One on one with VTA Publication’s Jim Hunt

One of the mistakes that people make, and one which leads them to staying tuck in a form of financial mess especially in the form of debt traps is not taking time to read and act on the free information on that can be found everywhere about sound investing. Jim Hunt is one investor who is trying to change this state of ignorance by providing the masses with useful and free information about available investment choices and how they can use them to their advantage. His company VTA Publications runs a YouTube Channel where he offers investment advice. He also prints information which he makes available to all the people that may need it. Below is an interview with Jim about his views about the current economic state an investing in general.

How was the idea of VTA publications born?
Jim states that he worked for a long time in the large banks and could see all the tricks that they used to get money from the masses. He decided to let the common man in on some of this information so he can also benefit from it.

How do you organize your regular day?
Jim Hunt VTA Publications stated that he normally starts his day with an activity such as a good workout. He likes working out because it revitalizes the mind and body for the day. After the exercise routine, he will look into new stock trading systems for his customers. This is followed by a light lunch, more work in the afternoon before getting dinner with the family. He states that family is very important.

How do you actualize abstract ideas?
When he gets on to a problem, the first thing that Jim does is thinking about his customers and what they want. Jim Hunt VTA Publications’ radar then starts looking for solutions that could work well for his customers.

Jim Hunt states that the one habit that he has which he believes has made him as successful as he is, is the fact that he is much disciplined on He states that he believes that even if he was given a chance to start over, there is little he could change because he has live life to the best.


Huge Charity Contribution by Dick DeVos and His Wife

Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos are known for their political donations. However, their charity contribution is a huge amount of one-hundred-and-nine million dollars. Betsy DeVos is the current nominee for Secretary of Education. The couple unveiled their plans for donating money in various philanthropic activities. Two years ago, the couple announced almost twelve million dollars for charity endeavors on the website of their foundation. It is two times the amount Betsy DeVos donated to political campaigns during last few years. The move is expected to pave her way to enter the new Cabinet.



The DeVos family is involved in Republican politics for a long time. Dick’s father and co-founder of Amway Rich DeVos along his children also donated a huge amount of money to charity two years ago. That year they got the twenty-fourth spot on Forbes list of America’s Top Givers. According to the data provided to Forbes by the DeVos family, their lifetime donation is more than one billion dollars. That is a quarter of their total fortune. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of late Edgar Prince who was Dutch industrialist known for charity and political donations. The top priority of the couple’s philanthropic activity is education. Two years ago, they donated an amount of three million dollars for this purpose which was a quarter of their total donations. In addition to this, the couple’s foundation donated three percent of the total amount to groups which work for reforms in education.



According to Dick DeVos, the spending of the couple shows they give education the top priority. He said that he thinks the current educational system is not according to the American dream. In fact, it is a problem of civil rights. While talking to The Grand Rapids Press and MLive, DeVos said that children growing up in different areas of the country do not have access to the American dream. They don’t get the education which is necessary to achieve their targets. The current educational system is not addressing all necessary problems which are not the fault of employees.



Dick DeVos has worked in organizations like Amway, Orlando Magic, Alticor, and The Windquest Group. He started working in Amway in 1974. He held different positions and dealt with issues like finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and R & D. He became the company’s Vice President in 1984 and was responsible for the operations in eighteen countries. In 1991, his family bought the basketball franchise of Orlando Magic. Dick DeVos served as its Chief Executive Officer and President until 2005. In 1993, he joined Alticor as the President. Under his leadership, the company’s operations expanded to over fifty countries on six continents. DeVos looked after different issues at The Windquest Group which are working on alternative energy.

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Igor Cornelsen And Many Different Ways To Set Up Passive Income

Passive income is one of the best things that one could have. For one thing, it comes in handy when one is not able to work. However, it is very challenging to set up significant amounts of passive income because many of the opportunities for such start out very small. The good news on Tumblr is that once one puts in enough work, then he will be able to support himself off of passive income. All that is needed is very minimal work on his part. While it is rather challenging to set up enough passive income in order to be able to live off of it, the good news is that there are plenty of different methods for passive income.

Among these methods are starting a business, investing in the stock markets on Twitter, investing in a bank account that collects interest and plenty of other methods. However, it is important for one to know which method would work best for him in this case. This is where he could find the type of advice that he needs. Among the sources of information that he could learn from is Igor Cornelsen.

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Igor Cornelsen is someone who has been very successful in putting together significant income. Igor Cornelsen’s advice is to make investments. However, one does not want to just invest money in the right companies. He must also invest some of his time. After all, if he owns some stock in the company, then he actually owns part of the company as well. Therefore, he has influence on what could be done to improve business.

Igor Cornelsen also has a lot of advice on what one must do in order to avoid any trouble down the line. After all, a lot of the ways to make significant amounts of money are often outside of regulations. Igor stresses the importance of knowing the regulations in order to succeed in the market.

Securus Offers Video Visitation For Everyone Who Must See Their Family

Seeing family is a large part of the holiday season, and there are quite a few people who may enjoy Securus and their visitation system. Video visitations from Securus help our family get together at the holidays, and there are several families like ours who come together using a simple video app. This article explains how we have become a closer family using video visitation from Securus.


#1: How Do We Use Video Visitation?


The video visitation app from Securus contains a simple interface that we use to speak to our family. I press a few buttons in the app, and the app call the jail for us. We ensure the call is connected before we begin talking, and we see our cousins on the screen talking to us in real time.


#2: How Does The Video Transmit?


The video transmits to the size of the screen we are using, and I place my table ton a hall table where we may see them. I have spoken to quite a few people on Securus, and I ask the family to come to my house for the Christmas dinner so we may speak to our family. I believe in having everyone together at least once, and we may stand around the video camera on the tablet easily.


#3: The Connection Is Pristine


I see seamless videos through Securus that help me communicate with my cousins in a meaningful way. We wish to have real conversations that are enlightening in every respect, and we cannot do that on a slower or less powerful system. Securus has made it quite simple to place our calls to those we love, and I believe it is important that we all come together to check on our family Our family is powerful when we are together, and I feel better about our family life after our calls conclude.


#4: We May Connect At Any Time


We connect with our family when we are all free, and it is impressive to see them in front of the camera for our talks. The jail cooperates with Securus on every call, and it feels quite nice to call knowing we will be connected.


The work put in by Securus to create a network of video cameras that reaches jails far and wide. I call every week with Securus, and I recommend them to others when they want to reach family.


Why Cotemar Outperforms Other Engineering Companies in Mexico

Cotemar is a privately owned petroleum company based in Cuidad Del Carmen. The company began serving Mexicans with gas and oil products back in 1979. Cotemar also comprises of skilled and dedicated professionals who serve clients according to their needs. These services meet Mexican safety standards. Cotemar relies on technology, specialized vessels, and competent employees to expand both locally and internationally. Cotemar uses large specialized vessels in its operations. The company also focuses on engineering, construction, and modernization as its core strategic plans.

Working for Cotemar

Cotemar earned an excellent reputation in the Mexican petroleum industry for its offshore installation services. These include equipment and assembly commissioning. When hiring, the company looks at the competency levels and personal drive of an individual. It also offers capacity-building programs and orchestrates several workshops and educational seminars. Cotemar is currently hiring in engineering and construction fields.


One of the biggest problems facing most petroleum engineering activities is pollution. Cotemar focuses on sustainability and safety in its offshore installation services. The company also understands that most clients need cost-effective services.


1. Offshore Oil Fields Construction and Maintenance

Cotemar leads in the construction and maintenance of offshore oil fields in Mexico. Cotemar also adopts remote control technologies in constructing oil fields. The firm’s engineers use a remote control device to move the cranes on a construction site. The firm also renovates damaged oil fields and processing centers in offshore grounds.

2. Marine Support Boats

Cotemar serves clients who seek water transportation using specialized water vessels. The ships can carry people, food, and luggage. The company’s water transportation services also cover firefighting boats, barges, and tow ships. With a carrying capacity of 800 people, Cotemar’s ships can easily navigate through different water bodies. The company has other specialized vessels for clients who want to exploit oil and sand fields. These ships undergo routine checkups to ensure that they are functioning properly.

3. Onboard Lodging and Catering

Besides offering water transportation, Cotemar ensures that clients are comfortable when boarding the boats. Customers enjoy lodging for long distance journeys. They are also provided with delicious meals and drinks throughout the journey. These meals can satisfy 4,000 passengers in one session. The company’s lodging services include ironing, laundry, and bedding replacement. Cotemar’s cruise ships have cubicles that can accommodate four people. They also have gyms, basketball courts, and television rooms for sporting activities and entertainment.


Understanding Comparative Law with Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized professor of law. He has a wide Knowledge in Comparative Constitutional Law. Over the years, Choudhry has combined a broad scope in research agenda and has an in-depth experience as an advisor in the constitutional building process. He has participated in the constitution development process in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Ukraine. Choudhry’s research aims at addressing a variety of issues in the comparative constitutional branch of comparative law. He has researched on the constitutional design as a platform that helps in the transition from a violent kind of rule to a democratically political state. Choudhry has come up with constitutional design for ethnically split societies and constitutional design in societies transitioning from dictatorial rule to democratic governance. He has helped address the issues of constitutional courts, federalism, decentralization, bill of rights, proportionality and official language policy to mention but a few.


He has also published several articles, book chapters, working papers, and reports. He has also written and published on the Canadian Constitutional Law. Professor Sujit Choudhry has edited several collections including the Migration of Constitutional Ideas. Choudhry is an Executive Committee member of the International Society of Public Law (ICONS). In the International Journal of Constitutional Law, he serves on the Board of Editors. He is also on the advisory board for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law.


Typically, comparative law can be defined as the similarities and differences between all the laws governing different countries. It involves extensive study of different legal system from the common law to the administrative law and consequently, any legislation that is written and inclined to any religion. It also involves the description of all foreign laws even in the case where no comparison is done. Comparative law has found it use in the present age where the world is undergoing economic globalization, democratization, and internationalism.


However, comparative law has several branches that help in understanding and proper documentation of all the legal systems. Among these sections include; comparative constitutional Law, Comparative Civil Law, Comparative administrative law and comparative criminal law. Studies of the laws can be viewed from a shallow or broad angle. For instance, a study between two countries can be considered to be shallow while a study involving several countries is deemed to be broad.


The study of comparative law aims at attaining an in-depth knowledge in the legal system, perfect and possibly contribute to the unification of the system in effect.

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James Dondero Joins Board

Education is of vital importance if you want to get ahead in life. Many people struggle with finding affordable education in their area. Over the past few years, the cost of college has increased dramatically. James Dondero is the founder of Highland Capital, which is an investment firm in the Dallas area. He is passionate about helping people get to the next level in life through their education. That is why he recently joined the board at SMU to help students with their finances and education.

James Dondero

From the time he was young, James Dondero has wanted to be in business. While still in college, he started working in the financial planning industry as an intern. He moved up quickly, and he eventually went out and started his own business. Highland Capital has experienced a lot of growth because the company adds value to their clients through investing advice. During this time, James Dondero has been active in the local community in several different ways.

Giving Back

One of the ways in which James Dondero gives back is through volunteering. He spends a lot of time each month helping young children who come from poor areas. Not only does he teach them about money, but he plays with them as well. When he was offered a seat on the board at SMU, he knew this was a way he could help others. James Dondero will continue to grow his business, but he is also concentrating on helping young people get to the next level with their education.

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John Goullet Is Leading Diversant In Delivering Top Notch IT Staffing Services

John Goullet is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the IT staffing profession. The IT staffing expert began his career by working as an IT consultant. In 1994, Goullet switched to IT staffing. His vast experience of serving in both IT staffing and consulting has given him a wider perspective in the IT staffing industry. He used his broad IT experience and knowledge on the emerging market trends to form Info Technologies. The company provided IT staffing solutions to the leading firms in the United States. Through his effective leadership, Info Technologies value grew to $ 30 million in five years.

John Goullet identified an opportunity to expand his business. For this reason, he amalgamated Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. The merger created Diversant LLC with Goullet assuming the principal position in the company. At Diversant, Goullet is responsible for forming strategies to help the firm to triumph over the challenges of the IT industry. He offers quality services to Fortune 500 companies and mid-market clients. By working closely with the senior executives at the company, John has led the company to create innovative products and services.

The senior executives at Diversant include Gene Waddy, who is a visionary entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the company and a highly respected professional in the IT staffing industry. Jim Yoshimura serves as Diversant’s chief operating officer.

John Goullet has a proven record of accomplishment in professionalism. Through his leadership, he has helped Diversant to grow rapidly. He encourages the team to uphold high standards of discipline. In addition, John motivates them to be creative thinkers. Goullet has developed Diversant to rank as one of United States’ major African-American owned company. As a market leader, the company operates as a certified Minority-Owned business enterprise. John Goullet attended Urisnus College. In 1983, he completed his studies and graduated with a master’s degree in computer science. As the chairman of Diversant, Goullet enhances the firm’s commitment of delivering IT staffing services to its clients.

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Malini Saba Helped Changed America in Her Role as Venture Capitalist

Malini Saba is one of the most interesting people of our time. She has become the person that I love to tell other people about because she has done some amazing things. Every time that I search for something about her I learn something new. She is the reason that I am in business management right now. I want to have the ability to manage my own investment firm one day, and I think that her experience as an investor is showing me how it is done.


What Saba has mentioned more than anything else is the passion that she has for taking risks. I think that this is vital because people that are scared to invest are never going to make a lot of money. It is the risk takers like Malini Saba that have made it to the top by investing in the companies that have the bright and new innovative ideas.


I know that there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that are just looking for a way to get people to invest in their businesses. There are so many startup companies for people to witness. Venture capitalists like Malini Saba have a great role in the industry. She has the ability to decide what companies will flourish and what companies will not be good enough to secure an audience. This is the ultimate role of a person that is a venture capitalist. They have the ability to change the course of the world as we know it. If Saba had passed on companies like eBay and we might not have had the chance to experience the online auction. There are many different things that could have failed to exist simply because venture capitalists did not think that these companies were good enough. Fortunately, Malini Saba was a risk taker. She went out on a limb and helped people find their way in the entertainment and real estate business. Saba has done a lot of great things, and I think that she deserves all of the accolades that she is getting for the work that she has managed to do with various companies. Her investments have helped fuel better technology and introduced the world to an array of new things.


This is not her only legacy. She has also given quite a bit to charities, and she even started her own non-profit organization to help others.

The Date For The Highly Coveted Lovaganza Entertainment Celebrations Revealed

Lovaganza is a company that has come up with a plan to unite the world through entertainment and one of the measures they have in place is to have global celebrations that will feature different cultures of the world. Recently, Lovaganza announced the dates for the coveted celebrations as 2020 and many people are anxiously waiting to embrace the event and enjoy the rich diversity that defines the different communities of the world.

Through the foundation, one will get to enjoy interacting with different communities and despite having a theme based on entertainment, Lovaganza will aim at bringing about unity and understanding across the world. Considering the event will feature all countries across the world, the preparations are already on in most parts of the world.

One may fail to understand why Lovaganza chose to pick 2020 as the perfect date for the event, but this is after they analyzed the magnitude of the preparation required to make it a success. Before pushing it to 2020, Lovaganza had selected 2015 but this would not make it come out as expected due to the short time span allocated.

Having pushed the celebrations to 2020, Read more: Lovaganza can now get all the required materials and prepare adequately to ensure the desired effect is achieved come 2020. The company has confirmed that they will use the latest technology to make the celebrations glaring and offer a memorable effect. They are also going to start the awareness creation campaign early to ensure by the time the main event is held the whole world learns about the celebrations.

Marketing and previews
Lovaganza has come up with a new way to market the event and this is through the Traveling Show. The show will tour across the world sharing information about the event and will share previews of the events that people should expect to see during the celebrations. Most of the trilogies that will be used during the show are already complete with few countries in the process of compiling the files.

The Lovaganza Foundation
Apart from sharing a message of love and unity through entertainment, Lovaganza is also working to see that the different communities of the world offer children the protection and love they need. Through the Lovaganza Foundation, which should be launched in 2018, Lovaganza will reach for the support of organizations and government bodies to ensure children access basic needs like food, shelter, education and security to mention a few.