For years Americans have tried to pass a bill in lowering the prices of medical drugs but their efforts came to a halt. They believe that the new elected president Donald Trump will help solve the issue. The prices have been too high that people cannot afford to buy them. Recently the president met several leaders including U. S representative Elijah Cummings and Peter Welch together with Dr. Redonda Miller, the president of Johns Hopins Hospital and his secretary Tom met to discuss ways to curb the high prices of drugs. Negotiations are to take place between the government and the drug manufactures under medical care part D which advocates for prescription drugs bought from pharmacies to also decrease the prices. Similarly, Trump met with the pharmaceutical executives to talk on the same issue. The manufactures will suffer a loss if the bill is passed but it will in return benefit the citizens in a huge way.

Siegall recently wrote about water bodies such as rivers, lakes and streams have in the recent times been polluted from the human activities. The use of nitrates, fertilizers and manure has contaminated rivers and streams making it hard for people to drink. The Phosphorous runoff is feeding toxic algae blooms in the water bodies an environmentalist referred as Cox believes that all this problems can be prevented by planting cover crops and planting wide grass “filter strips” along the stream banks or even send the water from underground drainage pipes into wetlands rather than straight into the streams.

He is interested in the advancements of John Wecker who says a lot about how the staff and the scientists are engaged in exploring the underlying causes of diabetes and the testing new ways of reducing the development of diabetes type 1 among the children. Moreover, he learned of the hope, passion and encouragement that the people touched by diabetes bring in support of PNDRI. Similarly, he revealed that Seattle Center is the home of the most innovative research in diabetes and obesity. According to the CEO’s blog, the facility is working to develop a drug that could be a step towards cancer treatment. The drug has already been tested in more than 70 experiments.