Brian Bonar, A Visionary Financier and Technologist

Brian Bonar’s mission in life has always been to increase the accessibility of information to the general public. Currenctly he serves as the CEO of Trucept Inc. Additionally he servers in various capacities at Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., Dalrada Financial Corp, Allegiant Professional Business Service, Inc. and The Amanda Co., Inc.

Brian Bonar is alumni of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he obtained his undergraduate degree. He also has an MBA and doctorate degree from Staffordshire University, which is based in the UK.

In 2010, when Mr. Bonar was working as chief executive of Dalrada he won the Executive of the Year award for finance from Cambridge’s Who’s Who awards.

Every year the Cambridge awards selection committee chooses two male and two females to honor their academic accomplishments, professional achievements and leadership skills. Mr. Bonar has accumulated over 30 years’ experience in the financial sector.

Bonar started his career at Adaptech Inc as Worldwide Sales Manager. He then moved to Benzier Systems between 1991 and 1992 where he was VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

In 1992 he was offered a role in Dalrada as the Director of Technology sales. He served in this role from 1992 to April 1994. In April 1994 Bonar was promoted to Vice President, Sales and Marketing and a few months later in September he got another promotion to Executive Vice President.

From 1995 he served in Dalrada’s board in addition to his other duties. Between 1996 and 1997 Mr. Bonar served as the President and CFO of Dalrada. He then took over as CEO in 1998 before being declared chairman of the board in 1999.

Bloomberg reveals that under Brian Bonar’s impressive leadership Dalrada Financial group achieved many breakthroughs in the financial industry. Dalrada focusses on creating employee programs for various companies in the UK. Dalrada’s programs increases the profitability and efficiency of the business.

Dalrada has enjoyed success creating plans for insurance companies, finance companies and business process outsourcing companies. Mr. Bonar helped Dalrada’s clients protect their assets and manage their finances. Mr. Bonar left Dalrada with an impressive legacy and his work there is evident in Dalrada’s success.

According to Market Watch, apart from his work at Dalrada, Brian Bonar has also done significant work in the tech industry. He has served as CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a leader in development of digital imaging hardware and color management software. Imaging Technologies Corporation’s most popular product is ColorBlind.

ColorBlind is a suite of image processing applications that enables both professional and novice users to create high quality images that are consistent and accurate across a wide range of software platforms.

Imaging Technologies Corporation sells most of its software to small and medium sized businesses. Imaging Technologies Corporation also has some ecommerce initiative under and