Fortress Investment Group’s Peter Briger Oversees Theater Rebuild Project In Menlo Park, CA

Peter Briger, an executive who manages private equity investments at a global firm also sits on a non-profit committee, the Peninsula Arts Guild. He was recently part of a project to take an old theater in downtown Menlo Park and have it renovated to accommodate a larger audience and a larger stage area for live concerts, dramas and movies. The total estimated costs between buying the theater and completing the renovation were between $10 million and $20 million, and the project went through with near unanimous approval from the Menlo Park town council. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group. Many local performing arts and live entertainment groups are also happy to see some good changes come to the theater.

Peter Briger has served on many other local San Francisco non-profit boards in addition to the Peninsula Arts Guild, but his number one commitment is to Fortress Investment Group. He is a graduate of Princeton University where he received his BA degree, and later he completed an MBA at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. For the first part of his career, Peter Briger was an investment banker who worked his way up to various leadership roles at Goldman Sachs. Committees he served on there included a lot of Asian-based credit and distressed fund management groups. Such groups also included their loan and trade business and their Asian Real Estate investment strategy. Briger later became a partner at the investment bank.

Peter Briger left Goldman Sachs to join Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and the now retired Rob Kauffman in 2002 at Fortress Investment Group. The San Francisco private equity firm has had a lot of different traditional private equity holdings in the usual credit, debt, real estate and other alternative investment vehicles, but they’ve now started to build their portfolio in financial technology and internet of things assets. Part of that has been their merger with Japan’s Softbank Corporation that has added that firm’s holdings to investor portfolios, but Briger and his colleagues still have control over Fortress’s main operations.

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Revitalize Your To-Do List With Suggestions from Upwork

Upwork is the largest site that matches freelancers with clients. The company was founded in 2015, and it is headquartered in Mountain View, California. When evaluating a to-do list for top productivity, Upwork has some tips to keep your workday flowing so you can play harder when the time comes.

Only One

One list is much easier than finding your multiple lists when you need to remember a to-do. Use an app or pen and paper to record every to-do you think of during the day. Keep your head clear by writing everything down as soon as you think of it.

Timing is Everything

Work on your to-do list when you are low-energy. Mornings are high-energy times that should be used to work on your most important tasks. A to-do list can be completed the night before, so you can tackle it in the morning.

Time and Priority Labels

Come up with a system, or use tags and labels on an app to add details about priority and the amount of time or start time for the to-do. The more details you add, the easier it is to fit into a schedule.

Batch Tasks Together

Put all of your to-dos for the day in batches, so you can mark them off faster. An example would be sending off all of your emails at the end of the day, or you could make all of your important phone calls in a row.

Delegate for a Stress-Free Day!

If you are overwhelmed and you can delegate specific jobs on your to-do list, ask for the help you need. Trusting in others to complete tasks you assign to them, will help build leadership and create good morale.

Divide Your Tasks into Smaller To-Dos

If you have a large project, splitting it up into smaller items on your to-do list may help you feel less overwhelmed, so you can stay productive.