Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Launches an Online Platform to Solve Obstacles in the Real Estate Industry

The Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. (NTC) is a pioneer in the provision of document processing and research for the financial and mortgage industries. The firm has established an online site where individuals can order property reports. The main reason for launching the website was to solve a long-term problem where titles had defects within the real estate industry. This had consequently resulted into unfair foreclosures and delayed changeover of assets in the secondary market. NTC’s executives pointed out that records on property acted as the basis of a clear title conveyance. Title defects minimize the possibility of buyback occurrence or foreclosure failure. Mostly, title defects tend to occur whenever an entity or an individual makes a claim on a property that is already owned by another person.


Other factors contributing to title defects include mistakes in wording in the document. As per the real estate standards within a specified location, the omission of an essential signature, inclusion of past encumbrances, and erroneous filling procedures, or document recording may lead to title defect. NTC’s executive head, John Hillman, insisted that it is important to make a keen observation on title defects before committing to selling a property. Through their up-to-date website, investors can access property reports, such as Assignment Verification Report Services, Report on the Current Owner, and Tax Status Report.


NTC makes use of various sources to gather their data, with county offices being the key information source. By combining automation with human verification, the firm has been able to successfully serve various top lenders in the U.S. using the audited compliance regulations. Hillman stated that the property research services of NTC are as a result of a thorough research conducted from the original land records and available to any residential asset countrywide. The NTC officials claimed that besides the accurate results they provide, clients might also gain from a financial assessment report that the firm offers.


About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


The NTC provides expert audit, document processing, and research services to servicers, investors, residential mortgage servicers, and mortgage financiers in the U.S. It provides document services that include research services not limited to document retrieval, abstractor services, and final document processing. NTC also prepares report such as current owner, tax status reports, lien verification, and assignment verification. Lien assignments and release, audits and remediation, as well as collateral file audits, fall under document services.

John Goullet Is Leading Diversant In Delivering Top Notch IT Staffing Services

John Goullet is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the IT staffing profession. The IT staffing expert began his career by working as an IT consultant. In 1994, Goullet switched to IT staffing. His vast experience of serving in both IT staffing and consulting has given him a wider perspective in the IT staffing industry. He used his broad IT experience and knowledge on the emerging market trends to form Info Technologies. The company provided IT staffing solutions to the leading firms in the United States. Through his effective leadership, Info Technologies value grew to $ 30 million in five years.

John Goullet identified an opportunity to expand his business. For this reason, he amalgamated Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. The merger created Diversant LLC with Goullet assuming the principal position in the company. At Diversant, Goullet is responsible for forming strategies to help the firm to triumph over the challenges of the IT industry. He offers quality services to Fortune 500 companies and mid-market clients. By working closely with the senior executives at the company, John has led the company to create innovative products and services.

The senior executives at Diversant include Gene Waddy, who is a visionary entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the company and a highly respected professional in the IT staffing industry. Jim Yoshimura serves as Diversant’s chief operating officer.

John Goullet has a proven record of accomplishment in professionalism. Through his leadership, he has helped Diversant to grow rapidly. He encourages the team to uphold high standards of discipline. In addition, John motivates them to be creative thinkers. Goullet has developed Diversant to rank as one of United States’ major African-American owned company. As a market leader, the company operates as a certified Minority-Owned business enterprise. John Goullet attended Urisnus College. In 1983, he completed his studies and graduated with a master’s degree in computer science. As the chairman of Diversant, Goullet enhances the firm’s commitment of delivering IT staffing services to its clients.

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Swiss Business Executive Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss based entrepreneur who currently owns a company called Swiss Start Up Factory. He has recently started up this company which helps finance new businesses as well as advisory services. Before Mike started up this company, he was involved in the banking industry for two decades. While he was involved in the banking industry, Mike would meet with businesses on a regular basis and provide them with the capital they needed to start up or expand. Over the last several years, Mike Baur has earned a considerable amount of recognition in the form of awards. As a result, Mike Baur has established himself as one of the more prominent business people in Switzerland.


Baur began his career in the banking industry and would work in this field for twenty years. During this time, he would frequently meet with entrepreneurs and executives to discuss business financing. Mike would go over the type of business that these individuals were looking to start up and then provide them with loans to help them achieve their objectives. With this assistance, Mike Baur was able to help a number of businesses get the funding they needed in order to get their business started as well as allow it to expand. His experience in the banking industry would help give him the idea of starting up his own company that offers a similar form of assistance.

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After working in the banking industry for many years, Mike Baur decided to start his own business. He would name his new company Swiss Start Up Factory which specialized in giving new businesses the funds necessary to start up. Baur would hold events where a number of businesses would pitch their idea to him and then he would decide which one to finance. With this business, Mike Baur has been able to help numerous companies get the money they need to make their business aspirations a reality. This is also helped bolster the Swiss economy due to the expansion of new businesses.


Due to his accomplishments over the years, Mike Baur has earned a lot of recognition. This recognition has been in the form of numerous awards which demonstrate that he is one of the more successful businesspeople in all of Switzerland. With his recognition, Mike Baur has proven to be not only a successful businessperson, but also one of the more innovative in the country as well.