With ConnectUs By Securus, Correctional Facility Paperwork May Be A Thing of The Past

In a correctional facility, there is naturally a ubiquity of paperwork. Processing of new inmates, and the release of old ones; sign-up sheets, complaints and grievances forms, medical documentation–the list goes on. What if there were a way to consolidate all that paperwork into a single location that was easy to navigate, easy to access, and fundamentally secure? That’s the idea behind ConnnectUs by Securus Technologies.

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ConnectUs Automated Forms allows things like complaints and grievances to be completed almost instantaneously by inmates, sent to the proper sorting personnel digitally, and monitored remotely in regard to progress. An inmate can see whether or not their particular complaint/grievance has been seen to, and don’t have to resort to hassling support personnel working at the correctional facility.

Additionally, ConnectUs Automated Forms have been launched on a platform that is very easy to use, and almost completely customizable. Endless applications and features are accessible by inmates that have never been available to them before. Giving inmates that kind of freedom naturally requires some oversight. Management at a given facility can completely control the applications and features any inmate has access to. The time of day could be a mitigating factor, or anything that a correctional facility’s management desires. The main thing to remember is that everything within ConnectUs has been designed for the greatest utility and flexibility, as well as the easiest use. After all, not all inmates have a lot of education or experience with computers!

Securus Technologies works with some 1.2 million inmates on a yearly basis. Securus also has some 2,600 corrective facilities with whom they work. Considering those numbers, the full unveiling of ConnectUs Automated Forms stands to change a lot of things regarding normal operations. By saving money and time, consolidated resources can be devoted to other things, which may be one of the most beneficial aspects of ConnectUs.

Securus Technologies Provides Services Beyond Bringing Light to Wrongdoings

What if I was to tell you that the telecommunications service provider Global Tel Link that offers telecommunication services for inmates is ripping people off? I wouldn’t have thought that a company dealing with people in such a hard time during their lives would do such a thing until I came across an article and report released by Securus Technologies. This report blatantly and boldly outlined wrongdoings that they found Global Tel Link to be guilty of. These wrongdoings reportedly have cost Louisiana taxpayers over a million dollars due to GTL overcharging and double-charging those individuals utilizing their services. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should believe what this report was saying until I did some followup research on Securus Technologies and verified them as being a reliable source. I came to this determination primarily based on the fact that they have received the Better Business Bureau accreditation and A+ rating. This in combination with the fact that they have been in business since the 1980s lead me to believe that they are a reliable source and that I should believe the information that they are providing. Securus Technologies has been providing correctional facilities as well as entities in other industries with communication and GPS solutions for decades. Securus Technologies also offers emergency response services, Incident Management Services, biometric analysis services comma inmate self-services and much more. Securus Technologies has a proven track record of providing top of the line revolutionary Solutions for law enforcement and Corrections agencies across North America. Securus Technologies employees an estimated 1000 individuals across the United States and holds contracts with several thousand correctional facilities as well. Learn more for yourself today about Securus Technologies here.