The life of Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes was one of the most hardworking people out there when it came to the things that she wanted to do with her life.

When she went to school she went for things that not many women did and not only did she do it but she performed very well. This made things nicer for her and the way she did things. She has a huge reputation for helping those who have lost everything due to natural disasters. Green structure has been made to help rebuild those buildings for the ones who have been hit the hardest. That even includes the government people and customers who have been effected. Barbara is the co-funder of Green structure. Read this article at

When Barbara Stokes is planning on the making of the buildings that have been effected she plans to use materials that will last to the disasters that the world produce. For example she tends to use metals that have a harder time catching on fire rather than the materials that do catch fire quite easily. Right now there is a plant being made that will employ more people and will help more of those who have been effected by the loss that is going on through the world right now. There is plans to make it where people who have gone through this type of things can buy a cottage style houses.


There is a lot of time planning that goes on for these sorts of things which is why the people making this new plant are hoping to go to the country and split the costs of the roads which will make it easier for the community to get to and from the plant but at the same time to limit the amount of money being spent making the facilities. Right now there are about 16 investors from china who are also working with Barbara to make sure this idea is put to the limit.

Overall Barbara is doing amazing work and is helping those who are in need. There should be no doubt about the amazing things she is doing and how she is doing them. Read more about Barbara Stokes at