Working with the Southridge Capital Financial Corporation

Southridge Capital is an experienced and dedicated financial solutions company that was launched in 1996. Their main office can be found in Connecticut, however, they also have several offices throughout America as well as other parts of the world. Their international offices help people who either live or have businesses in the designated location. These offices can be found in Africa, Singapore and Australia. Because of their overseas operations, Southridge Capital has become the largest and fastest-growing financial service agents in the world. They create a customized plan for their clients to better grip their current financial situation. They use current trends in the market to better incorporate details and hard-researched data for proper financial planning and analysis. They have made over $1.8 billion in investments in the United States alone since their launch.


According to Newswire, they serve over 250 corporations around the world, which gives them an edge in preparing financial fact and data sheets that will expand over time. They employ less than 10 people at their main office, which is comprised of CEO and founder, Stephen Hicks, Linda Carlsen, Laurence Ditkoff and Henry Sargent. Each one of these financial experts has years of both education and experience to better suit their clientele. The company works as a team on each of the projects they maintain daily, as well as work together to comprise financial plans for their new customers. They work with both corporations as well as high net worth individuals in need of proper financial planning and investing. Their current services include mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, asset management, credit score repair and maintenance and data sheet optimization. Check out



The current CEO and founder of Southridge is known as Stephen Hicks. He is a graduate of both Briar Cliff University and Fordham University of New York City. Before he worked on creating Southridge Capital, he worked for the Bridge Group as a financial planner and analyst. His extensive amount of experience has allowed him to become one of the top financial experts in the country with the ability to create, expand and even launch multi-million dollar corporations worldwide.



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