A Brief History of Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a California-based charter school that commenced operation with its first elementary school in 2007. Over time, it has gained popularity with its blended-learning approach and high test scores. It blends computer-assisted instructions with traditional teachings to keep its administrative costs low. However, its ability to sustain its high test scores and heavy reliance on computers has brought controversy. Rocketship has received the right to open as many schools in California from the D.C. Public Charter School Board in 2013. One of its schools is situated in a housing complex that has long been associated with violence. In fact, some residents have criticized the location of the school citing insecurity.

Some people argue that Rocketship could bring the unnecessary rivalry to the nearby charter schools. Stanton Elementary school is one of the schools, which might be affected by the arrival of Rocketship Education. It has been one of California’s best performing elementary schools. According to the director of Rocketship, Jacque Patterson, the charter hopes to operate like other schools in the neighborhood. It will receive applications from all D.C children who would like to enroll in its programs. Nonetheless, it focuses on recruiting children from the Ward 8 neighborhood.

Nearly 40 percent of Rocketship applicants come from the Ward 8 neighborhood. Most of them hail from the Woodland Terrace housing complex. Rocketship hopes that the surrounding communities will be involved in the management of the school. In fact, administrators intend to build a room where parents can access the internet and computers to allow them to apply for job applications while picking up their children from school. Rocketship believes the only way it can revitalize the community is by setting up several learning institutions.

Rocketship strives to teach parents how they can advocate for their children in elementary and high schools. Parents will have an opportunity to interview teachers before the school opens. Administrators also plan to make visits to student’s homes in the academic years. Officials also intend to create opportunities for parents to make frequent visits to the school. The school is already organizing a debate at Ward 8 D.C before it starts the selection process.