Rodrigo Terpins Realizes Exemplary Outcomes during the 22nd Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins is an active member and rally driver in Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He attended Saint Hilaire and later committed himself to rally driving as his major. Rodrigo and his brother Michel have accumulated several participation in the race. This participation has improved their chances of winning. Through thorough experience in the racing industry, Rodrigo Terpins is now competitive in the T1 prototype category.

Rodrigo Terpins and Favricio Bianchini participated in prototype T1 group. The group composed of 7 stages and two states covering 2,600 kilometers. The 22nd edition is the largest off-road competition ever held in Brazil. The participants in the rally were often faced with several challenges, but some competitors from Bull Sertoes Rally Team still managed to secure top 5 places.

Rodrigo Terpins’s car, # 326, aggressively managed to meet impressive results in the overall performance. Rodrigo Terpins is highly honored by several champion victories in Brazilian Bull Sertoes rally team. Rodrigo managed to take the third place in T1 prototype and took the eighth place in the overall ranking. Based on the competitive nature of the edition, only Minas Gerais and Goias states managed to succeed.

Rodrigo Terpins expressed his hope after the overwhelming performance in the 22nd edition. The decision to partner with Fabrio enabled them to secure higher performance levels in the car competition. Along with 11 other motorcycles, Rodrigo Terpins drove car #326 together with navigator Bianchini.

Moreover, Rodrigo is often featured in the car group. He has always craved to compete in T-Rex. His team is directly sponsored and supported by 100% Events, MEM team support, and Xarla among others. Rodrigo resembles after his father Jack Terpins, who is a successful entrepreneur and a lover of sports. Rodrigo is a huge fan in rally track competition while his father is a youth basketball enthusiast.

It is important to note that Rodrigo is deeply committed in sports, especially in rally driving. His brother Michel is equally a sports enthusiast who secured the 5th place during the 24th rally edition. Michel secured this place even with extreme terrain challenges that presented with the competition. You can visit Google to know more.

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