Oncotarget on the Map for Enabling Scientific Breakthroughs

The weekly medical peer-reviewed publication with different research findings in the medical world is a fascinating read for most people especially those who like to keep tabs with the happenings in the medical field probably because of professional interest or otherwise. Oncotarget continues to enrich its readers with the latest findings of different studies on conditions of interest. The writers are experts that have been working on specific researches for a long time and have come up with a breakthrough. This medical journal that was a 2010 setup has been increasingly gaining popularity from the time it was established. More people are trusting the papers because of its richness and depth when it comes to discussing matters related to cancer and tumors. Oncotraget is published by impact journals and has been venturing into new fields of medical study including aging, pathology, immunology, endocrinology, and physiology among others. This move has been to meet the growing needs of people looking for information about different conditions.

More often than not, scientists have referenced their research on the publishing of Oncotarget as what formed the basis of their discoveries. Oncotarget has been a very helpful bridge that seals research that is most needed by specialists. The merging of the information has enabled most scientist to make significant strides in concluding certain research matters. The publication has been able to seal up differences among researchers of the same topics through the merging of relevant information. This, in turn, has provided relevant advancements in the industry. The researchers on Oncotarget are active advocates for the use of basic science as curative measures for conditions that are still under medical research. The editing of the peer review journal is done by two renowned scientist n a weekly basis. Dr. Mikhail and Gudcov are both well respected for their input in the publication. The two are a reputable voice point of view on the matters published in the journal hence the position they hold with Mikhail being the editor in chief.

The goal of these two gentlemen is to verify and ensure that all content published in the journal is credible and thoroughly researched. They ensure that the moral correctness of the information is beyond any doubt. This is crucial considering that there are a lot of people depending on the information to make major decisions as well as advance their researches.Oncotarget continues to be a useful resource especially for professionals around the world. Its advancement to both digital and conventional methods of dispatching this information is helpful. Apart from providing information to the medical experts, the journal goes further to publish some of the content that these experts contribute. It is a cycle of circulating meaningful and useful information for the advancement of the medical world.The Oncotarget group also ensures that the studies published in the journal are exact, accurate, and of high quality. It is through this channel that a lot on the subject of oncology and other areas in the medical world are shared.

Rick Smith’s Fruitful Career in the Telecommunications Industry

Richard A. Smith, otherwise known as Rick Smith, has had a very successful career in the telecommunications industry. He studied business and electrical engineering and holds a number of degrees from various renowned institutions in the U.S. including the University of Rochester and the State University of New York. Rick Smith began his career at Frontier Information Technologies where he worked for 20 years. He later joined Eschelon Telecom Inc., where he held a number of positions including chief financial officer, chief operating officer and president. In 2003, he was appointed chief executive officer of Eschelon. Rick Smith also worked at Midwest Telephone Operations before joining Securus in 2008. His experience and expertise in the telecommunications industry saw him get appointed the chairman of the board of directors of Securus in 2009. He still holds that position to date, and is also the CEO of Securus.

Achievements while at Securus

Rick Smith has achieved a lot in his career in the telecommunications industry, but his biggest achievements so far have been during his time at Securus. The company has launched several new products and services under his leadership. All this is in an effort to secure incarceration facilities and the community as well. The numerous products and services provided by Securus ensure that both inmates and prison wardens and other prison officials are safe. Rick Smith empathizes with prisoners and strives to make the incarceration experience less difficult by making it possible for them to communicate with their loved ones affordably through both voice and video calls.

Many facilities have benefited from the services of Securus, which have made it easier to prevent crime and bring to book those who are implicated in various criminal activities. Rick Smith is a visionary leader who looks into the future when developing products and services. By leveraging on technology, he has encouraged innovation at Securus, and that is how the company manages to maintain its lead over other players in the industry. According to Rick Smith, the company strives to develop new solutions weekly to meet the growing demand for their services. Securus customers are very impressed with the innovative solutions provided by Securus and have expressed this through numerous emails and letters to the company.


Rick Smith has proven to be an invaluable asset to Securus and to the prison telecommunications industry at large. His expertise in the industry is unmatched and this is evident from the fact that Securus is always miles ahead of other prison telecommunications service providers in terms of innovation. Mr. Smith is passionate about his work and it is no wonder he is so good at what he does. With him at the helm, the market expects a lot more from Securus and the company never disappoints.

Order-ID: 17113580 Larkin and Lacey Applaud Arpaio Contempt of Court Accountability

Former Arizona Police Chief, Joe Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for refusing to stop targeting immigrants, representing a setback for the politician who at one time was popular by such tactics. Larkin and Lacey, the Frontera Fund founders, who were also once targeted by the sheriff, are wondering if Trump will come to Arpaio’s rescue with a pardon.

Arpaio failed to obey a judge who had ordered him to stop targeting immigrants.The maximum sentence could be six months, but some lawyers who have followed the process said they doubted that someone of his age to be imprisoned.

Critics claim that the verdict was a deserved punishment for someone who had escaped accountability much of his six terms as chief of police.

The controversial sheriff was finally defeated at the polls because voters became fed up with his illegal efforts and the legal problems they generated.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin say this verdict, handed down by Judge Susan Bolton is a victory for Arizona. There are many critics of the sheriff for the unusual way in which the police chief imposed the order in his county, such as incarcerating prisoners in tents outdoors in the sweltering heat, forcing them to wear pink underwear and dividing large numbers of immigrant families with their imprisonments.

Arpaio, who served 24 years as police chief in the metropolitan Phoenix area, sidestepped two previous criminal investigations into his work. However, he could not avoid legal problems when his illegal targets toward immigrants continued to operate for almost a year and half after another judge ordered him to stop. Larkin and Lacey say Arpaio’s targeting of Latinos was on-going.

Prosecutors argued that Arpaio violated the order to stop his discriminatory practices in order to promote his reelection campaign in 2012. He even acknowledged that he prolonged the illegal patrols, but says he did so unintentionally.

Unlike other police chiefs who left matters relating to immigration to federal authorities, Arpaio made numerous arrests of immigrants, including raids on businesses in which its agents focused on immigrants who used fake IDs to get the job.

Larkin and Lacey point out that Arpaio’s actions are similar to those that President Trump has promoted. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, both advocates of civil and human rights of Latinos say Arpaio’s rule wa s a significant impact on Arizona’s reputation as a hostile place for immigrants.

Larkin and Lacey say now that Arpaio’s rule is over, hopefully the frustrations and discrimination in Arizona can disappear.

Larkin and Lacey founded the Frontera Fund in 2014 to fight for civil and human rights protections. Many of their endeavors focus on issues pertaining to immigrants and Latinos that are targeted and face discrimination.

The organization works with grassroots advocates with mutual initiatives and visions to improve civil, human, and legal rights. Many of the Larkin and Lacey campaigns have opened doors and reached a wider audience, and together they work on nationwide opportunities.

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Arthur Becker Talks About His Career Journey

Arthur Becker asserts that he ventured into the technology business in 2003 by rendering his services as the chief executive officer of Navisite. Eight years later, he incorporated Madison Partners, LLC., his real estate company. Arthur posits that by virtue of working for Vera Wang Fashion Company, he was able to learn much about fashion and design. In a report by NY Daily News, the executive makes money by investing in various properties, which he renovates, and later leases or sales. This way, he is able to make profitable margins. He urges people seeking to follow in his footsteps to know all verticals of the business they seek to invest in because at times, it can be confusing.

Arthur contends that while starting his business, he did not need marketing strategies given that his name was already known in the market. However, he urges entrepreneurs seeking to start their own business to form an innovative marketing team that can promote their products and services. He goes on to say that besides referrals, people should invest in business cards, shirts and billboards to popularize their brands. In addition, businesspersons should focus on persuading people to identify with their vision. Becker says that his most satisfying moment in business was his first reward after venturing into his initial private investment.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the managing director of Madison Partners, LLC. This investment firm engages in the real estate business and Biotechnology ventures. Presently, he invests in various residential properties. In the recent years, Becker has expanded his business to Florida and New York. He loves reading books that talk about real estate. The entrepreneur loves studying about different trends and designs.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur urges people seeking to start businesses to read marketing and technological books. He contends that he is most excited to hear the thoughts of average people about the design and quality of his townhouses. Becker continues to mentor many young people seeking to engage in different businesses. He posits that strategy should be reflective of business vertical and talent is one of the ingredients to success. Businesspersons should identify talent by attracting people to their vision and providing them with an enabling environment to undertake their duties.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Launches an Online Platform to Solve Obstacles in the Real Estate Industry

The Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. (NTC) is a pioneer in the provision of document processing and research for the financial and mortgage industries. The firm has established an online site where individuals can order property reports. The main reason for launching the website was to solve a long-term problem where titles had defects within the real estate industry. This had consequently resulted into unfair foreclosures and delayed changeover of assets in the secondary market. NTC’s executives pointed out that records on property acted as the basis of a clear title conveyance. Title defects minimize the possibility of buyback occurrence or foreclosure failure. Mostly, title defects tend to occur whenever an entity or an individual makes a claim on a property that is already owned by another person.


Other factors contributing to title defects include mistakes in wording in the document. As per the real estate standards within a specified location, the omission of an essential signature, inclusion of past encumbrances, and erroneous filling procedures, or document recording may lead to title defect. NTC’s executive head, John Hillman, insisted that it is important to make a keen observation on title defects before committing to selling a property. Through their up-to-date website, investors can access property reports, such as Assignment Verification Report Services, Report on the Current Owner, and Tax Status Report.


NTC makes use of various sources to gather their data, with county offices being the key information source. By combining automation with human verification, the firm has been able to successfully serve various top lenders in the U.S. using the audited compliance regulations. Hillman stated that the property research services of NTC are as a result of a thorough research conducted from the original land records and available to any residential asset countrywide. The NTC officials claimed that besides the accurate results they provide, clients might also gain from a financial assessment report that the firm offers.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


The NTC provides expert audit, document processing, and research services to servicers, investors, residential mortgage servicers, and mortgage financiers in the U.S. It provides document services that include research services not limited to document retrieval, abstractor services, and final document processing. NTC also prepares report such as current owner, tax status reports, lien verification, and assignment verification. Lien assignments and release, audits and remediation, as well as collateral file audits, fall under document services.

EOS Outdid Chapstick Like This

Do you have an orb of EOS in your hand bag? Many women are in love with this brand and their all-natural, flavor-infused lip balms. These lip balms are so popular that they exceeded the sales of the once competition-free Chapstick brand. For the past 100 years, Chapstick has been the leading lip balm contender. But, in 2009, EOS lip balm came on the sceEOS Outdid Chapstick Like This Do you have an orb of EOS in your hand bag? Many women are in love with this brand and their all-natural, flavor-infused lip balms. These lip balms are so popular that they exceeded the sales of the once competition-free Chapstick brand. For the past 100 years, Chapstick has been the leading lip balm contender. But, in 2009, EOS lip balm came on thene and shook things up. It took this brand only seven years to become a household name, and exceed expectations of women of all ages. Yes, Evolution of Smooth is now a brand that exceeded sales of the 100-year-old Chapstick brand.

How did EOS lip balm accomplish such an amazing feat? The company created a lip balm that heightened a woman’s beauty routine, helping her creates a trend for her lips using a product containing only all-natural ingredients. The EOS orb is fun; it is trendy and it is cool. Women love being seen with the product, and love even more how wonderfully it works. The choices in flavors (there are eight   flavors currently available on eBay and https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos) and the low price are two additional features that make the brand stand out against its competition.

EOS did what few expected it to accomplish, and did it in just seven short years. Through pristine Facebook marketing and creation of an amazing product, EOS now holds a top spot in the lip balm industry, surpassing the Chapstick brand along the way.


Felipe Montoro Jens Aims To Carry On Odebrecht’s Legacy As A Brazilian Leader In The Engineering Industry

Odebrecht is known to be a Brazilian leader in a diverse range of fields. Right from engineering to construction, Odebrecht stands for technology that is working towards harnessing the ultimate potential of the resources within Brazil. Founded in 1994, it has a range of subsidiary companies under the umbrella of Odebrecht, one of them being Odebrecht S.A which is headed by Felipe Montoro Jens.

Felipe Montoro Jens currently serves on the board of directors for the Brazilian company. Odebrecht S.A mainly handles the engineering department of the business and is one of the biggest petrochemical producers in Brazil. Currently, the company has contracts with international businesses and has collaborations with businesses in America and as well as Africa and the Middle East. Odebrecht has been a leader in the engineering segment on odebrecht.com since its inception and has been awarded numerous times for its excellence in the field. In 2000, Odebrecht S. A was awarded for being one of the top engineering companies in Latin America.

Felipe Montora Jens’ efforts towards making the company a success have been remarkable. Felipe’s expertise and dedication towards the business have helped Odebrecht S. A grow even further to become one of the most recognized Brazilian industries in the world today. In addition to Odebrecht S. A, Felipe has worked with the other divisions of Odebrecht as well, aiding them in their operations.

Felipe has been serving on the board of directors for Odebrecht S. A since 2012. Through his experience working on the board of trustees, Felipe has had the good fortune to meet and work with some of the biggest industry leaders on YouTube. He believes that he has learned something from each of these experienced professionals and strived to implement the positives into his work. Felipe pursued a degree from Fundao Getulio Vargas in business management and followed up with masters from The American Garvin School of International Management.

Source: http://www.checkdirector.co.uk/director/felipe-montoro-jens/