Academy of Art University – Created by Artists for Artists

According to the article in the Huffington Post, New York Fashion Week is known to be the platform where usually new names get launched into the limelight. It is a rare treat of discovering a great talent. Try doing that 21 times consecutively. The fashion school at the San Francisco, California-based Academy of Art University (formerly Academy of Art College) held its twenty-first runway showcase on Sep. 9, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Sq. the official home for the weekly all things Style.


This season, ten recent MFA and BFA graduates debuted a total of five womenswear plus two menswear collections, and with two collaborations between them. The School of Fashion director, Simon Ungless, said that every collection had an individual spirit, and yet the process had been done as a collective.


Considering the various backgrounds of the designers, from the mainland China to the coastal Maine with several remote places intermediate, the range of idea, outlines, plus craftsmanship techniques moved the audience. The audience included Professional Development at CFDA, Director of Education, and the legendary Miss J from the America’s Next Top Model as well as Sara Kozlowski.


All the classes, internships, workshops, as well as “last-minute” hours of meticulous labor up to the fifteen minutes on the runway. And in front of their equals, potential career mentors plus the whole wide world (through live streaming) they presented their ideas for the destiny of fashion.


The Academy of Art College, currently known as Academy of Art University, is a for-profit art school that is privately owned. It was founded in 1929 by Richard as AAA (Academy of Advertising Art). It has 1154 part-time teaching staff and 283 full-time teachers, plus approximately 12,600 students.


It is the largest art and design school that is privately owned in the U.S. In San Francisco, the Academy of Art University is among the largest property owners, with the main campus situated on New Montgomery Street (which was formerly Montgomery Street South) in the South of Market area.


In 2007, the WASC gave Academy of Art University regional accreditation. The school is a certified institutional member of the NASAD. The school is offering master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees in nearly 25 subjects. Several courses are offered online.


“Fabletics: Innovative Fitness Apparel That Ranks Top-Notch With Patrons”

Fabletics is one of today’s top- leaders in the fitness fashion industry. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg collaborated and joined forces with actress Kate Hudson back in 2013 and launched the online shopping store. The idea for the store was born from the trio recognizing there was an aperture among the statistics of fitness apparel marketing. After doing more research into this phenomenon, they discovered that high-end apparel only had the market. Possessing the good business acumen to see an opportunity to provide affordable, well-made active wear, Ressler and Goldenberg created the Fabletics brand and it has been going strong ever since.


The Fabletics team employs many great marketing strategies to further their products and company. Kate Hudson takes an active role in both the design and marketing aspects of the company. One of the most innovative strategies she is taking advantage of in promoting Fabletics is crowdsourcing. Through crowdsourcing, businesses can petition for information and ideas from a mass of people to create material, commodities or capital. Product reviews that are being left by consumers after a purchase vastly affect the success of it. Consumers place great trust in these reviews and this can be put to great use by many in the marketing industry through the analysis of the data left.


For Kate Hudson, establishing the Fabletics brand has been a successful means of exercising different market strategies to increase sales and revenues through ascertaining what works and what doesn’t work. The power of the crowd, as an example, has proved to be a winning long-term approach. Fabletics has set themselves apart from other leisure brands and retailers in the industry through data analysis, superior customer service, and attention to design detail in regard to what the customer is looking for and making the purchase readily available through e-commerce. In current financial standing, the retail giant has a $250 million profit return and upsurge increasing by 43 percent. Fabletics has an astonishing amount of registered members that numbers well over a million. Personalizing the shoppers experience by offering customized designs through a survey analysis has certainly contributed to the increase of customer sales.


Athletic wear, such as yoga pants that are the latest fashion trend for women, are now being regarded as a fashion statement and being worn out in public as opposed to the home or gym. Comfortable apparel combined with high quality style is what most consumers are looking for and Fabletics has incorporated this into their designs. Statistics show that in 2016 over forty four billion dollars was spent on leisure and fitness clothing. Market analysts attribute this to the fact that millennials are now contributing more to the health industry such as vitamins, innovative products and apparel. As a result of this, Fabletics has had the good fortune of opening up 18 retail store branches all over the United States. With new designs being released every month, Fabletics is sure to see an even larger yield in both profit and annual sales.

Fabletics; The Athleisure Retailer Of Tomorrow

Breaking into online retail is a tall order in 2017. The competition is suffocating, with legions of would-be entrepreneurs gunning for the heads of one another and looking to topple the behemoth that reigns over them all: Amazon. Very few manage, even partially, to succeed in the space. That’s why when a challenger like Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s rising athleisure company, manages to make waves it’s all the more surprising.

A November 2016 Forbes article, entitled ‘How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon,‘ is an excellent primer on how the relatively new retailer is doing so well. Firstly, Fabletics embraces a niche. And a niche on the rise at that; ‘athleisure’ is the fashion trend of the future, something Fabletics and Hudson have recognized and capitalized on quite well. Athleisure is as it sounds; athletic wear meant to be worn on more occasion that than the gym.

Second and perhaps most important, Fabletics avoids the pitfalls that sink so many other retailers by making them into a boon all their own. One such pitfall is ‘showrooming,’ and it’s perhaps the most damning invention of the online retail age for most retailers. Showrooming occurs when a customer uses a physical retailer to view a product, gets a feel for it, and then uses online retailers to find a better price on that same product, leaving the original store high and dry. Fabletics has turned this on its head, as once a customer tries something on in store, that same piece of clothing is added to their online cart. It’s irrelevant to Fabletics where the customer chooses to buy, as the profit is theirs all the same. It’s a near perfect, catch-all solution to what many thought to be the death-knell of brick and mortar stores.

Fabletics has the winning take on retail, online and otherwise. The company, poised for a staggering 35% growth over the next year, is making strides where even Amazon has floundered. The key, according to their Forbes write-up, is in accessibility. Kate Hudson aims to take the athleisure from a niche to a staple of modern fashion by making it available to everyone. Fabletics understand that the modern consumer doesn’t want to be at the whim of the retailer. Fast purchase options, flexible customer service, and ‘risk positive’ brands are the way of the future. Fabletics has recognized this and acted on the trends in stride. While Fabletics is an incredibly appealing name now, it won’t be a surprise to any retail analysts if the venture turns into the athleisure giant of the future.

EOS: A Burst of Flavor

Nobody can dispute the fact that EOS Lip Balm has taken the world by storm with their variety of moisturizing products that continue to fly off the shelves day after day. The colorful, spherical balms are 100% naturally flavored and gluten-free. They are small and compact, making them the perfect for people who are on the go. Read more here on

Also filled with ingredients such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, shea butter, and stevia extract (a natural sweetener) it’s no wonder people everywhere are raving about how soft and healing these lip balms can be. One of the most popular aspects are also of course the refreshing and amazing flavors flavors that can be found, fantastic info here. There’s a flavor for any and everyone!


Some popular flavors include:

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Vanilla Bean – A smooth, rich vanilla flavor and scent

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The Shimmer Rage Lip Balm


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Smooth Sphere Range Lip Balm


Eos Passion Fruit

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Smooth Honeydew Honeysuckle

Enchant your lips with the ever-fresh honeydew flavor. Winter day will cease to feel dry and cold. The warmth and sensualness of honeysuckle will keep you rejuvenated and cheerful all through. Making your lips feel soft, all the time. Browse this link.


Eos lip balm manufactures quality beauty care products designed to fit into your everyday routine feeling fresh and always beautiful. Other body care line of products include body lotion, shaving cream products and an array of luscious lip balms with all kinds of natural flavors including honey, vanilla, and strawberry as well as coconut flavors. All their products are stocked in leading supermarkets across Europe, America, Canada and Australia. Visit for more.


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