Why Cotemar Outperforms Other Engineering Companies in Mexico

Cotemar is a privately owned petroleum company based in Cuidad Del Carmen. The company began serving Mexicans with gas and oil products back in 1979. Cotemar also comprises of skilled and dedicated professionals who serve clients according to their needs. These services meet Mexican safety standards. Cotemar relies on technology, specialized vessels, and competent employees to expand both locally and internationally. Cotemar uses large specialized vessels in its operations. The company also focuses on engineering, construction, and modernization as its core strategic plans.

Working for Cotemar

Cotemar earned an excellent reputation in the Mexican petroleum industry for its offshore installation services. These include equipment and assembly commissioning. When hiring, the company looks at the competency levels and personal drive of an individual. It also offers capacity-building programs and orchestrates several workshops and educational seminars. Cotemar is currently hiring in engineering and construction fields.


One of the biggest problems facing most petroleum engineering activities is pollution. Cotemar focuses on sustainability and safety in its offshore installation services. The company also understands that most clients need cost-effective services.


1. Offshore Oil Fields Construction and Maintenance

Cotemar leads in the construction and maintenance of offshore oil fields in Mexico. Cotemar also adopts remote control technologies in constructing oil fields. The firm’s engineers use a remote control device to move the cranes on a construction site. The firm also renovates damaged oil fields and processing centers in offshore grounds.

2. Marine Support Boats

Cotemar serves clients who seek water transportation using specialized water vessels. The ships can carry people, food, and luggage. The company’s water transportation services also cover firefighting boats, barges, and tow ships. With a carrying capacity of 800 people, Cotemar’s ships can easily navigate through different water bodies. The company has other specialized vessels for clients who want to exploit oil and sand fields. These ships undergo routine checkups to ensure that they are functioning properly.

3. Onboard Lodging and Catering

Besides offering water transportation, Cotemar ensures that clients are comfortable when boarding the boats. Customers enjoy lodging for long distance journeys. They are also provided with delicious meals and drinks throughout the journey. These meals can satisfy 4,000 passengers in one session. The company’s lodging services include ironing, laundry, and bedding replacement. Cotemar’s cruise ships have cubicles that can accommodate four people. They also have gyms, basketball courts, and television rooms for sporting activities and entertainment.

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