White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that was founded in Denmark in 2010 and has grown rapidly in size and recognition. Three entrepreneurs, with much on-line and off-line marketing experience, had a goal of assisting small and medium sized businesses in North America and Latin America.


They wanted to give high quality marketing strategies and tools and provide a team of experts that would insure innovative and effective advice for clients. This would allow the clients to use their time more effectively and would eliminate experimentation with unknown marketing strategies.

White Shark Media Review team would provide paid search advertising, website design services, and the best use of the search engine. Working with a cost-effective formula, no contract was involved and flat fees allowed for open costs. Excellent prompt service by the experts was guaranteed.

In the first few years of the company’s existence, success has been impressive and much has happened to establish its presence in the marketing field. Clients have been enthusiastic about the excellent service they have received, and many report increased sales as a result.

Google, a giant in the industry, gave early recognition to the agency by personally selecting them as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. This personal recognition by Google added to the rapid growth and success of White Shark Media since there are only 29 AdWords SMB Partners.

Today, each client’s marketing strategies are also carefully tracked with keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, and innovative software. This information is shared with the client each month and gives opportunities for communication and accountability.

The company now has over 144 employees serving over 600 customers in three countries. Much of the staff is bilingual and has extensive technical experience with AdWords Search, Display Advertising, and Google Analytics. An alliance has also resulted in the selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program becoming a part of Shark services.

Recognizing a need and providing services and products to meet that need is the aim of entrepreneurs in all areas of business. The rapid growth of technical knowledge has made possible new and innovative services in the field of marketing. These have shown to be most successful.

However, it takes human commitment to insure prompt response to emails, personal phone dialogues, and a genuine interest in building the success of another company. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

The creators of White Shark Media believed this was a vital ingredient on the plate of services that they offered their customers. It would seem that the company’s current success shows good marketing!