OG Juan is Lucky to Have Friends that Value Him

OG Juan and Jay Z are longtime friends, and the way they recognize their friendship and appreciate one another is impressive and classy. The fact that they are both hard workers in their fields explains the way they relate and how they get along easily without much struggle. The two have put up various businesses which they manage jointly and therefore have nothing that could jeopardize their friendship. OG Juan and his wife Desiree Perez are in the lives of Jay Z and his wife Beyonce, and they know far too well things that are not known to the public.

In that case, the two families have developed a sense of trust and can tell each other everything without fear of judgment. Jay Z being a hip-hop artist has mentioned OG Juan and his wife in his tracks which means that he does not mind having them in his great business as well. Jay Z has termed OG Juan and Desiree Perez as real friends he would not imagine losing. OG Juan is valued especially with the kind of party that was thrown for him during his 50th birthday. A lot of money was spent on food and drinks which most people did not find necessary.

Either way, they had the money to spend considering that both Jay Z and OG Juan are directors at ROC Nation. In that case, they earn a living and can gift each other whenever they find it necessary. On his part, OG Juan has his wife to support him in his endeavors, and her contribution has been fruitful as well. In that case, maintaining a circle of friends that contribute to one’s success should be the way to go other than being surrounded by losers. OG Juan could, therefore, be said to have benefited by surrounding himself with people that value him and wish him well in his life.

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