Doe Deere Brings Back The Idea Of The Female Cosmetics Executive

A lot of the best brands in the world were founded by women a long time ago, but it is an industry that has been taken over by male executives in a lot of places. Doe Deere is taking back the tradition for women by making sure that she has a brand that is controlled by a woman, made for women and lets women feel free when they get ready in the morning. Doe Deere did this by starting Lime Crime, and she is doing more than cosmetics now.

Her company started out as a cosmetics brand online that offers wild colors for all women, but now women can build themselves in her image with brighter hair colors. The brand is one of the best places for women to come for inspiration, and they can also follow Doe Deere on social media if they want to. This means that a woman can use different products, but she can also use them in a way that is completely new for her.

Doe Deere also wants to be sure that women feel like they get some kind of personal inspiration from her brand. She wants Lime Crime to give women a chance to feel better about starting their own businesses, and she wants the brand to show women that they have a chance to do what they want just like she did. This is something that could bring more women into the industry, and it could help women who are trying to believe that they can do this.

She also believes that women should have more freedom to shop with brands that do not test on animals and are completely vegan. The vegan certification that her company has is very important to her and others, and she wants to make sure that she is appealing to all the people out there who are committed to a lifestyle that is a lot bigger than cosmetics. This is why her brand is seen as alternative, but she is also very far ahead of the times.

Doe Deere believes in empowering women with their looks and their ideas. She has a company at Lime Crime that makes women look great, but it is also a company that helps women get mentoring if they want to start their own brands. She wants to reach all women whether they are vegans, business people or just looking for better colors.

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You are a beautiful work of art. Don’t ever forget that. 🖌🖼

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Two Intensely Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs Hacked

While the internet belongs to all of us, their often arises a case of impropriety that is so blatantly obvious and unfair that you would think victims would be fuming. But in some cases, one person’s copyright indiscretions can also be used as a vehicle to warn and inform and also bring awareness of two stunningly creative artists and entrepreneurs. Both are the case behind Doe Deere, founder and CEO of the popular Lime Crime cosmetics firm, and Joshua David McKenney, an innovative maker of modern dolls. And it was with reserved amazement that these two intensely creative artists and entrepreneurs expressed when a Richard Prince snagged a posted photo of Ms. Deere posing with her 23″ likeness, then subsequently removed the original caption and had the photo printed and displayed in the Frieze Gallery.

Mr. McKenney has a way of magically transforming unique feminine beauty into his artwork, famously known as ‘Pidgin Dolls‘. He has created beautiful doll art work for many famous individuals, and to have his name removed, which negates any credit to his talent would be an offense to any artist. Likewise, Doe Deere has created a massive social media following as a make-up artistry conglomerate. Her distinct line of cosmetics allows users to experiment with color and textures in an exceptional manner.

Doe Deere is New York raised, yet she hails from Russia, and has set precedence in the e-commerce world since the beginning of Lime Crime in 2008. As a child, her individuality was sparked with a love for trendy fashion and experimentation with her mother’s make-up products. Never afraid to stand out in the crowd, her flawless, almost translucent facial features became the perfect palette to splash new and vibrant colors, metallic and matte finishes, and even glitter, creating a revolution in the world of make-up. Constantly developing new products, Ms. Deere wants patiently for the right inspiration, then pounces to make sure all her products stay true to her vision.

Lime Crime has its base of operations in Los Angeles, CA. and as a health and beauty entrepreneur Doe Deere is committed to presenting quality products to the consumer, such as using no animal-derived ingredients in her cosmetics and being certified as a cruelty-free manufacturer by one of the most stringent certifiers in the industry, Leaping Bunny. One of the company’s biggest success has been a lipstick line that dries to a perfect, non-smearing matte finish. Another would be the revolutionary eye shadow that transforms to a magnificent liquid foil finish. Beauty is no longer reserved and shy, but thanks to Lime Crime, women can feel bold and vibrant.