NewsWatch TV Afforded Yet Another Stellar Review

Currently focused on technology, NewsWatch Tv is a news and entertainment television show that provides introduces new technology to the viewers. The program also includes celebrity interviews and breaking news segments. With their promotional segments, NewsWatch Tv has provided a platform for entrepreneurs in addition to Fortune 500 companies.

For Avanca, a tech company, working with NewsWatch has provided ample advertisement of their product. “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC” worked with NewsWatch, in an effort to raise $10,000.00 in a crowdfunding campaign. The company hired the NewsWatch team, to run a promotional video for Avanca. The results exceeded expectations tremendously. Not only did they meet their goal of 10 thousand US dollars, they raised over four hundred thousand dollars. Due to the far reach of television, NewsWatch was broadcast into 96 million homes, as well as the online campaign that viewed 1 million times.

Avanca expresses gratitude for the outcome of their promotional campaign, citing that NewsWatch made their goals a reality. The success that has followed has been exceptional. Without NewsWatch, more than likely they would have missed their goal of 10,000 dollars, and thankfully they raised much, much more.

Avanca continues working with NewsWatch, due to the success they experienced in their last campaign. In an effort to promote their latest product, they will air another promotional interview and introduce their latest device. This product, a wireless sports headphone gear, is designed to stay in place during exhaustive physical activity without the mess of wiring. NewsWatch is will be working with this company again, using their televised segment and online audience as well.

NewsWatch Tv began broadcasting in 1990, with stories centered around finance. As the show continued, it broadened it’s scope of reporting to include general topics to interest a broader spectrum of viewer. The News magazine evolved into different platforms over the years, and in 2011 it centered it’s focus around product reviews and technology. The following year, they began airing a segment called ‘AppWatch’, which primarily focused on new and innovative applications for smart phones. After seeking them out, the host would offer reviews of the app for consumers information.


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