The Chainsmokers: The Dark Side of “Sick Boy”

The Chainsmokers, a DJ production duo from America, recently opened up about their latest single “Sick Boy” and touched on how their music is transforming with deeper and darker meanings. The Chainsmokers are a relatively new band, breaking through with their first hit single in 2014 entitled “#Selfie” and eventually winning their first Grammy for their top-five single “Don’t Let Me Down” in 2015.

The Chainsmokers have had back-to-back top-hit songs and their quick rise to success has been unstoppable. Maintaining the ability to produce and release popular hit songs can be a challenging task for any artist. Paul and Taggart have recently broken the glass ceiling by entering into a more darker territory with their music upon the release of “Sick Boy”. Paul and Taggart discussed the meaning behind this new song with Hugh McIntyre. Taggart implied that “Sick Boy” is the first page to the newest chapter of their music career and that “Sick Boy” is meant to portray what it is like being apart of the millennial generation, how it impacts the ability to relate to other people and build relationships, as well as maintaining romantic relationships. Taggart also mentioned that their music will be and has always been a “reflection of what’s going on in our lives and the world around us”.

When McIntyre brought up the noticeable darker tones within The Chainsmokers single, Taggart immediately confessed that the song is portraying frustration and anger. The song was meant to invoke the feeling of being turned into a portrayal of oneself instead of being seen for who you really are. Taggart says that everyone is simply trying to relate to everyone else in this arms race attempt to connect that sometimes our messages become harder to understand, which makes it harder for other people to understand. “Sick Boy”, along with other songs that the duo will be releasing this year, Taggart says will touch on what it is like living in this world while also being a member of this generation.

Norka Luque’s Sensational Musical Journey

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer whose talent is being felt profoundly in the music community. Norka showed interest in music while still in school. She actively took part in music competitions such as the “School Festival of Gaitas” and the “The Golden Voice.” In order to orient her talent towards the right direction, she attended instrument classes such as piano and dance classes.
Norka had her education in France where she studied business administration. She also displayed great interest in the culinary arts and fashion alongside other disciplines such as marketing. Her movement around the region got her to meet a professional in the music industry, Emilio Estefan. This marked the beginning of her breakthrough as a musician. Emilio Estefan, who is quite famous for his production of several Venezuelan hits, saw a potential in Norka Luque. In order to help her polish her style to fuse it with modern sounds, he advised Norka Luque to take musical courses which eventually paid off greatly.

Emilio in collaboration with the musical giant Archie Peña produced Norka’s first album. Her first single off the album was “Como lo haces tú.” This song was a success and got her a nomination for Best Pop Female Artist of the Year. Milagro, her second single, followed shortly. Milagro was positively received by the music community. The song involved a unique fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean sounds that oozed positive vibe.

Norka Luque’s choice of music is meant to bring hope, love and positivity to her listeners. She says that despite the coming of new rhythms on a daily basis, their job as artists is to sing songs that carry messages that change the listener’s perspective on life. Her lyrics are quite empowering and keeps people in touch with their deepest emotions.

Today she is recognized and has won several musical accolades not only in the Latin America but globally too. She is currently based in Miami and specializes in performances attributed to pop, urban, Latin and dance genres. She has grown big time and runs her own record label, NorkaMusic Productions, through which she produces her amazing works. She is currently planning her tour whose tickets are greatly selling in the market.