatch Tv is a news and entertainment television show that provides introduces new technology to the viewers. The program also includes celebrity interviews and breaking news segments. With their promotional segments, NewsWatch Tv has provided a platform for entrepreneurs in addition to Fortune 500 companies.

For Avanca, a tech company, working with NewsWatch has provided ample advertisement of their product. “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC” worked with NewsWatch, in an effort to raise $10,000.00 in a crowdfunding campaign. The company hired the NewsWatch team, to run a promotional video for Avanca. The results exceeded expectations tremendously. Not only did they meet their goal of 10 thousand US dollars, they raised over four hundred thousand dollars. Due to the far reach of television, NewsWatch was broadcast into 96 million homes, as well as the online campaign that viewed 1 million times.

Avanca expresses gratitude for the outcome of their promotional campaign, citing that NewsWatch made their goals a reality. The success that has followed has been exceptional. Without NewsWatch, more than likely they would have missed their goal of 10,000 dollars, and thankfully they raised much, much more.

Avanca continues working with NewsWatch, due to the success they experienced in their last campaign. In an effort to promote their latest product, they will air another promotional interview and introduce their latest device. This product, a wireless sports headphone gear, is designed to stay in place during exhaustive physical activity without the mess of wiring. NewsWatch is will be working with this company again, using their televised segment and online audience as well.

NewsWatch Tv began broadcasting in 1990, with stories centered around finance. As the show continued, it broadened it’s scope of reporting to include general topics to interest a broader spectrum of viewer. The News magazine evolved into different platforms over the years, and in 2011 it centered it’s focus around product reviews and technology. The following year, they began airing a segment called ‘AppWatch’, which primarily focused on new and innovative applications for smart phones. After seeking them out, the host would offer reviews of the app for consumers information.


Mina Ebrahimi and the Different Aspects of a Good Work Ethic

Some people are described as having a good work ethic. Mina Ebrahimi is known for her good work ethic. It is safe to say that not everyone has a good work ethic. For those who want to develop a good work ethic, there are a ton of factors that are involved. It is important for people to determine what a good work ethic is for them. At the same time, it has to be in line with what some other people deem is a good work ethic. Some research can help people with the development of their work ethic.


One thing that goes into a good work ethic is responsibility. Mina Ebrahimi is a great example of someone who is responsible. For one thing, she is always taking care of everything in her life. She is also involved in getting all of her tasks done. Another aspect of work ethic is discipline. People have goals to meet and objectives to fulfill. However, they have to do it in a disciplined way or else they are not going to be able to get the work done. One way to manage this is by being organized with the efforts. For instance, people who break their tasks into smaller bits and their days into segments are going to get more done than those who don’t.


One of the biggest aspects of a good work ethic is attitude. People who bring a positive attitude to work are going to have e better time at work. They are also going to make work easier for people when it comes to the emotional aspects of work. Even Mina Ebrahimi knows that dealing with someone who has an attitude problem is going to make things a little hard. One thing that people do not want is a stressful work environment.

GoBuyside Helps Investment Managers Navigate Talent Recruitment in a Hyper-Competitive Market

Financial and investment recruitment firm GoBuyside has published an article on online resource the Daily Forex Report, listing seven problems that affect contemporary investment management firms in the recruitment market and undercut their efforts to quickly, efficiently and effectively recruit specialized talent into their workforce.. The article also details solutions designed to counteract these pressing problems, to the benefit of the firm’s recruitment efforts. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

GoBuyside specializes in recruitment for financial and investment sector organizations, including private equity firms, investment management firms and hedge funds. Founded in 2011, GoBuyside has successfully closed over 2000 personnel searches, utilizing a network that encompasses over 10,000 persons. The firm boasts over 400 clients – including Fortune 500 companies – in 500 cities across sixteen countries, and is widely regarded as one of the world’s premier specialized recruiting firms.

The article raised numerous pressing issues, including:

– The competition for specialized talent across numerous industries, many of which have little to nothing to do with finance; IT specialists, being a prime example.

– Current networking difficulties born from growing distrust of social media and the difficulties involved in using social media to convert prospective hires to new employees.

– The need for balance between diversity and inclusiveness; diversity in a workforce is of no use if the employees are not a provided with access to the same opportunities to succeed and ascend the corporate ladder

– Disruptive technologies, which render traditional methods of recruitment obsolete and force investment management firms to constantly adapt in order to remain competitive in the recruitment market.


– Constantly shifting skill requirements that has to be taken into account during recruitment, meaning that the required skill set for prospective hires constantly expands, while current employees regularly undergo retraining.

– Governmental regulation on a local and global level, which could serve as a deterrent for prospective hires.

– The constant push-and-pull between the need to compete effectively in the recruitment market while working to ensure that recruitment costs remain low. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

To read the full article, and learn GoBuyside’s proposed solutions for each of these pressing issues, click here.

The Connection Between Adriana Georgiadea & The Academy of Art University

The Fashion Journalism Contest is a great way to enter for a chance to win an internship with TRC Marketing. It is also a great way to win a $1,500 scholarship. This contest is presented by the Academy of Art University. For 2018, Adriana Georgiades took the honor of winning this exclusive award. The South African-native came to the United States just to explore her ambitions as a fashion writer. The Academy of Art University just so happened to be the only place to where she could obtain a fashion journalism degree at a master’s level. Georgiades has a strong backing for being a writer. She studies at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.

While studying at this particular school, she would write a sports blog for the school’s newspaper. Being such a huge Liverpool fan, writing on this subject was fairly easily. This is where she built the foundation for her craft. During this point in time, Georgiades didn’t have the opportunity to write about fashion. She wanted more, and more was exactly what she would get. After graduating from Rhodes University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies, she would move to San Francisco, California to pursue her career.

The Academy of Art University had more than enough opportunities to fulfill her dreams. “I could have continued with my sports writing, but fashion was my ultimate goal,” said Georgiades. While at the Academy of Art University, she has been able to write on a variety of fashion topics while juggling a 3.9 GPA. “Is social media the future of fashion journalism”? This was the topic of choice for the Fashion Journalism Scholarship Contest and she won the contest by leaps and bounds.

In a sense, social media is definitely delivering the goods much more effectively than standard media. This is the digital age and most people spend their time online. “I have grown so much thanks to this institution,” said Georgiades. Her next step is to build-up her portfolio so that she could work for a prominent fashion publication like Cosmopolitan or Vogue.


Clients Of Richard Dwayne Blair Learn About the Alternatives to Regular Jobs

Sometime while visiting with Richard Dwayne Blair, clients will learn about the alternatives to working a regular job. When they learn about it, they get a little bit excited. For one thing, they learn that they don’t have to depend on the office job they barely got and are barely holding onto. Richard Blair makes sure that people not only learn about the alternatives, but also learn what it takes to actually succeed at those alternatives. He also talks about the advantages of each alternative and the approach he recommends that people take moving forward. After all, many clients are going into uncharted territory as far as they are concerned.

One of the major advantages of alternative sources of income is that they do not require the same level of commitment that a regular job requires. As a matter of fact, people often use these alternative sources of income as a secondary source as opposed to being a new primary. This is actually what financial planners like Richard Dwayne Blair recommend. This will give them the extra financial edge they need. People who want to have a little extra money can get it from one of the alternatives to a regular job.

Another major advantage is that some of these opportunities have the potential to out earn some jobs. There are some alternative forms of income that offer people a chance to work at a rate that would surpass most minimum wage jobs. The only thing is that it depends on the productivity of the individual. The person who is a workaholic is going to earn a lot from his work. Richard Dwayne Blair sees these opportunities as something that is going to make the dreams of financial freedom a reality for many people. The only thing is that some of the higher earners require something of a skill.

Working with the Southridge Capital Financial Corporation

Southridge Capital is an experienced and dedicated financial solutions company that was launched in 1996. Their main office can be found in Connecticut, however, they also have several offices throughout America as well as other parts of the world. Their international offices help people who either live or have businesses in the designated location. These offices can be found in Africa, Singapore and Australia. Because of their overseas operations, Southridge Capital has become the largest and fastest-growing financial service agents in the world. They create a customized plan for their clients to better grip their current financial situation. They use current trends in the market to better incorporate details and hard-researched data for proper financial planning and analysis. They have made over $1.8 billion in investments in the United States alone since their launch.


According to Newswire, they serve over 250 corporations around the world, which gives them an edge in preparing financial fact and data sheets that will expand over time. They employ less than 10 people at their main office, which is comprised of CEO and founder, Stephen Hicks, Linda Carlsen, Laurence Ditkoff and Henry Sargent. Each one of these financial experts has years of both education and experience to better suit their clientele. The company works as a team on each of the projects they maintain daily, as well as work together to comprise financial plans for their new customers. They work with both corporations as well as high net worth individuals in need of proper financial planning and investing. Their current services include mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, asset management, credit score repair and maintenance and data sheet optimization. Check out



The current CEO and founder of Southridge is known as Stephen Hicks. He is a graduate of both Briar Cliff University and Fordham University of New York City. Before he worked on creating Southridge Capital, he worked for the Bridge Group as a financial planner and analyst. His extensive amount of experience has allowed him to become one of the top financial experts in the country with the ability to create, expand and even launch multi-million dollar corporations worldwide.



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