Labaton Sucharow Celebrates A New Milestone In Their History

As a focused law firm dedicated to serving clients to achieve their needs, Labaton Sucharow has extended its services to the whistleblower program, which is fighting securities violations across the country. In a bid to achieve their goals, Labaton Sucharow has invited professionals in different areas to help their clients draft their submissions to the SEC so they can be assured of compensation.

Recently, Labaton Sucharow recorded a new milestone when the winner of $17 million through the SEC Whistleblower Program was revealed. The company is happy to note that one of their clients is now the second best rewarded whistleblower since the establishment of the SEC Whistleblower Program in 2010. This achievement is as a result of the effort the team of litigators and analysts put to the process, coupled with the confidence the client showed when presenting the high profile case involving individuals in the financial services industry.

As one Labaton Sucharow SEC whistleblower attorney explains, there is bound to be an increase in the number of high profile cases owing to the fact the provisions that protect whistleblowers have been heightened to help them present their facts candidly and with assurance of an outcome that could lead to awesome compensation. Jordan Thomas, the head of the Whistleblower Representation Practice in the company cites this as a bold move since few people in the financial services industry would want to be involved in cases of violations simply because they fear getting victimized for their expose.

He also sees a great future for Labaton Sucharow since the company has from inception dedicated its effort to ensuring clients receive the best services. Their input the pursuit of justice in cases involving whistleblowers has gone a long way to exposing many ills in the business world.

The establishment of SEC and changes thereof
The SEC Whistleblower Program came as a new dawn in the reporting and pursuit of securities violations. Previously there were little or no measures to help whistleblowers handle the pressure that came with exposing securities cases in critical industries.

However, the SEC Whistleblower Program came with new provisions that empower the whistleblower and offer protection to ensure no cases of victimization are reported. Whistleblowers are now able to report without any fear they would be pursued by the perpetrators later. Additionally, the SEC established a reward system that is paying up to 30% of the money collected as sanction from the violators of securities regulations.