EOS Review: Love it

My kids somehow have chapped lips all year long and I have a difficulty time with getting them to use any type of lip balm. They either use the tiny tubes or my daughter does not want to use it because of the way the tube looks. I am so glad that I found EOS lip balm! (mapleholistics.com).

My daughter loves the way it looks so she willingly uses it. My son and daughter have not lost these balms because of the round shape. The best thing of all is that they no longer have dry, cracked lips after using the EOS lip balm. I love it also for myself. It glides on smoothly and it is so easy to find in the bottom of my purse.

I have bought the balm in several different colors. Now it is easier to tell which balm belongs to which family member. Before we would have to label our other tubes with tape. Another plus is that it is organic and 100% natural. I never feel good about allowing the family to use products that are not natural. With EOS, I don’t have “mom guilt” from buying them balm to soothe their chapped lips.

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EOS Lip Balm Review: Why EOS is the BEST!

One of my favorite things about the EOS brand is thaat their products are free of petrolatum, parabens, and other controversial chemicals often found in commercial brands. It is hard to choose my favorite product of theirs since I love them all! I have tried their shaving creams as well, and I highly recommend them. The fragrances are delicious and decadent while the creams leave your skin nice and smooth (Amazon).

My favorite EOS lip balms they offer are the organic lip balms, visibly soft lip balms, and active lip balms. I am going to review the organic EOS lio balm because their commitment to non-toxic beauty is what made me a loyal EOS customer in the first place.

The organic EOS lip balms come in cute product packaging shaped like little eggs. Once you twist off the top half, the lip balm itself is encased in the bottom half. All you have to do is hold the second half and smooth the richly moisturizing product on your lips. EOS has so many scent varieties from mint to pomegranate raspberry, vanilla, and more!

I love the sweet mint lip balm because it creates a tingling sensation on your lips while it moisturizes. It even has a sweet taste to it. The EOS lip balms are affordable, adorable, and well-priced (under five dollars). I purchase mine at the local pharmacy but they are also sold in departments stores across the world.

The mint lip balm is an excellent product no matter what climate you live in. I recommend giving this one a try if you like mint flavors or aromas and want a luxurious lip balm to treat yourself on any occasion.

Lip Game-Changer! EOS Review

If you’re like me, you’re a recovering Chapstick addict. I recently purged my life of all of my random tubes of Chapstick and lip balm that were clogging up my makeup drawer, purse, and desk. I recently became aware of the many chemicals, dyes, and harmful ingredients that are present in so many beauty products. We only get one face people! Be kind to your skin! So, I made a New Year’s Resolution to only use products that have high-quality ingredients.

I now have one simple, go-to lip balm that I love: EOS. The packaging is super cute, and there’s always an abundance of flavors available. Their ingredient list is also jam-packed full of goodness like aloe vera, coconut oil, and avocado oil (mapleholistics.com).

If you’re unfamiliar with EOS, here’s a little history lesson. EOS is a big brand that started as a small name 8 years ago. They were up against some hefty competition, Chapstick being their main competitor. Remember when all you could find on drug store shelves was Chapstick? BO-RING! EOS decided they were going to change the lip balm game and give young women a better option.

EOS’s take-over started as a grass-roots effort. They recruited YouTubers and beauty bloggers to help them spread the word about EOS. They wanted their followers to get to know the brand, buy it, and then share it with their friends. EOS then got big names like Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears, and Demi Lovato to support their brand after buzz started circulating (allure.com). EOS has become so popular since then, they’ve inspired copycats who copy their signature spherical case.

EOS has changed my lip-game and simplified the way I hydrate my lips. Here’s to the little company that could, and here’s to continuing to fuel my love of lip balm! Thanks EOS!