The Connection Between Adriana Georgiadea & The Academy of Art University

The Fashion Journalism Contest is a great way to enter for a chance to win an internship with TRC Marketing. It is also a great way to win a $1,500 scholarship. This contest is presented by the Academy of Art University. For 2018, Adriana Georgiades took the honor of winning this exclusive award. The South African-native came to the United States just to explore her ambitions as a fashion writer. The Academy of Art University just so happened to be the only place to where she could obtain a fashion journalism degree at a master’s level. Georgiades has a strong backing for being a writer. She studies at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.

While studying at this particular school, she would write a sports blog for the school’s newspaper. Being such a huge Liverpool fan, writing on this subject was fairly easily. This is where she built the foundation for her craft. During this point in time, Georgiades didn’t have the opportunity to write about fashion. She wanted more, and more was exactly what she would get. After graduating from Rhodes University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media studies, she would move to San Francisco, California to pursue her career.

The Academy of Art University had more than enough opportunities to fulfill her dreams. “I could have continued with my sports writing, but fashion was my ultimate goal,” said Georgiades. While at the Academy of Art University, she has been able to write on a variety of fashion topics while juggling a 3.9 GPA. “Is social media the future of fashion journalism”? This was the topic of choice for the Fashion Journalism Scholarship Contest and she won the contest by leaps and bounds.

In a sense, social media is definitely delivering the goods much more effectively than standard media. This is the digital age and most people spend their time online. “I have grown so much thanks to this institution,” said Georgiades. Her next step is to build-up her portfolio so that she could work for a prominent fashion publication like Cosmopolitan or Vogue.


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