What Makes Cameron Clokie A Leading Canadian Surgeon

Cameron Clokie is a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur well known in the Canadian medicine industry for his work and innovative medicine. Dr. Clokie is professionally trained to be an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

Having dedicated his time to academic dentistry and clinical practice for over thirty years Dr. Clokie has been able to develop bone restructuring and reconstructive medicine.

As a matter of fact Dr. Clokie has held positions on scientific advisory boards for his extensive knowledge on his field of practice. This article expresses what makes Dr. Clokie stand out as an oral maxillofacial surgeon within the Canadian dentistry and medical sector.

Dr. Clokie’s Expertise

As an oral maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Clokie’s responsibilities entail the diagnosis and treatment of various facial disorders. That is especially those that affect the facial skeleton the jaws and oral cavity being the most commonly affected parts.

Some of these facial disorders include; temporomandibular jaw disorders, facial trauma, oral cancers, cysts and tumors of the jaws. Dr. Clokie however, has gone the extra mile in conducting academic research within his practice which has shown positive results.

That has enabled Dr. Clokie not only to diagnose and treat facial disorders but also create medicine for such disorders.

Dr. Clokie’s Achievements

Cameron Clokie has put a lot of work into his practice to put him in the position he is today as a top Canadian Surgeon. As a matter of fact his work has placed him at a top position as a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur recognized both nationally and internationally.

One of his achievements entail being involved in academic dentistry and clinical practice for thirty years.

Bloomberg revealed that time has culminated into Dr. Cameron Clokie being named head of oral maxillofacial surgery and Professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He has also published numerous articles and made presentations on his work.

But in terms of achievements, Dr. Clokie’s biggest achievement would be his creation of bone reconstructing and regenerative medicine. Medicine which he distributes through his company Induce Biologics Inc.

Conclusively, Dr. Clokie is a significant figure in the Canadian medical and dentistry sector. His efforts and achievements within the practice having changed the practice for the better.

And that is why for most victims of facial or oral disorders caused by facial or oral trauma or even diseases; Dr. Clokie is the most preferred to go to, whether nationally or internationally.