Norka Luque’s Sensational Musical Journey

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer whose talent is being felt profoundly in the music community. Norka showed interest in music while still in school. She actively took part in music competitions such as the “School Festival of Gaitas” and the “The Golden Voice.” In order to orient her talent towards the right direction, she attended instrument classes such as piano and dance classes.
Norka had her education in France where she studied business administration. She also displayed great interest in the culinary arts and fashion alongside other disciplines such as marketing. Her movement around the region got her to meet a professional in the music industry, Emilio Estefan. This marked the beginning of her breakthrough as a musician. Emilio Estefan, who is quite famous for his production of several Venezuelan hits, saw a potential in Norka Luque. In order to help her polish her style to fuse it with modern sounds, he advised Norka Luque to take musical courses which eventually paid off greatly.

Emilio in collaboration with the musical giant Archie Peña produced Norka’s first album. Her first single off the album was “Como lo haces tú.” This song was a success and got her a nomination for Best Pop Female Artist of the Year. Milagro, her second single, followed shortly. Milagro was positively received by the music community. The song involved a unique fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean sounds that oozed positive vibe.

Norka Luque’s choice of music is meant to bring hope, love and positivity to her listeners. She says that despite the coming of new rhythms on a daily basis, their job as artists is to sing songs that carry messages that change the listener’s perspective on life. Her lyrics are quite empowering and keeps people in touch with their deepest emotions.

Today she is recognized and has won several musical accolades not only in the Latin America but globally too. She is currently based in Miami and specializes in performances attributed to pop, urban, Latin and dance genres. She has grown big time and runs her own record label, NorkaMusic Productions, through which she produces her amazing works. She is currently planning her tour whose tickets are greatly selling in the market.

Swiss Business Executive Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss based entrepreneur who currently owns a company called Swiss Start Up Factory. He has recently started up this company which helps finance new businesses as well as advisory services. Before Mike started up this company, he was involved in the banking industry for two decades. While he was involved in the banking industry, Mike would meet with businesses on a regular basis and provide them with the capital they needed to start up or expand. Over the last several years, Mike Baur has earned a considerable amount of recognition in the form of awards. As a result, Mike Baur has established himself as one of the more prominent business people in Switzerland.


Baur began his career in the banking industry and would work in this field for twenty years. During this time, he would frequently meet with entrepreneurs and executives to discuss business financing. Mike would go over the type of business that these individuals were looking to start up and then provide them with loans to help them achieve their objectives. With this assistance, Mike Baur was able to help a number of businesses get the funding they needed in order to get their business started as well as allow it to expand. His experience in the banking industry would help give him the idea of starting up his own company that offers a similar form of assistance.

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After working in the banking industry for many years, Mike Baur decided to start his own business. He would name his new company Swiss Start Up Factory which specialized in giving new businesses the funds necessary to start up. Baur would hold events where a number of businesses would pitch their idea to him and then he would decide which one to finance. With this business, Mike Baur has been able to help numerous companies get the money they need to make their business aspirations a reality. This is also helped bolster the Swiss economy due to the expansion of new businesses.


Due to his accomplishments over the years, Mike Baur has earned a lot of recognition. This recognition has been in the form of numerous awards which demonstrate that he is one of the more successful businesspeople in all of Switzerland. With his recognition, Mike Baur has proven to be not only a successful businessperson, but also one of the more innovative in the country as well.

IAP Worldwide Leads Others Follow

Are you looking for a company that can offer you a range of solutions with an international recognition? Don’t look far because IAP Worldwide is the organization can entrust with your services. With an experience of over sixty years in the market, then you are sure you will never go wrong with their services.

IAP Worldwide has been the best corporation in the market because of its strong principles and values. Since the birth of the company, they have always personalized their customers’ goals. To them, the client comes first, and the rest follow. Moreover, they are on a mission to ensure they deliver and achieve results.

Besides, it operates on its fundamental principles that include,

a) Leadership
The company believes in qualified and committed managers and administrators responsible for the success of the business.
b) Ethics
If you want a firm that respects, values and serves you well, IAP should be your choice.
c) Partnerships
IAP merges with various businesses to enhance their service delivery to their esteemed clients

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IAP Worldwide has the best corporate social responsibilities in place. The company treats its employees with utmost dignity as well as the immediate society.

Some of the solutions that IAP provides to their customers include global-scale logistics, facility management, and technical services. The clients targeted by these solutions are both private and public. Individual customers include the small and medium enterprises as well as privately-owned companies. When you hear of the public clients, it implies the government owned corporations.

In addition, the IAP Worldwide services guarantee their customers seasoned, reliable, creative, and safe solutions that match their need diversity on For this reason, the company has a presence in over twenty-five countries operating in more than a hundred geographical locations globally. If you want to visit IAP for any inquiries, their head offices are in Cape Canaveral. Besides, they have other offices in Washington DC, United Kingdom, and Panorama City.

Principally, most of the services rendered by the IAP make sense during national disasters on like earthquakes, bomb blasts, and hurricanes among others. In the event one of these tragedies happens, IAP responds within the shortest time possible, as customer satisfaction is paramount to them.

Recently, IAP Worldwide merged with different organizations to enhance unique abilities as a way of increasing its growth in the end. It collaborated with DRS Technologies, Inc’s Aviation and Logistics, and Communication and Networking Solutions.

IAP Worldwide will continue to be ahead of its competitors provided they will stick on offering quality and result oriented services to their customers.

With ConnectUs By Securus, Correctional Facility Paperwork May Be A Thing of The Past

In a correctional facility, there is naturally a ubiquity of paperwork. Processing of new inmates, and the release of old ones; sign-up sheets, complaints and grievances forms, medical documentation–the list goes on. What if there were a way to consolidate all that paperwork into a single location that was easy to navigate, easy to access, and fundamentally secure? That’s the idea behind ConnnectUs by Securus Technologies.


ConnectUs Automated Forms allows things like complaints and grievances to be completed almost instantaneously by inmates, sent to the proper sorting personnel digitally, and monitored remotely in regard to progress. An inmate can see whether or not their particular complaint/grievance has been seen to, and don’t have to resort to hassling support personnel working at the correctional facility.

Additionally, ConnectUs Automated Forms have been launched on a platform that is very easy to use, and almost completely customizable. Endless applications and features are accessible by inmates that have never been available to them before. Giving inmates that kind of freedom naturally requires some oversight. Management at a given facility can completely control the applications and features any inmate has access to. The time of day could be a mitigating factor, or anything that a correctional facility’s management desires. The main thing to remember is that everything within ConnectUs has been designed for the greatest utility and flexibility, as well as the easiest use. After all, not all inmates have a lot of education or experience with computers!

Securus Technologies works with some 1.2 million inmates on a yearly basis. Securus also has some 2,600 corrective facilities with whom they work. Considering those numbers, the full unveiling of ConnectUs Automated Forms stands to change a lot of things regarding normal operations. By saving money and time, consolidated resources can be devoted to other things, which may be one of the most beneficial aspects of ConnectUs.

Doe Deere Brings Back The Idea Of The Female Cosmetics Executive

A lot of the best brands in the world were founded by women a long time ago, but it is an industry that has been taken over by male executives in a lot of places. Doe Deere is taking back the tradition for women by making sure that she has a brand that is controlled by a woman, made for women and lets women feel free when they get ready in the morning. Doe Deere did this by starting Lime Crime, and she is doing more than cosmetics now.

Her company started out as a cosmetics brand online that offers wild colors for all women, but now women can build themselves in her image with brighter hair colors. The brand is one of the best places for women to come for inspiration, and they can also follow Doe Deere on social media if they want to. This means that a woman can use different products, but she can also use them in a way that is completely new for her.

Doe Deere also wants to be sure that women feel like they get some kind of personal inspiration from her brand. She wants Lime Crime to give women a chance to feel better about starting their own businesses, and she wants the brand to show women that they have a chance to do what they want just like she did. This is something that could bring more women into the industry, and it could help women who are trying to believe that they can do this.

She also believes that women should have more freedom to shop with brands that do not test on animals and are completely vegan. The vegan certification that her company has is very important to her and others, and she wants to make sure that she is appealing to all the people out there who are committed to a lifestyle that is a lot bigger than cosmetics. This is why her brand is seen as alternative, but she is also very far ahead of the times.

Doe Deere believes in empowering women with their looks and their ideas. She has a company at Lime Crime that makes women look great, but it is also a company that helps women get mentoring if they want to start their own brands. She wants to reach all women whether they are vegans, business people or just looking for better colors.

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You are a beautiful work of art. Don’t ever forget that. 🖌🖼

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Madison Street Capital Have Stepped Up To Fill Financier Niche

Madison Street Capital is named after a street in which the firm is headquartered. The firm features a unique mindset that has distinguished them from others in this industry who are often afraid to take on. Madison Capital is renowned for honest dealing, its professionals and advisors provide unbiased advice and third party analysis that client needs to hear.


Along with the company’s highly qualified team, operate in a full spectrum of where business process intersects with money. This feature services such as business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, advisory services, asset management, independent third-party opinions among many other expertise in the industry.


One factor that has informed Madison Capital success is their ability listen and thoroughly understands their clients’ needs before jumping to any solutions. Then they treat customer needs as the firm’s priorities.


Madison capital value education, which is at the core of every service they offer. Their goal is to leave each of the clients and prospective client better off. This is regardless of whether a client will hire them or not. This emanates from the firm view that clients are not just business entities but an extended family for which they accept responsibility to serve. Madison Capital team is strongly convicted that their dedication to helping business produces ripple effect to owners, employees, families and the community.


Financiers are living in a very competitive world, and often terms such as integrity and honesty are thrown out at random by companies looking to attract customers and differentiate themselves in the market. However, Madison Capital invites all clients, big and small, and asks them to judge for themselves how these fundamental values can benefit positive relationships featuring unique financial services. All these can be inferred from Today in America TV, a series that premier on Fox, where Terry Bradshaw, the host, detailed investing information featuring Madison Capital as a prominent financier and successful model.

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White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that was founded in Denmark in 2010 and has grown rapidly in size and recognition. Three entrepreneurs, with much on-line and off-line marketing experience, had a goal of assisting small and medium sized businesses in North America and Latin America.


They wanted to give high quality marketing strategies and tools and provide a team of experts that would insure innovative and effective advice for clients. This would allow the clients to use their time more effectively and would eliminate experimentation with unknown marketing strategies.

White Shark Media Review team would provide paid search advertising, website design services, and the best use of the search engine. Working with a cost-effective formula, no contract was involved and flat fees allowed for open costs. Excellent prompt service by the experts was guaranteed.

In the first few years of the company’s existence, success has been impressive and much has happened to establish its presence in the marketing field. Clients have been enthusiastic about the excellent service they have received, and many report increased sales as a result.

Google, a giant in the industry, gave early recognition to the agency by personally selecting them as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. This personal recognition by Google added to the rapid growth and success of White Shark Media since there are only 29 AdWords SMB Partners.

Today, each client’s marketing strategies are also carefully tracked with keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, and innovative software. This information is shared with the client each month and gives opportunities for communication and accountability.

The company now has over 144 employees serving over 600 customers in three countries. Much of the staff is bilingual and has extensive technical experience with AdWords Search, Display Advertising, and Google Analytics. An alliance has also resulted in the selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program becoming a part of Shark services.

Recognizing a need and providing services and products to meet that need is the aim of entrepreneurs in all areas of business. The rapid growth of technical knowledge has made possible new and innovative services in the field of marketing. These have shown to be most successful.

However, it takes human commitment to insure prompt response to emails, personal phone dialogues, and a genuine interest in building the success of another company. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

The creators of White Shark Media believed this was a vital ingredient on the plate of services that they offered their customers. It would seem that the company’s current success shows good marketing!

White Shark Media Offers Free Evaluation of Advertising Campaigns

When choosing a company to operate an advertising campaign, business owners should carefully evaluate the benefits associated with the marketing company they wish to hire. Business owners should look for general qualities in a marketing company, such as attention to detail, excellent customer reviews, and a history of successful advertising campaigns.

Most importantly, a business owner should choose the qualities that are most important to the specific business in which they operate and find out if the marketing company possess these qualities.

White Shark Media is a company that is devoted to the development of successful advertising campaigns for clients. This company offers excellent services and products and is known for its ability to effectively communicate the ideas of small businesses to the general public. Read more: @WhiteSharkMedia

In addition to its ability to create unique and innovative advertising campaigns for clients, White Shark Media receives thousands of clients for several other interesting reasons.

By choosing White Shark Media, according to TheValanx blog, business owners will ensure that their business goals will be reached within a reasonable amount of time.

White Shark Media has recently made changes to its interface that allow customers to be notified regarding the time it will take to see the expected results after an advertising campaign has been launched. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

This helps clients to effectively spread their efforts in the campaign to the allotted amount of time. This also helps to eliminate the frustration that clients often experience when they are disappointed at the amount of time it takes for their advertising campaign to actually yield real results.

White Shark Media also offers the added benefit of a free advertising campaign evaluation to consumers who visit the website. This benefit is amazing because the client can actually test their independent advertising strategy by the opinions of experts in the marketing field.

White Shark Media asserts that by using the free advertising campaign evaluation, potential consumers will be able to view the full benefit of hiring White Shark Media.

Through the use of this free evaluation, clients can view the true effectiveness of their current campaigns and compare it with the results of individuals who have hired White Shark Media for advertising efforts and are involved in similar business types. The free evaluation is a benefit to both the client and to White Shark Media Complaints.

Securus Technologies Provides Services Beyond Bringing Light to Wrongdoings

What if I was to tell you that the telecommunications service provider Global Tel Link that offers telecommunication services for inmates is ripping people off? I wouldn’t have thought that a company dealing with people in such a hard time during their lives would do such a thing until I came across an article and report released by Securus Technologies. This report blatantly and boldly outlined wrongdoings that they found Global Tel Link to be guilty of. These wrongdoings reportedly have cost Louisiana taxpayers over a million dollars due to GTL overcharging and double-charging those individuals utilizing their services. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should believe what this report was saying until I did some followup research on Securus Technologies and verified them as being a reliable source. I came to this determination primarily based on the fact that they have received the Better Business Bureau accreditation and A+ rating. This in combination with the fact that they have been in business since the 1980s lead me to believe that they are a reliable source and that I should believe the information that they are providing. Securus Technologies has been providing correctional facilities as well as entities in other industries with communication and GPS solutions for decades. Securus Technologies also offers emergency response services, Incident Management Services, biometric analysis services comma inmate self-services and much more. Securus Technologies has a proven track record of providing top of the line revolutionary Solutions for law enforcement and Corrections agencies across North America. Securus Technologies employees an estimated 1000 individuals across the United States and holds contracts with several thousand correctional facilities as well. Learn more for yourself today about Securus Technologies here.

Two Intensely Creative Artists and Entrepreneurs Hacked

While the internet belongs to all of us, their often arises a case of impropriety that is so blatantly obvious and unfair that you would think victims would be fuming. But in some cases, one person’s copyright indiscretions can also be used as a vehicle to warn and inform and also bring awareness of two stunningly creative artists and entrepreneurs. Both are the case behind Doe Deere, founder and CEO of the popular Lime Crime cosmetics firm, and Joshua David McKenney, an innovative maker of modern dolls. And it was with reserved amazement that these two intensely creative artists and entrepreneurs expressed when a Richard Prince snagged a posted photo of Ms. Deere posing with her 23″ likeness, then subsequently removed the original caption and had the photo printed and displayed in the Frieze Gallery.

Mr. McKenney has a way of magically transforming unique feminine beauty into his artwork, famously known as ‘Pidgin Dolls‘. He has created beautiful doll art work for many famous individuals, and to have his name removed, which negates any credit to his talent would be an offense to any artist. Likewise, Doe Deere has created a massive social media following as a make-up artistry conglomerate. Her distinct line of cosmetics allows users to experiment with color and textures in an exceptional manner.

Doe Deere is New York raised, yet she hails from Russia, and has set precedence in the e-commerce world since the beginning of Lime Crime in 2008. As a child, her individuality was sparked with a love for trendy fashion and experimentation with her mother’s make-up products. Never afraid to stand out in the crowd, her flawless, almost translucent facial features became the perfect palette to splash new and vibrant colors, metallic and matte finishes, and even glitter, creating a revolution in the world of make-up. Constantly developing new products, Ms. Deere wants patiently for the right inspiration, then pounces to make sure all her products stay true to her vision.

Lime Crime has its base of operations in Los Angeles, CA. and as a health and beauty entrepreneur Doe Deere is committed to presenting quality products to the consumer, such as using no animal-derived ingredients in her cosmetics and being certified as a cruelty-free manufacturer by one of the most stringent certifiers in the industry, Leaping Bunny. One of the company’s biggest success has been a lipstick line that dries to a perfect, non-smearing matte finish. Another would be the revolutionary eye shadow that transforms to a magnificent liquid foil finish. Beauty is no longer reserved and shy, but thanks to Lime Crime, women can feel bold and vibrant.