What You Are Missing Out In Freedom Checks

It has made many people scratch their heads wondering whether this is a legitimate investment or just a hoax meant to rob the investors. Well, freedom checks unlike other scams, it is an investment strategy based on Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

Many investors get confused when a very promising advert comes out on the internet on whether to go for it or wait to test the waters. In the recent past, we have seen companies emerging on the internet and social media, promise heaven and earth, then after they have done the initial coin offering they disappear in the thin air like a fart.

That’s why you cannot blame investors when they see freedom checks as one of them because of its juicy returns that it is promising. Of course, they have been bitten once when they have seen companies delete all their accounts in a single night and become non-existing. Nevertheless, not every offer on the internet is a scam, freedom checks are legit.

The man behind the exposure of this investment strategy is Matt Badiali. The fact is, these checks have been there since 1987 only that they were preserved and hidden by the rich who were benefiting from them. They were basically concealing the information about F-checks from leaking to the general public but Matt Badiali has exposed the whole investment plan. Of course the rich are not happy with what he has done.

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Currently, we have more than 568 companies that meet the requirements of Statute 26-F which was enacted in 1986 by the Congress to allow these checks to be issued. Matt Badiali stumbled across these checks while working on a project of one of the financial expert. This project took him to most parts of the world. This is where he met with various big guys in mining and oil companies.

In these trips and spending time with these CEOs, he knew about MLPs which consisted of 568 companies that are licensed to issue freedom checks. These companies basically tailor their operations in producing, transporting, processing, and storing oil and gases. They are the one who discovers brandy wells, transport and refine the oil or the gas.

The MLPs must pay 90% of their total income to their investors and that’s where the name freedom checks come from. These freedom checks are treated as capital on return and therefore the investors don’t pay taxes on them, unlike the traditional stock dividends. Their returns are also very high while their trading starting amount is very minute to as low as $10.

This is a smart legitimate investment strategy that you should not ignore. Grab it today. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

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