One on one with VTA Publication’s Jim Hunt

One of the mistakes that people make, and one which leads them to staying tuck in a form of financial mess especially in the form of debt traps is not taking time to read and act on the free information on that can be found everywhere about sound investing. Jim Hunt is one investor who is trying to change this state of ignorance by providing the masses with useful and free information about available investment choices and how they can use them to their advantage. His company VTA Publications runs a YouTube Channel where he offers investment advice. He also prints information which he makes available to all the people that may need it. Below is an interview with Jim about his views about the current economic state an investing in general.

How was the idea of VTA publications born?
Jim states that he worked for a long time in the large banks and could see all the tricks that they used to get money from the masses. He decided to let the common man in on some of this information so he can also benefit from it.

How do you organize your regular day?
Jim Hunt VTA Publications stated that he normally starts his day with an activity such as a good workout. He likes working out because it revitalizes the mind and body for the day. After the exercise routine, he will look into new stock trading systems for his customers. This is followed by a light lunch, more work in the afternoon before getting dinner with the family. He states that family is very important.

How do you actualize abstract ideas?
When he gets on to a problem, the first thing that Jim does is thinking about his customers and what they want. Jim Hunt VTA Publications’ radar then starts looking for solutions that could work well for his customers.

Jim Hunt states that the one habit that he has which he believes has made him as successful as he is, is the fact that he is much disciplined on He states that he believes that even if he was given a chance to start over, there is little he could change because he has live life to the best.