End Citizens United Raises Millions to Support Democratic Candidates

The reformist agenda is the hot trending topic on Capitol Hill, Washington nowadays. Hillary’s people have started an early campaign and they’ve hit the grassroots to mobilize support to Democrats seeking elective posts in the nation. New posts are always going to open up in the districts and the states, for instance, in the midterms. It is the sole responsibility of activists like the End Citizens United established in 2015 working in close partnership with other like-minded organizations to come up with strategies of resuscitating the weakened Democratic Party. USA Today recently posted an article talking about the progress made by End Citizens United in raising funds to support their courses. The post revealed the group raising upwards of $4M in the first ninety days after launching. If the positive trend persisted, the institution was well on course to raising the intended $35M in twelve months’ time.


The average amount pledged to ECU so far stands at a modest $12. End Citizens United now has a strong membership base of around 100K. The organization’s President and Executive Director is Tiffany Muller and she is the one who came up with the new donation model. Her unique model limits the power of lobbyists. What used to happen in the past is the top donors would end up having their way with the law at the demise and expense of the will of the 99% of the population.


Candidates Supported by ECU


Jon Ossoff is a 30-year-old Democrat who’s aspiring to run for the congress seat in one of the localities in Atlanta, Georgia. Jon received quite a significant donation from End Citizens United. The $4 million his campaigning team received went into putting up target ads on the mainstream media and towards printing t-shirts and other campaign paraphernalia. Other candidates listed to benefit from the benevolence espoused by ECU are Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Montana’s Jon Tester. The spokesperson of the group remarked a particular incidence which saw the incumbent Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos get her appointment confirmed by congress. If more Dems would have been in the house, then maybe Betsy DeVos wouldn’t be in her office.


About End United Citizens


ECU is a non-profit organization which seeks to wrestle power away from the high and mighty and brings it to the regular citizen. It is a PAC which strives to work with a transparent mandate unlike is the case when you look at the affairs of the majority of other Super PACs. It got started following the much-criticized US Supreme Court Ruling in 2010. Effectively, the rule gave the power barons a free pass to use their immense wealth to manipulate the law to their advantage.